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How to Quadruple Website Traffic in the Real Estate Niche in 8 Months




Client is a real estate website that offers property for sale and rental.


  • Audit of the new website design layout compliance with technical SEO requirements; Increase website visibility in Google; 
  • Increase website traffic.

Initial Data

When we started working with the website, it was already 4 months old, with various improvements ongoing. During this period, together with the client's team, we focused on: 

  • internal optimization, making recommendations for fixing technical bugs; 
  • expanding the website structure based on demand; 
  • supporting the dev team in the process of website redesign & the URL change.

SEO is one of the most effective channels to drive traffic in the real estate niche. The results from a search engine promotion has a delayed effect, but the cost of conversion from this channel is several times lower than from PPC. Even if the work on SEO is temporarily paused, the website will continue to generate traffic and conversions.


Technical audit and redesign support 

During the audit, we worked out technical recommendations, customized XML and HTML sitemaps, site pagination, eliminated duplicate pages, broken links and server errors. We also made sure all pages have clear URLs.

Clean URLs mean that a page URL path consists of human-friendly terms. They affect page ranking within the SERP and usually contain the keywords used in the search query.

Expanding the structure

In parallel, we assembled a semantic core, having worked through all the categories of the website, and suggested expanding the structure of landing pages for opportunities to gain previously unreached requests.

When promoting a real estate website in search, it is very important to understand which types of pages will return organic traffic. In the electronics niche, for example, optimization of product cards work very well, but in the real estate sector, most of the traffic is brought by website categories created for queries like: "apartments in Vilnius", "buy an apartment in Vilnius", "buy a summer cottage" and so on.

Optimizing metadata and titles

We also optimized metadata and headings for keywords on all types of pages.

Each new page generated from the demand analysis is a new entry point to the website. In addition, if the page exactly matches the user's intent, the conversion rate goes up.

Internal linking

There was no internal linking on the website, i.e. the pages were not linked with each other. We have implemented an internal linking that connects all categories, cities, districts and streets using links in the website code. Now the search bot can “walk” through these pages, and the weight is correctly distributed across the website.


We have added unique optimized texts for categories with the highest demand. As a result, the website has grown in its positions and started to receive more traffic, respectively.


During the eight months of work on the project, we have optimized and filled the key pages of the website with unique content. As a result, we increased its visibility in Google across all categories, and organic traffic almost quadrupled.

Growth of positions in the sale of apartments (core 2255 queries) 

Growth of positions in apartments rental (core 2 135 queries)

Growth of positions in the sale of houses (core 1 548 queries) 

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