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Competition for English-Language Organic Traffic in the Video Production Niche

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Screaming Frog SEO

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Client is a software developed for remote collaborative work on videos and management of creative projects, serving as a tool for companies engaged in animation and video production.


Increase organic traffic in target regions: USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Increase the number of subscriptions to the service.

Initial Data

In terms of its functionality, the product has no equivalents in the video production niche. However, there are other major website services in the market that can to varying degrees fulfill users' needs for remote project and video work.

Given the scale of these services, they cannot be considered direct competitors to the startup, but they do capture a significant share of the niche's relevant traffic. Under these circumstances, we have still identified them as competitors and their target audience as potentially interested in our client's software.


The project's complexity lay in the fact that is a startup and a new tool in the video production market, where services with similar functionalities already have their own followers. The structure of these websites has evolved and been optimized over the years, thus they have a certain level of trust both from search engines and users.

We began with a technical audit of the website.

The resource was running on the WordPress CMS and did not have significant technical errors. However, the analysis results helped identify weaknesses and potential areas for growth.

Within the project, we:

  • Expanded the site's structure.
  • Carried out blog popularization efforts.
  • Improved page rendering.
  • Increased the external link profile.

Expanding the Website's Structure

The broader the website's structure, the more time users spend on the resource, leading to better search engine rankings.

To expand the website's structure, we identified the queries and services that were missing. At this stage, we conducted an analysis of competitors and their positions in search engine results.


seo case study
Ranking dynamics of competitors' sites
seo case study
Ranking of competitors' sites by relevant search queries


Based on the analysis, we launched additional keyword research.

Example search queries added based on the analysis

Enhanced Semantic Core and Competitor Website Analysis Results Facilitate New Structure Development

With the updated semantic core and insights from the analysis of competitor sites, we formulated a new structure. This endeavor improved not only the textual content but also elevated the site's ranking across a broader range of queries.

In addition to optimizing and expanding the semantic core, we corrected H1, H2, and H3 headings.

Blog Optimization

During the technical analysis, we discovered that the blog page,, was blocked from indexing. This was a significant factor contributing to poor rankings.

To optimize the section and enhance search engine trust towards the website, we implemented a series of innovations.

We created new pages for the blog and refreshed the existing content.

Example of added table of contents to an article

Each article was meticulously crafted, considering both user benefit and search engine optimization. We utilized only verified facts and original visual content.

Example of traffic dynamics for one of the optimized articles

Page Rendering

Page rendering is the process of displaying a website's content on a user's device.

Rendering is the final step in the loading and displaying process of a page to the user. It involves the browser converting the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that make up the web page into a visual display.

Prior to making changes, there was significant layout shifting observed due to the font loading for the page headings.

To rectify the display issues on the pages, we replaced the fonts using display=swap and recommended the client to implement preloading.

Increasing External Link Profile

Another crucial step in our strategy was enhancing the quantity and quality of backlinks, as they are a key ranking factor in search results. This aids in improving the visibility and ranking of the resource, while also attracting more targeted traffic.

Growing the link profile consisted of three primary processes:

  1. Identifying authoritative resources with relevant traffic.
  2. Finding resources that review similar services.
  3. Crowdsourced marketing.

Article Placement

When it came to selecting topics and platforms for article placement, the brand's team fully entrusted us.

Considering the client's budget for expanding the external link profile, on average, we placed 7 links in guest posts and 30 links on forums, comments, and reviews.


Over six months of collaboration with, we successfully achieved the client's primary goal: increasing English-language organic traffic in the target regions and the number of queries for which the site is ranked.

*compared to the same period

Dynamics by keywords

As a result of the implemented works, the average position of the site in the search has increased.

Source: lookerstudio

The site's dynamics were also positive in Google Search Console: the number of conversions to the site and the total number of site hits in Google's search results increased.

Source: Search Console

The work implemented to increase the link profile contributed to the growth of the domain rating (DR) in 5 months from 28 to 30. This confirms the quality of external links.


Link dynamics and domain ranking. Source: Ahrefs
Link dynamics and domain ranking.


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