How To Increase The Number Of Fans While Reducing Cost-Per-Click


Banners on Facebook news feed

Banners on Instagram news feed

Instagram Stories

Facebook Lead Ads



Banners on Facebook news feed

Banners on Instagram news feed

Instagram Stories

Facebook Lead Ads




The Citrus company is one of the leaders in selling Apple products and high end quality gadgets in Ukraine. This business works only with the most relevant and latest devices in the market, directing its attention only toward the most active customers who use technical innovations. The company has more than 50 retail stores throughout Ukraine, where customers can take a closer look at devices, try them, and gain technical assistance provided by experts.


  • To attract new members via Facebook and Instagram within the promo. 
  • To minimize search advertising costs.

Initial Data

Citrus out-reaches to their customers and potential new visitors on a regular basis. A high priority was to collect phone numbers and increase the customer database due to their proactive approach in gaining customers.

Target audience

Adults (18+), Ukraine, except the zone of anti-terrorist operation and the Crimea. We also excluded the uploaded lists of the existing database.


Started advertising campaigns

Exposure-oriented campaigns of search advertising on Facebook and Instagram were created, taking into account the target audience. 

An example of a banner with a link to the website

Connecting Instagram Stories

This is a new full screen advertising format, enabled on Instagram in 2017. It looks like a traditional user-story and is demonstrated among the posts of other users during 3 seconds or as long as the user keeps watching. We decided to use an animated creative to increase user engagement.

Launching Facebook Lead Ads

 Facebook Lead Ads look like traditional advertisements, but after clicking on them, users open a form with the information they shared about themselves on Facebook, e.g. a name, phone number, and/or email. 

To launch this format, you should set up a form:

In the form, a user needs to complete only a field with a phone number

For automatic lead collection and storage, we integrated the campaign with Google Sheets with the help of the Zapier service. So, we received a Google sheet with the list of phone numbers.


Within the campaign period, we had reduced the average registration cost by 36 times as compared to the placements used before. The lowest price of registration was in the Facebook Lead Ads channel. 

The average cost per click reduced by 5.5 times in comparison with the placements used earlier. The lowest registration cost was within Instagram Stories channel. 

The best results found among the four formats used for registrations showed Facebook Lead Ads and Instagram Stories, while Instagram Stories received 80% of clicks.

The share of campaigns in the total amount of registrations during the promotion campaign

The share of campaigns in total exposure during the promotion campaign*

*The sum does not make up 100%, because audiences may interfere.

Within the period of the campaign 13,000 people joined Citrus Club with the help of Facebook and Instagram, at the same time we helped to reduce the price of attracting new members. Through the four Facebook instruments our posts were exposed to more than 1.5 million people and 5.5% of users clicked on these.

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