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How to Advertise a Single Idea Products with the +34% Conversion Rate




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COMFY is an omnichannel retailer of household appliances and electronics. The COMFY network has 84 stores, and the website is consistently among the leading national retailers.


  • To develop the mechanics of promoting a group of products united by a single idea, using paid traffic attraction channels: "Krashch” (translates as “Best”) is a product that is the best value for money".


The mechanics of using performance tools for this flight are universal and suitable for retail from any niche and can be used for products that need to attract the attention of consumers.

Initial Data

We have been working with COMFY for over eight years. During this time, we have set up a clear mechanism for working in the digital space with the retailer's team, and we have many common successful cases. We worked in parallel with the client on the promotion of the new project.

The brand already had a ready-made strategy and creative component of the campaign called "Krashch" from the creative agency called Banda Agency.



Some products do not require additional advertising. They have long been associated with the category and their brands have many fans. However, there are products that are really great value but customers just need to be told about it.

Krashch is the best value product range in COMFY. These are gadgets that correspond to the ideal ratio of price and quality, and also have the greatest demand among buyers. Among them, you can find both bestsellers and brands that are just developing in the market, although they have already proven themselves.

Since COMFY already had a ready-made idea and creatives for the campaign, our task was to promote products from the Krashch category using performance tools.

Powerful Expansion through YouTube and GDN Campaigns

Of course, the promotion of the Krashch campaign required the involvement of media tools. They enabled us to spark interest and warm up the audience. Further, we used performance tools to converted interest into sales.

The COMFY media team took on the task of interacting with the user through YouTube and Google Display Network campaigns. This played an important role in increasing knowledge about the Krashch campaign and helped the performance tools to work successfully in the future.

We choose interested buyers of COMFY products and special, custom interest segments as the targeting audience.

An Example of a Krashch campaign ad for YouTube

An example of a Krashch campaign ad for GDN

Google Ads | Performance Marketing

To solve the client's problem, we developed a unique strategy with the use of paid promotion channels and internal products of Promodo: G-MOS and Promodo Feed Optimizer. We will tell you more about these tools below.

Separate Campaign in Google Performance Max

To begin with, we allocated the products of the Krashch group to a separate Performance Max campaign.

To help Google offer users the products they've selected more often, we've used a milder bidding strategy 一 with a weaker target ROI and an expanded budget.

Obviously, at such a large retailer as COMFY, the list of products on the website is constantly updated. To make active campaigns effective, we have involved automation tools. They ensured synchronization between the availability of goods and their status in advertising campaigns.

Such a decision made it possible to avoid problems with the availability of Krashch products, since this status is automatically updated by the system, removing products that have expired, and adding new ones.

Example of Google Performance Max ads

Optimization of Search Campaigns Using G-MOS

G-MOS is an internal product of Promodo, which is a tool that helps to work with model searches (for example, Bamix Classic EO140) and show ads with the current price.

With the help of the G-MOS tool, we created a search advertising campaign with the Krashch products for automatic updating.

How G-MOS works

The system takes data from the feed and automatically creates an advertising campaign, including all elements from keywords to ad groups with corresponding adaptive ads according to the specified templates.

In the ad template, you can add individual features of the product, which are transmitted in the feed (price, promotion, special conditions, etc.).

Due to the automatic update in the campaigns created through G-MOS, the information about the availability of the product or its price, which is used in the ad template or keywords, is always up-to-date in the advertisement.

G-MOS allows you to effectively work with such numerous search ads by model and category query that cannot be processed and maintained manually by contextual advertising specialists.

An example of an ad on the search network with G-MOS optimization 

We worked with the Performance Max in a similar way. We set a lightweight bidding strategy with a relaxed target ROAS and allocate a separate budget. In this way, it was possible to focus on selected products.

Separate Search Campaign for the Krashch Inquiries 

As the advertising campaign increased awareness of the Krashch products, users began to google them.

In order not to lose the generated traffic and monitor the growth of search queries, we created a separate search campaign for these keywords.

For this purpose, we prepared separate announcements and linked them to a current page with the Krashch products. In this way, the needs of users in searching for the Krashch offers were closed.

An example of a campaign announcement for Krashch Inquiries 


Facebook Ads

Our goal was to promote the Krashch campaign to as many consumers as possible on the most popular platforms. Of course, we didn't skip Facebook.

Automatic Addition of Stickers to Goods Cards 

Promodo Feed Optimizer is an internal development of Promodo which is a tool for processing product cards from Meta catalogs.

So that Facebook users could easily distinguish the best products from others, we processed the cards of such products with the help of Promodo Feed Optimizer: for each product with a certain feature in the custom label, we added the Krashch brand mark to the image.


An example of displaying the Krashch mark on products in the Meta catalog

Since we worked in synergy with the COMFY in-house team on the promotion of the Krashch campaign, the client's media team launched separate catalogs in Meta Ads with only the selected products in the branded framework with their own texts.


Example of ads of the media campaign by COMFY


Together with the client's team, we selected the most effective Google and Meta Ads performance tools and developed an effective and easily scalable product promotion mechanism.

Indicators are averaged from other Comfy advertising campaigns

Dynamics from Google Trends confirm that the chosen strategy contributed to the growth of knowledge about the Krashch product offers because users began to actively use the search queries "Krashch goods", "Comfy Krashch", etc.


Dynamics of the "Krashch" search query in Google Trends

The mechanics we used to promote a group of selected products proved effective. Consumers all over the country know about the Krashch campaign because it helps to find products that are top value for money.

We are concerned that the complex of paid promotion channels and internal developments of Promodo, given in the case study, can be applied in any industry to different groups of products worthy of consumer attention. This promotion format is a win-win for the business and its customers.

«The main strategy of COMFY is to bring the joy of shopping. In the current conditions, this task sounds like a real challenge. We accepted it cheerfully and creatively, as always.Thus, a new group of products appeared in COMFY called Krashch. These are top products for an optimal price, which have the greatest demand among customers. In a word, the Krashch campaign allows for creating the effect of a "consultant" in an online store: help navigate the available assortment, choose the ideal gadget option, and to do it quickly and efficiently, which is often most important for the consumer. For our partners from Promodo, the challenge was to use digital tools to draw consumers' attention to the Krashch products with the help of mechanics that could be scaled to a large number of products. We managed to create a clear algorithm of actions that helped quickly introduce people to the Krashch campaign in advertising channels. And don't say you haven't heard of this real treasure.😉 Yulia Konovalova, Head of Digital Marketing COMFY

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