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PPC Case Study: Increasing Revenue For Automotive Company By +329%


Performance Max

Facebook Ads

Smart Shopping


Performance Max

Facebook Ads

Smart Shopping



ATL's idea is to take care of the car. Since 1998 we have been combining shops and service stations so that millions of people can immediately install them on a car in one place when buying spare parts. We service and repair cars so that service trips become a rarity. We sell at a fair price and provide a guarantee for goods and services for your convenience and safety.

  • 29 Years on the market
  • 5M Satisfied customers
  • 6M Serviced cars
  • 10K Companies trust us
  • 20 Service shops
  • 35 Retail stores

Results 2021 vs 2020

Car services




Auto products 





Car services

● Optimization of current services and launch of new ones;

● Created search campaigns for broad queries and DSA;

● Launched media campaigns for car owners and Remarketing;

● Launches of seasonal and promotional offers of services;

● Launch of lead generation in Facebook Ads;

Auto Products

● Testing of new betting strategies, conducting A/B tests;

● More detailed breakdown of campaigns by category/product;

● Optimization of expediency of budget allocation;

● Segmentation and optimization of product categories in Smart Shopping;

● Launch and optimization of Dynamic remarketing;

● Running Performance Max.

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