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How We Promoted the Neobank Application in  Azerbaijan after the Launch




Google Ads

Facebook Ads





Google Ads

Facebook Ads




Leobank is a new mobile bank from Unibank. Leobank customers have access to all the benefits of a Visa card: credit limit, payments, transfers, cashback and much more.


  • Completely launch a new bank to the Azerbaijani market using App Store Optimization and paid promotion channels.

Initial Data


To receive a Leobank card, the user just needs to download the mobile application and go through a quick registration process. The client can collect the card from any of the Unibank branches or have it delivered directly.Leobank is designed on the principle of mobile-only - a bank without branches. Instead of spending money on a branch network, employee salaries, cash collection and so on, the team decided to invest in a mobile application. At the time we started working with Leobank, the company had already been in the market for 6 months and attracted more than 255,000 customers.


Works in App Store and Google Play

  • Market analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Semantic core design
  • Optimization of metadata and text content, given that this is the first neobank in Azerbaijan
  • Optimization of the visual part of the content on the application pages in the App Store and Google Play
  • A/B testing
  • Development of recommendations for working with reviews

Content Optimization

  • Due to the fact that Azerbaijan does not have its own localization, we decided to use the UK as the main locale to promote the semantic core. Additionally, Azerbaijani. And we added metadata in Azerbaijani to it.
  • Based on the hypothesis that numerous devices in Azerbaijan have Ru localization, we added the Ru locale to cover the maximum number of users.



The results of creating the visual part of the content with subsequent optimization

The results of creating the visual part of the content with subsequent optimization


Working with Paid Promotion Channels

Works with Google Ads Universal App Campaign and Facebook Ads

  • Campaign setup
  • Targeting optimization
  • Optimization of campaigns for app installs
  • Optimization of campaigns for the target action
  • Analysis of creatives to identify and use the most effective ones
  • A/B testing
  • Weekly and monthly reporting to the client

Creative Examples


The Leobank team began to receive the planned number of application downloads every day, while the cost of attracting customers with the subsequent activation of the card became 1.5-2 times lower than planned

ASO Results for November 2021 - February 2022

The Results of Using Paid Promotion Channels from November 2021 to Present

*Excluding SKaD Network conversion

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