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Getting A Niche Business To The Top Of The Search Results With Help Of High-Frequency Queries





Murdoch Troon Kitchens are a British handmade bespoke kitchen furniture manufacturer based in Louth, LCN. This family run business has been creating kitchens from solid pine for generations.


• Drive organic traffic to the website; 

• Rank in the Top 10 of the regional SERP; 

• Increase the number of inquiries and transactions.

Initial Data

Marketing in this specific niche is peculiar. Promoting goods and services in a narrow segment of the market, it’s extremely important to define the target audience, their preference, and the audience's way of thinking when purchasing online.

Niche Analysis

Studying this market segment, we decided to discard general search requests like “kitchen”, “kitchen cabinets”, as these are not the target for us. Keywords of this type are either simply informational or attract users who are likely to be interested in ready-made furniture items from large manufacturers.

Working with the semantic core, it’s important to consider not only the search demand, but the client's business objectives.

Together with the Murdoch Troon team, we identified the direct competitors that are widely represented online and use the relevant search queries for promotion in the SERP.

An example of relevant search queries in this niche are "stand-alone kitchens uk", "loft kitchen", "cottage plans with loft and big kitchen", "loft kitchen design".

Competitor analysis and a technical audit of the Murdoch Troon website helped to define the flaws and points of growth.


Internal Optimization

An optimized web resource indeed increases the chances to get into the top of the search results. But what is also important is that it grants convenience for the users, meaning a high probability they will become loyal to your brand and return with inquiries and orders. In terms of the internal optimization process, we performed the following steps: 

  • set the correct file configurations for the search bots; 
  • excluded broken pages from the index and delete duplicates; 
  • changed URL to CNC and set up redirects; 
  • drew up a competent interlinking of pages; 
  • connected Google Search Console; 
  • implemented the markup of HTML elements to display them in the search results and form a visually nice snippet.

Content Optimization

Working with content is important not only for promoting a website in organic search results. Relevant content will help increase brand awareness and, in the long run, reduce the CPC. 

  • We built a semantic core based on the relevant keywords
  • Working with the developers, we had included new landing pages
  • for the actual frequency requests and optimized the content on the existing pages
  • Optimized metadata and headings on all types of pages

  • We reworked the product cards: content + UX
  • Optimized images, which allowed Murdoch Troon to rank for images in the search results. Search bots pay special attention to the presence of key queries in Alt

SEO + Usability = Perfect Match

SEO optimization depends on UX: the former ensures high positions of the website in the search results, the latter takes care of the user's comfort on the website. When the UX is flawless, the user is able to find the information they need quickly, and as a result, is more likely to place an order.

Product card design: we implemented an online constructor supporting the developers which allows a user to select the size, color, furniture fittings and quickly place/edit an order in a pop-up window.

Shopping Cart: we simplified the checkout/order form by reducing the number of fields that are mandatory to fill in and created convenient navigation, so that a user can view an order or return to the category page in one click.

External optimization

At the first stages of cooperation, the company had a limited budget for the website promotion. Internal optimization was a priority. So we decided to make the most of Murdoch Troon's existing Google My Business account.

Why Google My Business? 

  • Attracting new audiences to the website: the latest publications/photos/ updated information about the company is quickly indexed into the search engine and Google Maps
  • Increasing the ranking in the local search results 
  • Additional contact with the target audience which results in an increase of brand awareness


Our case proves that SEO can significantly increase the visibility of a website in the index even in a very competitive niche within the UK. Leads coming from the search results helped the Murdoch Troon brand not only to grow sales of a new range of freestanding kitchens, but also boost the number of custom-made freestanding kitchen orders. As a result, in the spring of 2020, the available time of the manufacturer and installation was fully booked till the end of the year (January 2021).

Increased website visibility in Top 3 by 5 times

Organic traffic growth by 192%

As a small bespoke kitchen manufacturer without any great technological aptitude, we found Promodo a great company to deal with. Nothing was ever too much trouble and they went to great lengths to ensure we knew what was being done at all times. They delivered everything they promised and more and helped to significantly boost the traffic, sales and enquiries to our website in the targeted way we required. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Karl Elaine, Murdoch Troon Kitchens

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