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Reducing the Promotional Content on Social Media to Increase Income



The online store, founded in 2001, is currently the most popular electronics and home appliances store in Ukraine, which is visited by more than 800,000 visitors per day.


• To change the content strategy pattern: from promotional and entertainment to useful and informative to avoid products and offers be perceived as advertising content.

• To move beyond conventional promotions and tell subscribers why these products may be useful and exciting to them.

Initial data

The large share of commercial and promotional content; similar content; the preponderance of entertainment content over useful content.

Solution: Facebook

Since is a marketplace where almost everything is sold, this was essential to pay attention to all product categories. We combined the categories into groups and defined the target audience for each. This allowed us to structure the content and meet the needs of each audience, as well as inform the users that is the place where they can buy anything.

Fewer promotions – More utility

In January, there were 105 promotion posts on the Facebook page, in July, this number decreased to 45. Advertising posts with offers decreased by one third and were replaced by useful content. Links to offers were inserted in infographics. Due to their viral potential, the transaction rate increased by 54%, the number of transactions grew by 52%, and income – by 32%.

transaction rate increased by 54%, the number of transactions grew by 52%, and income – by 32%.

transaction rate increase


number of transactions increase


income increase

New Content Rubrics

The main idea of the new user interaction strategy is to move beyond the bulletin board format with promotions and contests and become a friend who communicates with subscribers in the common language. For the community members, has acquired a new image – this is a well-known person who is aware of everything, loves to joke and gives advice.

Facebook Campaign Results




Likes (per 1 post)


Comments (per 1 post)





Solution: Instagram

Challenge: To create a ‘cozy’ account which can communicate with the audience in the common language

The Change of Instagram Account Management Vector

Until January, interactivity was a distinctive feature of Instagram. We applied all the possible mechanics for engaging the audience. However, this approach has its pros and cons. The main advantage is that this allows you to remain visible and keep the audience engaged.
The disadvantage of this approach is that it has a conditional ‘ceiling’, which is impossible to break. The audience is growing, but slowly, and the primary goal we have is to retain and encourage the interests of existing subscribers.

Since we realized that the stage of moulding the audience had been passed, we began to contemplate the change of account management vector.

Photo Content

Photos formed the basis of the new approach to managing Instagram. We have cooperated with the Rozetka in-house team. Currently, two photographers from Kyiv and Kharkiv simultaneously work on this project.



New Instagram – New Spokesmodel

Building the new Instagram strategy, we decided that it would exist separately from Facebook. The intersection of content on these networks should not exceed 10%. On Instagram, we communicate more openly. We show what Rozetka really is, and what’s inside the business.
According to the tone of communication, the new Instagram should differ from YouTube and Facebook in its simplicity and frankness.
We showed the Instagram backstage with the help of all Rozetka bloggers. And for simplicity, we added a new face to represent the Rozetka channel.

Most Instagram subscribers do not need accurate technical information about devices. They are interested in questions that sometimes are quite embarrassing to ask.

— How does it work?
— Is this generally a useful thing?
— Does it make sense?
— What is it?
— How does it look in real life?

To answer such simple questions bold, meeting the needs of the subscribers, we implemented on Instagram the image of an ordinary girl who can make an honest dialogue with subscribers.

Thus, Masha appeared on Instagram


There are no two equal stories

The design of each story is unique and created with Instagram tools. We even implemented a new job position for this task - a ‘StoryMaker’.

Question Answer

We noticed that after reviews and posts from Rozetka bloggers, we received questions on narrow and professional topics in comments and via direct messages. For instance, how to build a PC or choose a video card.

As we couldn’t adopt such content to the image of this Instagram channel, we introduced the rubric #QuestionAnswer.

Work scheme:

1. Get a question
2. Redirect it to a blogger
3. Answer the question

Instagram Campaign Results




Likes (per 1 post)


Comments (per 1 post)












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