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PPC Case Study: How To Increase Conversions By 127% With Google Smart Shopping

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Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. In Ukraine, under the Vodafone brand, the mobile network operator PRJSC “VF UKRAINE” provides services on the GSM, CDMA and LTE networks and manages a chain of retail stores and an online store through a subsidiary company.


– To inform clients that they can buy household appliances and electronics in the Vodafone stores;

– To increase revenue from the paid traffic channel.

Initial data

The task before us was to increase the profitability of the paid traffic from Google, maintaining the average level of the ROAS (Return on advertising spend) indicator.

Our Promodo team analyzed optimisation options for running campaigns as well as new tools which could help achieve the goals. As a result, we decided to launch the Google Shopping campaign and expand the branded ad campaigns.


Branded campaigns optimisation

Our Promodo team analysed optimisation options for running campaigns as well as new tools which could help achieve the goals. As a result, we decided to launch the Google Shopping campaign and expand the branded ad campaigns.

Initially, Vodafone used only branded keywords, associated with the online store, in their Google Ads campaigns.

For instance, Vodafone shop, Vodafone store and so on.

To increase the audience reach, we added non-commercial keyword Vodafone both in English and Russian language. To get rid of users who are interested only in the mobile telecommunication services, we added thematic queries and tariff package names in the negative keywords list.


Improved keywords boosted branded traffic by 360%. The number of conversions from branded ad campaigns also increased by 126.7%.

Smart Shopping Campaign Setup

A return on investment benchmark requires predictable results, which only simple and proven marketing tools can provide. To increase sales, we decided to add Smart Shopping campaigns to the running ads. This digital marketing tool is known as the most efficient for eCommerce.

Initially, we launched a standard ad campaign with product segmentation. We selected only those categories which had a medium and high order value to increase ad profitability. However, it didn’t show the expected results since the cost-per-click, as well as a conversion cost, were too high.

A Smart campaign has automatic settings. Moreover, it focuses on ensuring the maximum value of each transaction. Before the launch, we developed technical requirements for creating a product feed with the entire product range of the store.


After the launch of the Smart Shopping campaign, the ROAS indicator increased by 423% and the revenue grew by 391.5%.



Branded Traffic Growth


Revenue from Smart Shopping


Conversion Growth

What’s Next

1. Continue to improve brand awareness, including through media and Smart GDN campaigns.

2. Improve the ad account; run campaigns using keywords with product models to better cover the search demand.

3. Continue to optimize the product feed for Shopping campaigns by adding more product

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