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If you are interested in digital marketing, you are likely to meet many acronyms. CRO is another need-to-know term which describes the process of creating such a user experience that transforms your website visitors into customers.

Basically, the goal is to come up with a few hypotheses and check them in order to understand what version converts better. This is a relatively new service in the world of SEM that seems to be an offshoot of landing page testing.

What is conversion rate optimization?

The way you measure conversions depends on your goals since a conversion is an action you want your visitors to accomplish. The most popular actions for ecommerce include signing up for special offers, downloading a product catalog, asking for a free quote, using a contact form, and doing a checkout. As you can see, there are plenty of options to work with. Therefore, conversion rate optimization requires personal approach and thoughtful decisions.

More accurate data

CRO helps you understand where your traffic is landing. Setting up Google Analytics correctly is a part of the service. You will get more accurate data and learn to use other tools to track the visitors that are lost at any transaction opportunity.

You will also find out where your website visitors click. Analysis of audience behavior will provide you with an idea what users expect from your website. Usability testing and building heatmaps are useful instruments to figure out where people expect СTA buttons to be and what improvements they will appreciate.

One of the vital things to keep in mind is that CRO cannot replace search engine optimization (SEO). The former focuses on optimizing your website for conversions while the latter – for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Promodo’s Key Strengths

The Basics
of Funnel

A conversion funnel is the most important part of your ecommerce website. This is where your website visitors take a journey which may either result in a purchase or not. The number of reasons that lead to a negative result depends on many factors. CRO analysis in Google Analytics can help you locate the places where your visitors quit.

To provide you with some insights, let us discuss these two main types of testing, namely traditional and full funnel testing. The former includes checking out each layer of the conversion process separately. For instance, some ecommerce companies run checks on their landing pages and later test keywords which may potentially lead to wrong results.

The latter option incorporates multivariate testing so that you can understand what impact different variables have on conversions. This approach is different as compared to traditional A/B experiments with elements where one element is being considered. Along with landing pages and keywords, specialists test creatives.

5 Advantages of CRO for Ecommerce

We like CRO because it allows making decisions based on data. Something like “I think that…” rarely works out in the world of digital marketing where the competition is fierce. The following advantages also help you understand why to give it a try:

Advantage 1

Reduce your cost per customer acquisition.

CRO helps you improve user experience, particularly overall shopping experience. Therefore, you turn more visitors into customers while getting the same amount of traffic. Making your online store engaging and easy to use is one of the main advantages of this service.

Advantage 2

Grow your website profits.

This is our favorite advantage. CRO is able to increase your conversion rates and, therefore, increase a client’s revenue. Your efforts and investments are paid back fast. Besides, there is no need to pay advertising systems. The math is pretty simple: you can double your profits if you increase conversion ratio twice.

Advantage 3

Beat your competitors.

Many online stores are already doing conversion rate optimization. If you want to keep up, be more thoughtful and creative than other brands. Another point is that your competitors can track that you are doing SEO and PPC, but they are not likely to figure out your CRO strategy.

Advantage 4

Increase your customer’s LTV.

Online retailers usually want to carry their website visitors through a sales funnel. In other words, website owners want to attract visitors, get them visit a product page, and purchase an item. If your website is not optimized for conversions, you may lose potentials and repeat customers. Funnel analysis is a service designed to help your website funnel the visitors effectively by providing a pleasant user experience.

Advantage 5

Get to know your visitors better.

When doing CRO, specialists analyze your website, e.g. its navigation, calls-to-action, content structure, and more. You will learn what website features are important for your users and how to use these insights effectively. In ecommerce business, you should understand what challenges your clients have and how to place your solutions correctly.

Reduce your cost per customer acquisition.

Advantage 1

CRO helps you improve user experience, particularly overall shopping experience. Therefore, you turn more visitors into customers while getting the same amount of traffic. Making your online store engaging and easy to use is one of the main advantages of this service.

Grow your website profits.

Beat your competitors.

Increase your customer’s LTV.

Get to know your visitors better.



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