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From Top 100 to Top 10 in Six Months: SEO Aligned with Maudau's Business Approach

Multicategory online store

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Google Search Console



MAUDAU is an online everyday shopping platform with a convenient service that turns routine shopping into a fast and high-quality process.


  • Develop SEO recommendations to fix on-site tech flaws and bring category pages to the top positions.
  • Increase organic traffic for non-branded keywords for priority product categories.


Users found MAUDAU on Google using branded search queries, but if they searched for categories specifically 一 the site did not appear in the search results.

Initial Data

Before service commencement, the Client’s website had a well-developed structure, and extensive filters, and was partially optimized. Nonetheless, the traffic came from branded search queries only, i.e. "maudau store," "maudau whiskey," "buy rum in maudau." 

‍On the one hand, this indicates that customers have high brand awareness and loyalty, though, on the other hand, the website did not receive traffic from general non-branded queries, which means that no new users came to the site.

The site's search positions were outside the TOP-10, and most of the Client's priority key queries from the Alcohol niche were not even ranked in the TOP-100.

‍The case study embraces the results we achieved in ten months, March-December, 2023.


Although SEO betters website visibility in search results, brand reputation significantly impacts whether users will click on the results offered by Google.

Our cooperation with MAUDAU proves that the synergy of high-quality SEO and a company’s desire to constantly improve its product (assortment, service, USP, etc.) will ensure a steady increase in organic traffic in the long run.

The average daily organic traffic to the Client’s site doubled over the first four months of work, tripled in seven months, and quadrupled in ten months respectively.


MAUDAU is one of the leaders in the alcoholic beverage category with a wide range of products, relevant promotional offers, a free delivery in Kyiv among other benefits. Still, most users did not see the company’s website in search results.

The brand has already won its customers' favor with its product quality. However, to bring new users to its site, the company lacked effective search engine optimization.

The main work on the project was implemented using the classic approach to search engine optimization: 

  • A fixture of tech flaws
  • Gradual increase of external link profile
  • Content optimization.

The next step was gradually introducing atypical SEO solutions on the Client’s site to make it more user-friendly.

Tech Implementation

We started with an SEO audit: we identified key technical issues that critically affected the website's rankings, and developed recommendations for their correction. The audit of tech specifications and development were done simultaneously, while we split the implementation process into stages. This helped us to achieve the desired outcomes much faster.

Problems and solutions

#1: Google “did not recognize” all the content of the pages

Development of tech specifications: a week

Developers' part: one month

Among the key problems was in displaying content for Google Bot that could not see menu sections, category pages, and filters, and therefore could not assess their relevance and rank them.

The solution was to replace the existing JavaScript page loading technology on the user side with server-side content rendering 一 SSR (Server Side Rendering) technology.

Although user-side rendering is a newer type of technology, it was not effective for the Client’s web resource. Replacing the technology ensured that the rendered pages stored on the server were displayed to Google Bot, which meant that they were displayed immediately upon the Bot's request (in HTML format without JavaScript).

The solution gave Google access to an important part of the content of the Client’s pages. The site began to rank for a large number of key queries simultaneously.

Following the implementation of SSR, the site was displayed within the TOP 100, and TOP 10, and continues growing.

#2. More tech solutions

SEO audit: a month

Implementation of recommendations: four months

‍Based on the audit results, we developed recommendations to fix several tech flaws that significantly restricted the growth of the Client’s site positions.

What's been fixed

  • Errors in Product micro-markup and BreadCrubms logic
  • Outdated metadata templates for filtering and pagination pages
  • Errors in the sitemap Sitemap.xml
  • Problems with displaying the content language according to the site version and URL generation
  • Problems with website loading speed
  • Duplicate and spammy texts on category pages
  • Incorrect linking

We monitored the correct implementation of the recommendations by the developers.

Today, our ongoing SEO work includes optimization of category pages (structure, semantic core, metadata, texts), and external website promotion.

Internal Optimization 

#1: Collecting semantic core

MAUDAU clearly understands what queries would attract users to their website. We started optimizing content by collecting semantic core. We worked on the priority categories of Alcohol production by splitting search queries into clusters:

"Jägermeister", "buy Jägermeister", and "Jägermeister price" 一 search queries that were assigned to the same cluster. 

Based on the collected semantic core, we conducted internal page optimization by updating metadata and writing texts for category pages.

#2. Updated the statuses of filtering pages

There is a vast array of products on MAUDAU. However, the variety of pages within the site structure is not always a plus. If a site has pages that are not in demand and do not meet user intent, Google may qualify it as a low-quality web resource.

To improve the quality of the Client’s website, we excluded the pages that were SEO-useless from indexing.

Link Profile

Starting from the second month of our cooperation with the Client, we began to build up the external link profile. Since the Client did not use this method of website promotion before, we did it gradually.

We were in charge of preparing the sites, writing articles, and posting them. The Client was responsible for preparing priority pages for promotion.

The major priority for the Client during this period was to promote the categories of Alcoholic beverages: pages of alcoholic beverage brands and pages for general search queries, like whiskey, rum, wine, sparkling wine, etc.


Why has it all worked well? Comprehensive SEO plus business efforts: the Client’s vision, concept, and positioning? - that’s how we explain MAUDAU's success.

Aleksandr Utkin
Team Lead SEO at Promodo

Over April-December 2023, the visibility of the site's positions for priority search queries increased by x15 times, and the positions in the TOP-3, TOP-5, and TOP-10 increased by x4 times.

Visibility Dynamics of MAUDAU Website

The implemented recommendations helped the Client to achieve the desired outcome: the site began to appear at the top of search results.

Change of Website Positions for Key Queries

Clear interaction between Promodo and MAUDAU SEO teams, shared vision, and transparency in cooperation proved as the keys to mutual success. Our experience with MAUDAU confirms that mutual understanding and a unified approach are the secrets of successful SEO.

Oleksiy Kovalenko
Senior SEO Specialist at Promodo.

We are going to implement the successful experience realized for the alcoholic beverages category for other sections.

We are grateful to Promodo for their professionalism and dedication. Together, we managed to achieve an impressive result shortly. The implementation of SSR technology served as a solid background beneath further SEO implementation, while careful content optimization yielded fruit through higher positions and more traffic to our website. Looking forward to fruitful cooperation with Promodo and further improvement of our results.

Sergey Tsygankov

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