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Lenovo is a global player holding the world's broadest portfolio of tech products. The company is true to its Viision "Smart Technology for Everyone" realized through its products, solutions, software, and services demanded by people, communities, and businesses to realize their best potential.


  • Research the audience of ThinkBook customers
  • Develop creative message and idea
  • Launch media campaign to increase brand awareness and sales of ThinkBook

The Project implementation involved our Strategy, Brand & Content, and Media teams.

Research outcomes made the background for the strategy and core message within the creative approach. The obtained data helped us identify priority audience segments for kicking off the media campaign.

Initial Data

Any ad campaign necessitates preliminary research to understand one’s market and target audience. This is particularly important for the grand brands competing for recognition and awareness among their audiences. 

To optimize ad campaign costs, we agreed on the following steps:


Research of ThinkBook Audience 

The Client’s primary anticipation: understand who buys Thinkbooks and why.

In the initial stage of the Project implementation, we surveyed about 200 ThinkBook buyers who purchased anything from them over the last six months:

  • At the manufacturer's official websites - we conducted phone polls
  • On marketplaces - we offered online survey.

The obtained data helped us segment the audience and provide the Client with a Report containing a detailed description of each customer segment.

Supplementary Research

  • The competitors consumers consider when choosing a laptop
  • Reasons for buying
  • Sources of information: video reviews, forums, etc
  • Where consumers look for alternative options
  • Selection criteria
  • The price they deem as affordable
  • Preferred delivery method
  • How often and what online categories they are buying most
  • Their favorite social networks. 

The Promodo Strategy Team construed an ideal consumer portrait and the path to purchase for each segment.

Paid media case study


We handed the identified segments to the Brand & Content Team to handle further research, strategy development, message development, and creative ideas.

Brand & Content


With a predefined target segment at hand, our Brand & Content team explored consumer intent for purchasing new tech items.

‍We asked: What makes people google laptops? 

Having analyzed ThinkBook consumer survey outcomes, we spotted the need for getting the info about devices that will be faster, more powerful, or lighter than their last laptop.

Strategy & Message

Developing the strategy, we decided to emphasize the weaknesses of competitor offers and highlight the advantages of Lenovo laptops to motivate consumers to opt for ThinkBook.

‍The outcomes of former stages made the background for the core message:

Update with ThinkBook!

The insight is simple: if you want to get a new laptop, get rid of the old one.

We shared stories about rational consumers wary about replacing their current laptop with a newer one for the lack of a substantial reason; still, their mindset has already changed toward getting the new one. They are waiting for the favorable momentum to get rid of their old one and purchase the new laptop with ease.


While people are googling naughty videos, we crafted two renders:

Our first story was about a graphic designer who started her productive workday, though her laptop still slept. Get some coffee for the laptop!

Our second story was about a proactive guy bond to fetch heavy devices to the appointments. Make your heavyweight laptop drive in the boot!

Lenovo emphasized showing ad creatives to the domestic audience rather than adapting ad creatives made overseas.


To ensure effective communication with the Client’s target audience, Promodo Media Experts launched an ad campaign to promote videos rendered a month.

Core audience segments:

  • A business audience that will integrate branded devices in its business processes with ease
  • IT and creative performers interested in powerful laptops.

To enhance the frequency and cross-channel interaction, we kicked off media campaigns on YouTube and Meta social platforms.

Video clickability outperformed average indicators threefold, while the seconds of attention per 1000 impressions compiled with standard benchmarks. Overall, we managed to reach 10,96 m. users on an average frequency of 2,6.

The ad campaign showed that both video creatives were equally effective and received positive feedback. However, Brand Lift results indicated that the creative video featuring a female designer better-impacted consumer intent to make a purchase: the readiness to buy Lenovo ThinkBook grew by 2,63 percent.‍


paid ads case study

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