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How We Created A Full-Fledged Email Sales Channel For A Chocolate Company

Email Marketing Case Study


ShokoSmile is an online store of souvenir chocolate candies. The store operates and covers all of Ukraine, where delivery of their products are carried out by national courier service.


— To convert the site visitors into customers.

— To increase the loyalty of regular customers.

— To grow the number of repeat purchases.

— To share the knowledge about their chocolate and how ithas become not only a present but also a way to say“Thank you,” “Sorry,” and much more.

Initial data

When the project started, had more than 3,000 contacts within their email list. At the stage of the website audit, the following problems were identified:

• Lack of tooled email marketing;

• Lack of regular contact collection;

• Lack of additional call to purchase.


We developed a strategy, which consisted of sending two bulk emails per week. They were divided into two types: selling and informing.

Selling emails offered a selection of the products viewed by the users. These emails contained a call-to-action button “Purchase”.

Informational emails contained useful pieces of advice related to chocolate candies, e.g. how to select a chocolate and avoid fraud. These emails also contained a call-to-action button “Select chocolate”.

For a regular collection of new contacts, we developed a subscription form widget. When it was integrated into the site, we tested what mechanics performed more effectively: an automatic display after 15 seconds of a user’s activity on the site or opening the widget by clicking on a special button.

As a result, after a month of testing, it was revealed that the auto-pop-up widget collected 10 times more subscribers than the one where users had to click on. The widget asks the user to provide a name and email to receive news about delicious and stylish presents for all occasions. This also categorizes the audience since a subscriber would be asked to select between a “Gentleman” or “Lady”.

At the same time, we set up trigger email chains:

1. An email “The order is successfully accepted!” is sent to the client immediately after placing an order on the site. It contains information about the products.

2. An email “Chocolate thanks!” is sent to the client after the payment for an order.

3. An email “Did your life become chocolate?” is sent to the client within 10 days after the order was made. It contains gratitude and a request to leave a feedback on social media.

4. An email “Order canceled” is sent after the cancellation of an order by a client.

5. An email “We miss you!” is sent to customers who have not read the newsletters for more than 3 months.

6. A welcome email chain contains 3 emails that are sent to the client after subscription in a sequence with an interval of 1-3-5 days. The first email is sent on the same day if a person subscribed until 2 pm or the next day incase a subscriber completed the form after 2 pm.

We also set up trigger emails an “Abandoned cart” and “Abandoned preview”. The conversion coefficient on average reached 10%.


During the project, we increased the list of subscribers by 3 times. See the growth of the contact database on the image below.

At the same time, the effectiveness of email chains grew in parallel with the growth of the client base.On average, every tenth letter was opened and read by the recipient. 20% of those subscribers, who opened the email, clicked on the provided link.

In addition to the email chains, SMS’s were sent during promotions and on holidays. The conversion rate ofSMS’s averaged at 5-10%. Since the email marketing of the SHOKOsmile company was developing basically from scratch, the sales growth for half a years work reached 2100%

As a result, we created a full-fledged sales channel, which is not tied to the seasonal factor. The standardadvertising approach was not used; instead, the team worked with the loyal subscribers and current clients.We also combined other marketing channels used by the client, for example, conducted campaigns using bothInstagram and email. The combination of activations and competitions helped to maintain the status of a trulycreative brand and chocolate.

What’s next?

— Integration with the delivery service “Nova Poshta”. This allows for reducing the time required for registration and delivery of orders.

— Development of a trigger chain. Further customization of trigger scripts for emails related to notifications about an order status.

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