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eCommerce SEO is designed to assure your website ranks at the top of the search results for your key queries, and you can draw traffic and customers at no cost. Our experienced team will reveal and correct all SEO inaccuracies and develop an efficient strategy for your organic growth.


of eCommerce revenue in Europe is generated by SEO.
This is the largest share among all digital marketing channels.

We are already sure you know that 75% of users never open to second page of the search results on Google. This fact has understandably turned to the global challenge for every online business owner aiming to win the organic battle in their own competitive field. Providing services, we analyse your opportunities and develop a detailed plan on how to exceed your online rivals and improve your on-site and off-site optimisation so that Google can show your website on the first page.

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Our eCommerce SEO services include 10 stages:

Primary SEO Audit

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SEO Audit

Before getting down to search engine optimisation, specialists from our company need to estimate your current SEO performance.We will analyse how consumers find your eCommerce website online, what pages and products are the most popular, and what keywords you are already ranked for.

What we analyse:

  • Your traffic volume
  • Traffic channels and sources
  • SERP positions
  • Brand search traffic
  • Search queries
  • Existing semantic core
  • Website architecture
  • Website content
  • Domain authority
  • Backlinks

Competitor Analysis

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The second crucial step in eCommerce search engine optimisation is to examine your key competitors' positions, backlink and internal linking strategies, website content and a semantic core they follow. These insights will help you reveal potential growth areas and set achievable goals.

What we analyse:

  • Traffic volume
  • Traffic channels and sources
  • SERP positions for your keyword queries
  • Website structure features
  • SEO strategy aspects

Technical Audit

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The next stage of eCommerce SEO is an audit of your current organic performance. This will help you determine unobvious crawl errors which prevent your website pages from ranking high in the search results.

What we analyse:

  • Duplicate content
  • Redirects
  • Canonical URLs
  • HTTPS status codes
  • Hreflang attribute
  • Breadcrumbs elements
  • SEO strategy aspects
  • URL structure
  • Optimisation for filters
  • robots.txt and sitemap files
  • Metadata
  • Website load speed
  • Micro layout data
  • XML sitemap status
  • Connecting to Google Search Console
    and Google Analytics

SEO Strategy

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According to our findings, our specialists develop a strategy for further on-page and off-page optimisation. At this stage, we create specific SEO solutions for improving organic ranking and increasing your eCommerce website traffic. As well as estimate time and effort this work may take.

What we focus on:

  • • What keywords can assure strong positions in organic search
  • • How can we enhance domain authority
  • • What technical SEO errors should be corrected first
  • • Optimisation on which pages should be prioritised
  • • What content strategy can be effective for your eCommerce website
  • • What other solutions can help you achieve your eCommerce goals

What we focus on:

Technical SEO

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Companies like Google care about providing an excellent user experience and requires the same approach of other businesses. That’s why the crucial goal of our technical SEO services is to help search engines crawl your eCommerce site pages efficiently.At this stage, our specialists develop comprehensive step-by-step instructions for developers on what SEO errors should be corrected, and what areas require improvements. All our recommendations are based on the technical audit findings.


Semantic Core

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Even if you know the names of the products or services you sell, consumers may search for these differently. Our SEO specialists will help you determine keywords which characterise your products and meet the demand of your target audience.Despite commercial keywords, our experts also consider informational search queries which allows for creating an effective content strategy for your eCommerce blog.


Content Strategy

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Content on your eCommerce website matters! Ensuring customers can find all the information about your products or services on one page means they are more likely to make a purchase.Here at Promodo we will help you develop a structured content strategy for new landing pages which meets the needs of search engines and your consumers.


Link Building

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To rank high in the search results, your eCommerce website must have good authority which also depends on the number of quality inbound links.Our SEO team will collect a list of referral web properties which can link back to you, posting your company news, products or services.Internal links affect your website SERP positions in the same manner. We will assure enough relevant links between your site pages are covered so that visitors stay longer on your eCommerce website and ultimately convert into customers.


Blog Optimisation

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Blogging is essential for your eCommerce business since it can cover informational search queries and draw potential customers to your website.Within the SEO services, we will help you determine which topics can generate the most relevant traffic, and create SEO-friendly tasks with keywords for your copywriters.


SEO Reports

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Search engine promotion will not always produce an immediate effect. This process takes time but ensures excellent long-term results.We know how essential it is for you to track dynamics, so you will receive full reports on our performance at every stage of the eCommerce website search engine optimisation. We are always here to answer any questions and discuss your ideas.


Case Studies

Over 15 years, we have been supporting eCommerce companies increase website traffic, sales and brand awareness with the help of our SEO services. The integrated approach we use allows our clients to become leaders in their market and achieve excellent results.


Annual traffic growth of which is the largest ticketing system in Ukraine


Revenue growth of the Proswim-wear after website localisation


Backlink profile expansion AllinPackaging received after our SEO campaign


Search engine optimisation is the way to build a strong relationship between your company and your target audience by conveying the value of the products to your final consumers. When you buy SEO services, you have actually chosen to move forward to reaching your primary eCommerce goals.

Our services allow your
eCommerce business to:

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