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How We Achieved +175% Completed Forms on the US Car Dealership Website


American Car Dealership



Google Analytics

Google Audience Insights

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American Car Dealership



Google Analytics

Google Audience Insights

Google Ads

Facebook Ads



Our client is a certified pre-owned car dealer operating in Philadelphia since 2002. Along with a wide range of used vehicles, the company provides financing for people with different credit grades. 

As our cooperation with the dealer is under NDA, we cannot reveal its brand name. 


  • Boost targeted traffic, completed forms, and calls for advertising campaigns
  • Find ways to increase car sales volume

Initial Data

The client contacted Promodo at the end of 2020 to increase its organic traffic, leads, and sales. Even though the client’s in-house team previously launched paid advertising on Facebook, Radio, and TV, they did not get a satisfactory level of sales. Considering industry specifics, at Promodo, we suggested joining forces with PPC and SEO to get faster results and move forward in the right direction. 


First, we needed to analyze what was the client’s consumer portrait. 

We found out it is an 18+ years old user from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We also decided to focus on those users who were interested in used motor vehicles. 

This consumer portrait provided us with the following information as a sufficient background for further development of SEO and PPC strategies:

At Promodo, we understand the importance of meeting users' search queries. That is why we designed a detailed content plan for developing the blog on the car dealership website based on profound keyword research. 

We outlined Google and Facebook as priority advertising platforms that would work best for the US used car buyers. That is why we launched paid ads there.

Spoiler: Google Ads turned out to be the most effective tool for car dealership promotion. 

Promodo experts also conducted a technical audit of the website to improve website speed, enhance the mobile experience, launch user-friendly navigation, and obtain accurate and descriptive search results.

For example, we developed technical tasks for the in-house developer to create category landing pages for different vehicle types and vehicle brands. 

Client’s Categories on the Website

Search Engine Optimization

Blog Development

To increase website traffic, we focused on blog development. 

Our primary objective was to satisfy the customers' information queries about the unique aspects of the used car market in the United States. By providing valuable information, we aimed to raise awareness and help customers make informed decisions when purchasing used cars.

Through our efforts, we aimed to shed light on key user search intentions and themes.

In 2022, our team posted 50 new blog articles to the website and optimized 20 existing posts with new keywords, LSI, title & description, and other parameters that helped us improve the quality of content and site position.

As a result, we managed to increase the car dealers' blog traffic by almost 3 times.

Blog Traffic Changes, as a result of blog optimization. Source: Google Analytics


Promodo team also worked for a steady growth of the site's backlinks. In January 2023, 918 unique domains refer to the site that has accounted for +225 domains since February 2022.

“In our outreach efforts, we primarily target websites relevant to the automotive industry, such as auto news sites and platforms focused on auto sales. However, as we have promoted our client for an extended period, we witnessed a decrease in the pool of available "donors" within this specific niche. Consequently, we have expanded our approach to include links from general news sites or websites in the car category”. Helen, Middle SEO Specialist at Promodo.

Website’s Referring Domains Number, 2021-2023. Source: Google Analytics 

Paid-per-Click Advertising 

Before the launch of Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns for the car dealer, we set up tracking of all forms to have accurate analytics of performance. 

Google Ads

To find the most effective solution for a car dealer, we tested several bid strategies, new geolocations, and adapted creatives. 

While many potential customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey speak Spanish, we also launched a Google Ads campaign in Spanish

In addition, looking for traffic and sales growth opportunities, we also tested new types of campaigns for the used car dealership in the US, including Discovery Ads, Google Performance Max, and Smart Shopping.

Even though we increased the expenditures on Google Ads by 60% in 2022, Promodo PPC Team managed to boost clicks by 138% with the -33% CPC as compared to 2021. 

Facebook Ads

We applied the following measures to launch an effective Facebook Ads campaign.

In 2022, with the increased expenditures on Facebook Ads by 37%, Promodo team increased the number of clicks by 105%, and drop the CPC by 33% as compared to 2021. 


Due to the implemented SEO and PPC strategies, in 2022 the car dealership increased online traffic to its website and surged sales and revenue.

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