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How The Accurate Website Translation Can Help Reach Wider Audience And Increase Revenue




Client is the largest competitive swimwear store in Europe. The company offers a wide range of FINA approved racing suits, swimwear, accessories and training equipment.


To gain traffic from Russia by translating 5,270 website pages into clear Russian for a new audience.

Initial data

In 2017 the company Proswimwear started expanding their business and entered Western European, Brazilian, Turkish, East Asian, and Russian markets.

For each new country targeted, they created new domains. All content was completely duplicated from the Magento store, and in some cases translated into national languages automatically using integrated tools.

As a consequence, product names and descriptions, as well as text content in other sections, were displayed incorrectly in majority of cases but in particular for Russian.


To avoid translation issues, which AliExpress and other multi-language marketplaces have, we had to translate 5,270 website pages into clear and grammatical Russian. These were pages and sections which influenced the customers experience and could be a reason for users to leave the website without a completed purchase:

  • Product names
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog section
  • Category names
  • Brand pages

timeframe 6 months


- To arrange our team of translators;

- To check the translated content with proofreading;

- To upload all text content through Magento admin panel manually.

What We Did?

We divided all text content into groups by their types and translated at least 200 product pages per month.

Step 1

Firstly, we translated menu and product pages with names and description of each item.

Before any translated content was uploaded, this was checked a second time by the proofread team and once ready this content was uploaded manually through Magento.

Step 2

We translated all information pages, which were very important to the client. And uploaded these manually.

Step 3

Except for the text sections, we also translated meta titles on all category pages.

Example of the H1s on current category pages:

We did not optimize titles for SEO through keyword research but made sure these were all intelligible for users.

The issues we faced

The website was constantly growing. While the team had been working on the project, new product pages were being included, and old pages in cases that had been already translated were removed from time to time.

At the start of our work, the website included 4.5K product pages.

But when we finished this had grown to 9K.


As a result, our team translated the following:

After the pages had been translated, we could see increasing volumes of organic traffic. In January, compared with the United Kingdom domain, sessions from have increased by 283%, transactions – by 79%.

We also noticed the revenue growth from all traffic channels. In January, this benchmark on Russian domain
was by 132% higher than on the British website.

Also, the relevant keywords boosted the website visibility:
Yandex Visibility

Google Visibility

What's next?

Translation of the into intelligible Russian showed good results in boosting the website visibility in search results for both Yandex and Google while engaging new customers.
We regret to say that more than half of the website pages are translated automatically today which in turn prevents us to achieve the best possible results and can lead to a poor user experience.

To achieve better results we need:

  • Translate every text into grammatical Russian.
  • Optimize the filters and pages with close to indexation
    parameters to avoid duplicates, which negatively affect the organic rankings.
  • Create optimized texts for prioritized category pages and filters
    to gain even more traffic.
  • Optimize internal links which will help push the site higher
    in the natural ranking in Russia.
  • Optimize the load speed for all website pages to improve
    the ranking and conversion rate.
  • Make all banners and pop-ups in quality Russian grammar.

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