An online business needs more than a simple SEO strategy to ensure that it is noticed. This is what makes PPC (pay per click) marketing one of the most integral aspects of paid search marketing and one that is essential in ensuring that your business reaches its full potential.

One of the most obvious benefits of a PPC campaign is immediate exposure. This means that your websites will see results as soon as your customers subscribe for it. And no one promotes and creates PPC campaigns better than Promodo.


A PPC campaign can make the difference between acquiring better rankings and being bulldozed by the competition. Hire our SEO services and reap the rewards –

  • Quick set up and adjustments so that your campaign can start making money for you immediately
  • Target your ads by region, customize your campaigns and time them however you want
  • We only incorporate ads, keywords and campaigns that are within your budget
  • Take advantage of precise stats for keywords, ads and campaigns
  • We offer cheaper PPC rates than other services
  • Set limits on your budget for your PPC advertising campaigns


How does PPC advertising work?

PPC management is a type of advertising in which you only pay for a completed action. This is in the form of relevant or targeted customers that visit your website through search engines. In the case of Yahoo and Google you can pay for the impressions of your PPC advertising and even for any confirmed purchases.

Pay Per Click Management

We specialize in offering clients a full range of pay per click services. This includes developing robust online strategies, keyword research, composing ad texts, staying within the limits of your budget, creating and launching campaigns. We also continue to provide maintenance and monitoring support for your PPC campaign after it is up and running. Our industry experts cover every search engine when creating your campaign like Google (Adwords PPC management), Yahoo and Bing.

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There are two basic ways for you to have your PPC campaigns running: hiring a additional person (since the campaign demands constant management) or outsource this activity to some specialized PPC management agency.

If you outsource it to some agency you will get professional pay per click management service. It is the best way to optimize your ad cost and increase ad efficiency.

If you need professional PPC management service, you came to the right place. Contact us and get free estimate for your project!

Pay Per Click Search Engines

Our services are designed for three search engines in particular; Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our PPC search engine marketing services vary where Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search marketing and Microsoft AdCenter are concerned. Our PPC marketing tips, tricks and techniques will propel your websites to the top of each SE. Check out these websites and how they utilized PPC marketing to gain substantial profits.

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Each pay per click search engine has its own specifics regarding targeting, price, effectiveness, settings, and convenience. For instance, AdWords is not always more effective than Yahoo!, however, Google is more universal, cheap, and flexible in settings. Before starting PPC search engine promotion, you should think over what PPC search engines would be more profitable in your case. However, it’s rather difficult to choose one without knowing all the specifics and features of each pay per click site. Only professionals in this field can predetermine the approximate result and efficiency of pay per click search engine advertising in one or another system.

Considering these factors, the strategy of further pay per click search engine marketing is built. To learn more about the specifics of various pay per click search engines, please do not hesitate to get a free quote.

Why Us

Why should you handing over your PPC management to us? For the following benefits –

  • Save the time you spent on monitoring your campaigns everyday. We will keep an eye on your campaigns on a daily basis and acknowledge any issues as they come while you run your business
  • Our experts are experienced in creating the most complex PPC campaigns and will select the best keywords for your text and announcements
  • Get a free quote and see what the results of your campaign will look like before they happen
  • Our status as a Google Certified Partner means that we only deliver quality PPC services


Once we have your company onboard we will discuss an individual advertising strategy with you and devise as well as launch successful pay per click management campaigns that will work for you.

Want to learn more about how we can improve your results? Give us a call today or request a personal consultation!