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Star Fight. Case Study Of Promotion On Social Media For a Snack Company











Flint is one of the brands from Snack Production, this is a group of companies that occupies a leading position in the market of snack products in Ukraine. This company is actively working on the development of its brands.


  • To identify and later use behavioral stereotypes of subscribers to increase the out-reach on social media; 
  • To increase the loyalty of the target audience to the brand.

Initial Data

The team decided to create an ecosystem within the community dedicated to the «Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” movie*. Such an approach changed the way we created a community, worked with it, and communicated with subscribers.

 *The rights to use images from the movie were obtained directly from LucasFilm Ltd.


Comparison of different campaigns 


  • Purchase promoted products
  • Find a unique code
  • Register it on the promo site, 
  • Receive many small prizes during 1.5-2 months.


  • Combination of online and offline, 
  • Excitement, Board game, 
  • Valuable prizes, but less frequently, 
  • 3.5+ months without small prizes.


Flintertainment is a term that we decided to call the Flint community on social media, the process of its creation, and also the mechanics used to engage subscribers.

What is the difference between the Flintertainment community and an ordinary group? 

Within the Flintertainment community there are local leaders of opinions. Topics that only current subscribers can fully understand. Members of the ecosystem support the brand and communicate with it, as well as with the group’s administrators. Such subscribers act as moderators on a voluntary basis. 

The limitations faced by Promodo: 

  • Do not use paid promotion methods; 
  • The campaign activation should take place without providing expensive prizes.

To fulfill these tasks, the Promodo team developed the following mechanics of involving participants in the ecosystem: 

1. Situational mini-contest 

The first test for the subscribers’ involvement was a mini contest during the movie premiere in Ukrainian cinemas. The task for subscribers was to take a picture with a pack of Flint crackers on the background of the official movie poster in any cinema and then share this photo with the Flint community. After doing so, they received 10 packs of crackers. The poster with the contest rules looked like this: 

Do you want to get 10 packs of Flint crackers for a photo? It’s easy: 

1. Take a pack of Flint crackers and go to the cinema to watch the «Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” movie. 

2. Make a photo with a pack of Flint crackers using the movie poster as a background. 

3. Upload the photo to your Facebook profile using #starflint. 

4. Get a chance to win 10 packs of Flint crackers.

The contest lasted for 10 days and at the end, we received 10 photos from different community members.

2. Video competition.

Almost every promo pack of crackers had a card with a certain Star Wars character with a special code. The promo campaign provided the possibility to win the missing cards to assemble and complete a collection with the help of an offline game. To clarify the rules of this card game, we decided to hold two contests. The participants had to shoot a video while they were playing the game using their Star Fight cards. For the video that met all the contest requirements, the participant received a box of Flint products.

  • The contest rules were explained in two parts:

Shoot a video about how you are playing the “First Fight” card game and win a box of Flint products. The authors of the first 5 videos will receive a box of Flint products of their favorite flavor. 

1. Shoot a video about how you are playing the “First Fight” card game. 

2. Send a link to the video to us in a direct message. 

3. The first 5 videos will receive a box of Flint products.

  • Shoot a video about how you are playing the “First Fight” card game and win 2 boxes of Flint products You will need even more cards! Purchase Flint crackers, find cards, register a code, shoot a video, and receive 2 boxes of Flint products! The authors of the first 3 videos will receive 2 boxes of Flint products with their favorite flavor. 

1. Shoot a video about how you are playing the “Star Fight” card game. 

2. Send a link to the video to us in a direct message. 

3. The first 3 videos will get 2 boxes of Flint products.

3. Become a “Guardian” – ban the enemies. 

During the promo campaign, we faced the following problem: some subscribers were buying and selling promo codes within the Flint community. In total, more than 50,000 comments were left during the campaign, so the process of spam monitoring was rather complicated. Unfortunately, there were some scammers, who received money for a code and included these subscribers to the blacklist instead of giving them a card. 

Our solution was to hire «Guardians of the Galaxy». We wrote a post with a special image attached. This «black label» that the “Guardians”, our subscribers, had to attach as a reply to a comment of a person who offered to buy or sell a promo code.

Monitoring of comments was carried out every two hours, this image was almost impossible to miss. The community administrators looked through the comments, noticed a potential suspect, looked through his or her comments, and made a decision on his or her further participation in the game. 

During the campaign 74 subscribers hit the blacklist.

4. Final battle. 

At the end of the campaign, we decided to reward the most active participants. All the subscribers had to do was send a photo of their own “Star Fight” collection. The winners were the owners of the largest collections:

They received boxes with Flint products



Duration 5 months

New Users 46,817


inactive subscribers




share of Flint in the market


codes registered 

Results of promo campaign:

966,402 users;

1,947, 714 sessions of promo site;

477,628 participants (68% Ukraine).

What helped to build Flintertainment: 

  • Increasing the involvement of the target audience into activities; 
  • Using intangible stimulation during the promo campaign; 
  • Increasing the use of digital marketing instruments in interaction with the target audience.

Creating a Facebook community as an ecosystem allowed us to gain feedback (likes, comments) and also receive plenty of unique user-generated content: photos and videos of subscribers. With this, it was possible to build dialogue between the subscribers and the brand, and turn users into brand ambassadors. 

The Promodo digital department team would like to express our gratitude to Snack Production for the opportunity to experiment during this project and other projects within the group, which helped to create unique formats of interaction with the audience and, thus, strengthening brand loyalty. 

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