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Fintech PR: How We Published a Media Release in Multiple EU Countries At Once

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Client is an innovative fintech project licensed by the Central Bank of Lithuania and belongs to the PrivatMoney payment system.

The App enables you to transfer money to and receive transfers from anywhere in the world at low cost and in no time, exchange currency at the lowest rate, and shop safely.


  • To inform the audience about the availability of a fintech product for the EU citizens in two target regions.
  • To organize the widest possible coverage with an emphasis on localization.


The news story was to be simultaneously released in several EU countries: Poland, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the UK. The Client asked us to prevent premature leakage of information about the event. 

Further, it was vital that the Client would not send the press release to the media. It was about native placement in various media with maximum adaptation of materials. 

We started working on the Project in May 2023. It took us less than a month to research sites and prepare PR materials. On May 24-25, we released the final publications to the EU media.


While working with, it was important to consider all the nuances entailed by the Project. The service had unique and useful functionality, though it was only available to a few citizens.

The Client's Goal

To inform its audience in the priority regions about its services and the App, and explain how it works, and its benefits and opportunities. 

We had to address the EU media sources with the materials that would explain to the audience the needs met by the service.

On our part, we had to prepare dozens of different materials in several languages, although on the same topic.

Compiling Media Grid 

We compiled the list of the largest and most relevant media outlets to our topic and audience in the EU. We focused on large national media outlets and thematic sites where the Client’s target audience could browse for information about similar products.


The peculiarity of PR projects is not in embracing multiple media. It is vital to understand how and what media are writing about and adapt the Client’s PR material to their formats. 

For the news media, we followed the news format. If that was an article, we wrote an article. For a guide, we crafted a manual. 

All the necessary materials were prepared by the Promodo copywriting team. And this is our non-standard approach. 

Most often, the PR team has a press release agreed upon with the clients, which they simply send out to the media database. In such cases, the quantity is important and it is not critical where this material is sent. This is the simplest, but not the most effective solution: for example, using this approach, news of a new music video may end up in an IT newsroom. 

Our approach was energy-intensive and fully met the Client's requirements: beyond mailing, we delivered publications to the major media.

With media grids at hand, our Content Marketing team prepared relevant materials.


Further, the Client required us to keep the date of availability of the fintech product secret until the material is published in the media. 

The information for publication had to be finalized, agreed upon with counterparts, and finally presented to the general public.

While we worked on the publication in a large number of media outlets; hence, information leakage, and embargo breaking could have disrupted the whole idea and deteriorated the chain of publications. 

Given the Client's requirements, we worked with the media without announcing the name of the product and nuances. All materials were sent without accurate information; we preliminarily agreed with the Client to provide it right before the publication.

We’ve met the Client's expectations. Owing to the well-coordinated work of the Promodo team, there was no information leakage or any violation of the embargo time, and the product release went ahead as planned.


All PR materials were released simultaneously on the prioritized media platforms. Though, that was only a part of the strategy. 

Along with press releases, we distributed well-prepared materials, which helped us to gain added value: the week after the publication, smaller information platforms began to re-publish the news free of charge.

The process management in line with the Client’s request allowed us to reach both large media outlets with a traffic volume of 500,000+ users and small regional media platforms that picked up the news and disseminated it organically.

Overall, we received publications in more than 120 media outlets, about half of which published the materials for free.

‍Beyond completion of the main task, the posted materials contributed to the growth of traffic from the direct and organic channels during active media publications. This served as a pleasant bonus to the Client.

We’ve also observed an additional effect of the news campaigns given an increased frequency of branded search queries: they mostly grew during active media publications.

The most important factor in our cooperation with Promodo was their understanding of our needs and deep expertise in the fintech industry. They demonstrated professionalism at every step and paid attention to the smallest details, which allowed us to achieve the desired results. Our cooperation with Promodo has greatly improved our online presence and resulted in increased website traffic. It has also led to an increase in new customers' interest in our services, which has become an important indicator of the effectiveness of our joint work. Promodo’s strategies and approaches have helped us master valuable lessons and make informed decisions about further business development. Working with the Promodo team has turned into a positive experience for us, and we are looking forward to fruitful cooperation.

Olga Akopian, Head of Business Development at

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