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How to Achieve Top Position in SERPs for the Canadian Wheel Sales and Service Brand


Google Analytics


Screaming Frog


Google Analytics


Screaming Frog


Client is a front-runner in the Canadian tire and wheel sales and services market, with over 40 years of industry experience. 


  • Boosting website traffic;
  • Elevating search engine rankings;
  • Driving higher revenue through search optimization strategies.

Limitations: Since the client's website had been developed a long time ago, it had numerous constraints with the site's engine. As a result, many of our project requirements took a long time to launch or were not implemented at all.


Keyword Research  

Identifying the right keywords enabled us to optimize our client’s website content, improve rankings, and drive organic traffic, ensuring that your SEO efforts align closely with user intent and preferences. 

On-Site SEO

As a result of a comprehensive SEO audit, Promodo’s team found a range of SEO problems on the website, that were critical to eliminate for a good ranking of the website.

How Metadata Changed

Metadata Before Improvement. Source: SEO Meta in 1 Click

Metadata After Improvement. Source: SEO Meta in 1 Click

Off-Site SEO

We worked on link-building. Since our link budget was limited, we decided to focus on highly thematic and relevant platforms. As practical experience demonstrated, thematic platforms yielded the best results.

Referring Domains Amount, Source: Ahrefs

Technical SEO

We identified and blocked unnecessary bots that were causing server load during scanning.


As a result of launched SEO improvements during the year, Promodo’s team managed to increase the traffic amount of monthly organic traffic by more than 25%.

In addition, we also elevated the website’s search engine rankings in TOP-1 by 6%, in TOP-3 by 17%, and in TOP-5 by 35%. 

Website’s Pages Positions Change in SERP

As a result, these enhancements not only boosted the website's visibility and ranking but also empowered the brand to draw more website visitors and successfully convert them into paying customers.

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