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How to Struggle for Organic Traffic for a SaaS Startup in the Highly Competitive US Market

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Claspo is a website that offers a pop-up form and notification builder to effectively increase website sales.


To attract organic traffic to your website through low- and mid-frequency search queries by optimizing the content strategy of the Blog section.

Initial Data

The product Claspo aims to simplify the routine tasks of marketers related to customer communication and optimizing the user journey on the website.

The target audience of the product consists of demanding and knowledgeable professionals who are seeking insights and unique solutions. And in the case of our client, the goal is to attract such an audience to their new blog. The content should not only be optimized for search engines but also provide value to potential customers.



IT startups can face various challenges in promoting and selling their products online, such as limited budgets for marketing and advertising, high competition from competitors, and limited human resources.

Partially, some of these difficulties in online promotion can be mitigated by implementing quality search engine optimization (SEO) for the website. In the case of your client, developing the Blog section as a business tool could be utilized to attract organic traffic.

Within the scope of working on the English version of Claspo's blog, we started from scratch.

Analysis of Competitors' Blog

The information market in the client's niche is quite competitive. Top players emphasize the development of the content part – the blog, which can generate over 60% of the total traffic.

seo case study
Examples of article topics and traffic to them on a competitor's blog.
Source: Ahrefs

Taking into account the large volume of competitor blogs and their high rate of publishing new articles, it's challenging for a startup to secure top positions for highly competitive search queries. For instance, a single competitor's blog can add 25 new publications per month.

seo case study
An example of the rate of publication of new articles by one of the competitors
Source: Ahrefs

Claspo Blog Processing 

We started developing a content plan.

Since the client's website was new and didn't have high authority metrics for search engines (Domain Rating, Url Rating), we looked for topics with low competition and low to medium search query frequencies.

seo case study

Based on the analysis of competitors' blogs, their topics, and publishing frequency, we have set a goal: to achieve 3,000 sessions by the end of 2022. To achieve the desired results, it was necessary to publish a minimum of 10 articles per month.

As part of the project, our copywriters have prepared 150+ articles, out of which 130+ have been published during the entire promotion period.

Publication and Content Adjustment 

An advantage of the website was the consideration of key search engine optimization factors during the development stage. This allowed us to avoid revisiting the development process and focus on achieving results.

CTA elements are website components that motivate users to take specific actions.

Based on the indexing results of published articles and the initial changes in the website's search positions, we refined the articles on an individual basis.

What We Evaluated and Adjusted in the Published Content  

The effectiveness of incorporating key queries based on position dynamics

We tested various variations of search queries and kept the ones that demonstrated the best positions in search results.

An example of an article optimized for the target query "lightbox pop-up"
See it on the website


We added FAQ and How To microdata to enhance the attractiveness of the snippet.

Snippet is a preview of a website page that is displayed in search results.

CTA elements and other commercial and textual factors 

They were lacking on the client's website to reach the top 10 positions.

An example of a CTA element, which was added as part of the revision of the article

Fixing technical errors after the update

However, this case was not without challenges. Towards the end of 2022, Google announced several updates that had a negative impact on the website's positions and overall traffic.

To address the situation, we conducted a thorough technical audit and implemented a series of measures to improve the search engine's trust in the website. Positive progress was achieved in March 2023.


We managed to attract organic traffic for low- and medium-frequency keywords and bring the Blog pages to the top 10 positions for those queries.

The work implemented for the Blog contributed to the improvement of the site's visibility in organic search and increased traffic to the site, reaching 3000+ sessions from organic search.

Dynamics of organic traffic for 2021-2023

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