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Every successful business reviews its marketing strategy at least once a year to check in on how effective it is at meeting the challenges of the ever-changing marketplace. This is where Promodo can help. We offer a fresh and unbiased review of your existing marketing activities, PPC campaigns, public relations campaigns, link-building activities and more to help you identify weaknesses and suggest areas for improvement. Our auditing services include:

  • Marketing Performance Evaluation

    If you want to streamline your marketing campaigns and improve your ROI, this service is for you. It includes health checks for your existing marketing strategy and prescriptions for what can be improved
  • Opportunity Assessment

    We will help you assess the potential of new markets, niches, products and audiences you are considering, as well as help you discover new opportunities
  • PPC Campaigns Review

    How would you like to cut costs on your existing PPC campaigns by at least 5 percent and simultaneously increase the output by at least 10 percent? Of course, you would! We are Google Certified Partners for AdWords, and we can help you save money and earn more
  • Onsite SEO Audit

    We'll make sure that your website is fully compatible with all search engines’ technical requirements and is optimized for the keywords your potential customers use in Google search. This one-time audit can have a long-term positive effect on your traffic and sales
  • Competitive Research

    Keep track of your competitors and find out what strategies they use for promotion, what their approximate marketing budgets are, the results their marketing activities bring them, and more
  • Google Penalty Removal

    If your website disappeared from Google search results or you noticed a sudden drop in your traffic volume, your website may have been hit by a Google penalty. This happens often after an algorithm update. We have considerable experience in finding and removing both automated and manual penalties and bringing your website ranking and traffic back up

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