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How to Get Featured on the App Store in the United States: The Case of PlantIn (Genesis)

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PlantIn (belongs to Genesis ecosystem) — AI virtual gardening companion with personalized plant care plans.


  • Surge organic traffic to the app pages at the App Store.
  • Drive more traffic owing to supplementary promotion channels.
  • Enhance app rankings in search engines.

Initial Data

We have developed and implemented app promotion strategy in App Store Optimization (ASO) since June 2022. We have tested the approach in the App Store since January 2023.

When the Project commenced, the client set paid traffic channels in Google Ads and on Facebook. The client applied to Promodo with correct settings of ad campaigns at Apple Search Ads.


The implemented strategy of the client’s app promotion led to more downloads and subscriptions, аnd contributed to a wider featuring of PlantIn in ‘Today’ and ‘Apps’ sections in the countries and regions that use App Store.

Stats Across the United States:


download growth*




indexed search queries**

Comparative period from 18.01.2023 to 14.03.2023 vs. from 23.11.2023 to 17.01.2023.

Source* Views at App Store Connect 

Source** ASOmobile

Featuring  stands for an app placement in one or several thematic sections for 'featured apps' provided by App Store and Google Play. These sections are placed on the most visible spots of the platforms. 

A featured app gets selected and is available free of charge on the first pages of the stores in one or more categories.

Featuring enhances app visibility and favors more organic downloads at App Store. Apple outlines general recommendations for developers to get an app featured.

Factors Considered During Featuring

Interface design: User-friendliness, visual attractiveness and quality

User experience: Effective and useful functionality,  simple and comfortable useі

Innovations: Solving custom problems of users and application of state-of-the-art technologies

Uniqueness: Standing out from others or using fresh approaches to the solved tasks

Accessibility: Functions that will provide superb experience to vast audience of users

Localization: High quality and relevant localization, and multi-language support

Product Page at App Store: Quality screenshots, previews and app description, as well as high ratings and sound feedback.

↑↑↑ These factors help to get mobile apps featured and ensure successful promotions.


During the first six months of the Project, we gathered an extensive semantic core and outlined relevant  keyword queries. We processed textual ASO in 24 countries.

We continuously manage textual optimization of the app page at App Store and manage A/B tests of a visual part of the content.

Visualization of optimized content of the app page at App Store

Engagement of traffic and downloads

After the completion of a range of ASO-related activities, we were challenged with how to scale organic traffic and get more downloads.

In this vein, we analyzed possible promotion approaches in app stores and defined major directions:

  • Launch  of Apple Search Ads (testing of custom product page)
  • Permanent optimization of test and visual parts of apps in stores (in progress)
  • Promotions via App Store Promotion.

Pursuant to our strategy for PlantIn, we launched promotion by testing the possibilities of in-app purchases (App Store Promotion).

App Store Promotion stands for promotion of in-app purchases (up to 20). App Store Promotion offers subscriptions and premium in-app content, and enables ads directly in the App Store.

The solution enabled the app to rank several positions in the App Store search results.

iOS users can see the client’s app and its internal purchases directly in the App Store. They can also subscribe for the app before download. 

Visualization of how in-app purchases are revealed in App Store search results

While the app obtains additional positions in search results, it takes far more space on a user screen; consequently, potential customers see fewer offers by competitors.

Purchases promoted with the PlantIn app are available on the product page in search results and may get featured on ‘Today,’ ‘Games,’  and ‘Programs’ tabs.

Setting in-app purchases

The setting of in-app purchases allows for indexing of a subscription title only. The more relevant words are used, the better are the indexation results. To name the subscription, we used 30 characters, and 45 characters for description.

While description is not indexed in the App Store, its attractiveness and quality may impact conversions, just as an app icon does.

Visualization of subscription at in-app-promotions

We launched app promotion through in-app purchases in all countries and regions that use the App Store. We localized subscriptions to English (US) while the United States is prioritized.


A range of activities on Mobile Marketing enabled us to enhance content access in the client’s app. After we had processed textual ASO and included App Store Promotion as per target region (United States), the number of indexed search grew:


Indexed search queries(United States)

We also managed to enhance the client’s app rankings in App Store search results in the United States by 81%.

Indexation dynamics of keyword queries. Source: ASOmobile

Dynamics of fluctuations of keyword queries. Source: ASOmobile

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach that would get an app featured, PlantIn’s success story is due to a range of activities on Mobile Marketing and the app’s compliance  with App Store requirements.

The app got featured on the App Store prior to the launch of promotions though paid channels. Following the launch of in-app promotions, PlantIn saw a considerable growth of featuring. As a result, our client enjoyed the growth of organic traffic and organic downloads.

Views dynamics in the App Store during featuring before the launch of in-app-purchases. Source: App Store Connect

Download dynamics in App Store during featuring after the launch of in-app-purchases. Source: App Store Connect

Following the launch of in-app promotions on ‘Today’ and ‘Apps’ tabs, we saw the growth of PlantIn featuring in many countries.


Comparison of ‘before and after’ the launch of in-app promotions. Source: appweak

The PlantIn app got featured also owing to the growth of its downloads at Views and Search sections at Apple Store.

Featuring results in the United States during 4 days:


Impressions in search



*Comparative period: from 14.01.23 to 17.01.23 vs. from 27.01.20 to 31.01.23 

Featuring results in all countries during 4 days:


Impressions in search



*Comparative period: from 14.01.23 to 17.01.23 vs. from 27.01.20 to 31.01.23

What’s Next?

Along with PlantIn, we are up to surge conversions by optimizing the visual part of content, experimenting with additional A/B tests, and developing custom product pages.

Outstanding outcomes of in-app campaigns pilot launch have proven the effectiveness of the opted promotion strategy. We will further work with in-app purchases available in other countries and launch new tools.

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