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How We Increased Income from the Email Channel by +30% in the Pet Care Industry










Client is a full-service pet store with a vast network of retail pet stores and branded courier delivery service.


  • Increase sales through the email marketing channel;
  • Increase user loyalty to the brand;
  • Develop personalized emails.

Initial Data

At the start of the project, the client's subscriber base was not segmented, although this is extremely important for the pet products niche. After all, offering cat products to dog owners is illogical, to say the least. Especially when the brand intends to increase sales from the channel.


As part of the project, we used a survey method to obtain detailed information about the brand's subscribers. This data allowed us to develop and launch personalized triggers to increase sales from the channel.


We developed a questionnaire and added it to the two promotional emails that were sent at weekly intervals. We offered a discount to make subscribers leave their data.

After the first two weeks of promotional emails, the efficiency of filling in the questionnaire by active users showed increased significantly.

In a while, we added a visual block with a questionnaire to all promo and triggered emails we sent to those subscribers who failed to fill in the questionnaire.

emal marketing case study

email marketing case study

email marketing stats

Implementation of Personalized Triggers

To increase user loyalty to a brand, you should resonate with their immediate needs. The customized approach will ensure customer retention, expand your customer base, and drive sales from the channel.

Since we’ve already segmented the subscriber base, the next step was to implement several personalized triggers.

Pet's Birthday

The trigger marks the most personalized approach while it appeals to a pet’s name and date of birth. On the day of a pet’s birthday, the user receives a congratulatory email with the pet’s name. Depending on the pet type specified in the questionnaire, a banner with a cat, dog, etc. is pulled into the email.

Depending on the pet type, the congratulatory email contains a banner with a cat, dog, or their shared photo, as well as the corresponding text. The pet's name is automatically added to the subject line and body of the email.

Pet Food Purchase Reminder

The trigger is sent regularly, depending on the pet type and the weight of the product package.

The trigger uses the following data:

  • Type of pet
  • Weight of the purchased food.

pet care email marketing


Personalized triggers have shown better results compared to other triggers. On average, other triggers have shown 28% of the Open Rate (the percentage of opened emails), up to 10% of the click-to-rate (the percentage of conversions), and a transaction rate of about 15%.

email marketing

Filling in the questionnaire and setting up basic and personalized triggers helped us to gain greater outcomes: increase monthly revenue from the email channel by up to 30% and attain questionnaire completion by about 20% of active users.

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