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Email Marketing Case Study: How We Increased Transaction Coefficient by 30%

Pet care

Personalized trigger chains


Personalized trigger chains


Client is a website from a full cycle pet store. They have a network of retail stores and their own courier delivery service in Kiev, Ukraine. National delivery service is also available to their customers.


— To increase sales using an email-marketing channel;

— To enhance customer loyalty to the brand;

— To gather detailed information about the customers and then create personalized emails.

Initial data

At the beginning, we determined that this project actually had no segmentation of contacts within the database. For this online store, quality database segmentation was vital for the growth in the number of sales.

Task 1

To segment the subscribers’ database.

We decided to use several methods to obtain the maximum amount of data about the subscribers. So, we created a form that collected data about subscribers and in return provided discounts for their time. This form consisted of the following fields:

— Pet’s Name;

— Kind of Pet;

— Its Date of Birth;

— Kind of the Food;

— Suggestions.;

To collect the users data, we sent two promotional emails with a proposal to complete this form.


The effectiveness of the form completion after sending these two emails:

In addition, the block with the form included was added to all promotional and trigger emails.This block was shown only to those subscribers who did not complete the survey.

20% of the active users filled in the form after 6 months the emails were sent.

Task 2

To effectively use the collected data about subscribers.

1. Greeting a pet with the birthday. This trigger is personalized, as it is sent to a particular user on the Birthday of the owner’s pet. Depending on the kind of pet, the email contains a banner with a cat, a dog, or a general image, as well as corresponding text. The name of the pet is automatically pulled up in the subject line and the body of the email.

2. A reminder to buy food

This trigger email is sent during a specific time interval depending on the kind of the pet and weight of the food packaging. It uses the following data:

— Kind of pet;

— Pet’s name;

— Weight of food package purchased earlier.

With these emails, we also launched a series of other triggers:

— Welcome-series: The first message is sent immediately after the subscription and welcomes a new customer. Other messages with additional information are sent at intervals of several days.

— Abandoned view email: If a visitor spends some time on the site but does not complete any actions we consider important, some time later the customer receives an email with the viewed and recommended products.

— Abandoned cart email: If a visitor adds an item to the cart, but for some reason doesn’t сomplete the order, the customer receives an email with a reminder about the items left in the cart and call-to-action – to complete the purchase.

— Purchases reactivation email: An email is sent automatically and only when the customer made purchases earlier, but has not been active for more than 6 months.


Personalized triggers showed impressive results, as compared to other emails:

— The average open rate (percentage of opened emails) is under 35%.

— The click rate (conversion rate of the emails) is under 10%.

— The conversion rate is about 15%.At the same time, the personalized trigger emails showed significantly higher rates:

The introduction of the form, basic and personalized triggers allowed to achieve even better results:

— Monthly income generated by the email channel increased by an average of 30%.

— The form’s completion reached about 20% of the active users.

Sending personalized emails made it possible not only to achieve the growth of transactions and revenue, but also allowed to increase the subscribers’ loyalty with every new email. These emails show care and make it clear for each subscriber that the company considers their opinions and provides them the most relevant information.

What’s next?

— Expanding a personalized scenario «A reminder to buy a pet food» for all kinds of pets (not only cats and dogs) and also a wider selection of foods.

— Developing a scenario with recommendations after making a purchase, considering the goods purchased earlier and the kind of pet.

— Crafting content in the trigger emails.

— Doing A / B testing of the elements of emails.

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