Creating a new and awesome product is just one part of starting a successful business. The other — and more important — part is to successfully promote your product online and get it in front of your potential audience. Since people are so overloaded with information both online and off these days, this may be not as easy as you think.

Promodo can help you get the exposure your new business needs. We provide comprehensive market information, including audience and competitor analysis, that will help you make an informed decision about further startup planning and finding investors. We also create a promotional strategy that will show you the potential success of your business.

What Marketing Activities We Offer

  • Initial stage of Research and Planning

    • Comprehensive market research, evaluating competition online, similar products and potential audience
    • Online marketing strategy forecast, investments forecast and raw marketing roadmap for presenting to investors
  • Pre-release Stage

    • Marketing strategy development
    • Preparing background for further release, media coverage, contacting topic platforms and top bloggers, and distributing information online.
    • Running social media groups to attract audience and keep them informed.
    • Drive traffic to promotional website to collect emails and notify customers about the product release date.
  • Release Stage

    • Marketing strategy implementation created by us or implementation of any precise strategy based on your goals
    • Distributing press releases online
    • Creating information background on topic platforms and blogs
  • Ongoing Marketing

    • Marketing strategy implementation
    • PR activities
    • PPC campaigns
    • SEO activities
    • Market monitoring and research

We are also open to discussing customized strategies to meet your goals, as well as how we can help with other tasks you may have while starting your new business online. We strongly believe the idea behind each new startup is unique and demands special attention, and we will do our best to help you avoid any stumbling block on your way to success.

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