10 examples of selling headlines

One of the best ways to increase ecommerce conversion rate is to create a good headline. Neil Patel,  KISSmetrics, and CrazyEgg founder, gives in his article several tips on how to attract more users with selling headlines.

Example #1: Sell the solution

Every user surfing the net for some product wants to find the solution to their problem. A marketer should be able to identify the problem and highlight it in the headline.

MarketingProfs ran a test, in which they applied solution selling method. As a result – their conversion grew by 28%.

Solution selling method works only if to know exactly what phrases and word combinations will coincide with users’ problems. To find out, conduct a survey on your website asking your users the following questions:

-What is the problem you would like to solve on our website?

– How can we help you solve this problem?

Example #2: Use the word «free»

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everybody does. That is why try to include the word “free” in your headline, make it sound like you are going to give a gift to your user. For example, “free trial version”.

Highrise ran a test – they include «Free Trial» in the headline and received conversion increased by 30%.

If your company doesn’t offer a free trial, you can emphasize on low price in your headline. Crazy Egg has found out that the wordage “low prices” converts better than “free trial version”.

People tend not to believe something unfamiliar, that is why Neil Patel recommends engaging the users by offering free trials, low prices or 100% guarantee. Incorporate any of this three verbiage in your headline and watch your conversion.

Example #3: Compare

KISSmetrics used this method in practice. They compared their service with Google Analytics.

 (“Google Analytics tells you what happened, KISSmetrics tells you who did it”)

So the company compared themselves with Google Analytics – a popular Google product. Since many Internet users are familiar with this tool, they easily understood what kind of services KISSmetrics offers, which ultimately led to conversion boost.

KISSmetrics tested several headlines versions, but “Google Analytics tells you what happened, KISSmetrics tells you who did it” turned out to be the most successful with 40% advantage. So sometimes you can benefit from comparing your business with your competitors.

Example #4: Does the headline suit your ad?

The headline should not only fit in the context of your ad but also be associated in the user’s mind with the advertised product. If most of the traffic is driven by the content, you can create unique headlines for certain products.

California Closets did a test, in which they decided to choose the most suitable for their ad headline.

What do you think was the outcome? Conversion grew by 115%! Ideally, each of the ads should link to the website landing page customized to the main advertisement.

Example #5: Use testimonial in your headline

Perhaps, it is not the most convenient variant, but if to turn the headline into a testimonial, you can see how quickly your conversion grows.

LKR Social Media used such practice in their A/B test. In the end, they received conversion 24.31% higher than before.

The initial headline:

The headline in the form of testimonial:  

If you have decided to apply this method, be aware that long testimonials don’t work. The main headline function is to catch the user’s attention and encourage them to read in full.

Example #6: Highlight what users will get in the end

At times, being straightforward works best of all. CityCliq used this approach in their advertising campaign.

They have tested the following headlines variants:

– Businesses grow faster online!

– Create a webpage for your business.

– Get found faster!

– Online advertising that works!

CityCliq has found that the headline “Create a webpage for your business” outperformed “Get found faster”.  As a result, the number of signups increased by 89%.

So creative headline is not always the best option. Sometimes you should tell the user in a simple and clear way what your company is about.

Example #7: Consecutive headlines

It is very rare when your conversion funnel depends solely on one page. The average website consists of 4 parts: home page, pricelist page, signup, and testimonials. In other words, you should have 4 headlines: one for each page. Moreover, they should be consistent with each other.

During the pre-election campaign, the US president’s website ran a test. The first headline logically flew into the second one.

As a result, the conversion increased by 21% because every page headlines on the website were consistent with each other.  

Example #8: Don’t forget about subheadlines

Specialists from Jumpbox tested two types of ads. The first ad had a headline and a subheadline, the second one consisted of headline only.

The original version:

And the variation:

Try to guess which variant was the better? The second one generated 88% more clicks. So in order to increase website conversion rate, pay attention to subheadlines and consider their different variants when running an AB test.

Example #9: Curiosity sells well

Once Neil Patel tested headlines for his website Quick Sprout Traffic System. The initial headline went “Learn how to double your traffic in 30 days for free”. Hardly, you could think of any better headline. As an experiment, they tested another variant of a headline: “When Amazon, Viacom, and NBC need more traffic to their website this is who they call”. It wasn’t long until it gave results.

Conversion increased by 31.7%. The author was shocked as the promising headline with the word “free” converted worse than an intriguing one.

The most important thing here is to remember, that there is no limit to perfection, and you can always find better variant.

Example #10: Stress the time benefits

People don’t like a long signup process. They won’t buy the product that is going to consume a lot of their time.

To improve conversion rate you can clearly state in your headline that the signup is very straightforward and will not take much time, and the product you offer is easy to use.

Crazy Egg specialists tested the headline mentioning time benefits:

The subheadline “View your heatmap & gaet started in less than 60 seconds” gave 16.2% more signups than the subheadline “You’re just 1 step away from viewing your heatmap”.


Many of the mentioned above selling techniques have been successfully applied. However, it is important to remember that conversion rate optimization results vary depending on the website.

The article author says: “Before starting А/В test, I create false target page and CTA to be able to measure the number of clicks it will get. Then I buy Google AdWords traffic for such false page to find out whether the headline attracts users’ attention. If the users click CTA, I start my A/B test”.

Test headlines are helpful, although be careful. You shouldn’t waste your time and resources on useless ideas. Conduct surveys on the website or contact experts to receive actionable guidelines.

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