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10 Strategic SEO Benefits for Realtors

Digital Marketing
September 29, 2023
15 mins

Say, you are a starting-up local real estate agent or a well-established realtor in Oklahoma. In either case, you should opt for digital marketing performance as the finest way to boost your online presence. 

Even if you enjoy a stable local real estate clientele, there’s no way to expand your real estate business without digital transformation. Over time, your brick-and-mortar real estate services will get challenged by digital competition. Eventually, you’ll lose your major strategic asset (clients) to your rivals. 

Bricks-and-clicks mix is a well-established practice for businesses. As a profitable commercial market niche, real estate is not an exception to the trend. And, to make your digital marketing journey less burdensome, start with SEO. 

SEO Services For Real Estate Agents

Search engine optimization (SEO) marks a starting point for your digital performance. This organic marketing approach is about reaching prospective buyers and sellers who are about to buy or sell properties. 

SEO is also about how search engines like Google improve your real estate website’s ranking. With these benefits in mind, proven SEO strategies help you expand your real estate business and make you the most in-demand local real estate agent.

Apriori, SEO for estate agents entails workable methods that help you make your online presence more visible to your target audience. Owing to sound SEO practices, Google makes your website visible in search engine results. This means that ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs) is virtually impossible without SEO.

Naturally, you are not the only local real estate agent who’s overambitious about getting atop Google’s search results. 

At Promodo, we apply Google’s white hat methods to enhance your website’s ranking, namely:

  • Emphasis on targeted words and phrases compliant with user intent for real estate services
  • Keyword-based content on a client’s website
  • Linkbuilding strategies  
  • Acceleration of website speed 
  • Mitigation of bounce rate.

Implement a profound link-building strategy:

  • Do outreach on thematic sites
  • Analyze your closest competitors
  • Capture the sites where your rivals are posting 
  • Do guest posting
  • Post on forums

Website rankings alone are not a universal panacea that will generate traffic to your real estate website forever. Perpetual SEO maintenance necessitates time and effort. So, take it as a long-haul journey with a reasonable share of marketing investment. By helping you take your site to the top of SERPs, SEO is among the finest brand awareness strategies.

Our expert says: It's important to note that there is no fixed time frame for achieving specific rankings in SERPs. Everything depends on various factors: competition, industry, and quality of your SEO efforts among others. Evaluate and adapt your strategy depending on the results and changes in the search landscape. SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement and adaptation. Rimma Vasylieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.

Strategic Importance of SEO Services for Real Estate Realtors

Given the exceptionally local nature of real estate services, benefit from SEO as the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy. This is a long-term approach that assumes lengthy prospects.

The real estate niche entails numerous complexities underway. Normally, property buyers start their customer journey with a generalized search. Further, they narrow down their search by targeting specific areas. 

Your task here is to capture their attention with regular real estate content through blogging. To win a competitive advantage and hook more potential home buyers with your content strategy: 

  • Refer to market reports 
  • Make local property listings
  • Explore suburb overviews
  • Include property images 

These essential content marketing elements will help you boost the real estate buying process. With that, keep in mind that rather than a once-off project, SEO is a permanent process in real estate.

As a competitive real estate agent, you should focus your effort on developing a full-funnel marketing strategy that will accelerate the customer journey.

This highly competitive and fluctuating industry is prone to adapt to trends. This means that you should not only create quality real estate content but revise and update it regularly. The same is true for your on-site, off-site, and technical SEO adjustments.

Our expert says: You should also understand that a site with 0 rankings may not achieve high results for years. A new site will not reach top indicators soon. This means that you should work on technical SEO, especially on site speed on mobile devices, have a good structure for all user requests in the niche, craft quality content, and work with link building. Rimma Vasylieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.

Here's our prominent case on "How We Increased Traffic from the Conversion Pages by 60% for Real Estate Industry."

At Promodo we recommend launching your real estate SEO journey with a full-scale site audit

Real Estate Client Journey: Digital Marketing Funnel 

By applying evidence-proven methods of search engine marketing, you’ll achieve a much wider customer reach. We’ve used the AIT framework (Awareness, Interest, Transaction) to showcase customer journey through the real estate digital marketing funnel:

Funnel stageConditionCustomer journeyMarketing channelSuggested content ideas
AwarenessI’ve never heard of youI am a local resident, though do not consider buying/selling a property Social media Email marketingCommunity engagement
Suburb overviews
I am aware of youI have noticed the local activity and might be interested in real offersBlog articles
Property photos
Real estate reports
InterestI may need your serviceI have thought about buying/selling and am exploring the market now.Website
Email marketing
Social media
Postal ads
Market reports
Blog articles
Property listings
Advice articles
I will contact youI am active in the real estate market and would like to arrange an appointment.Website
Email marketing
Postal ads
Property listings
Advice articles
TransactionEngaged with youI have narrowed my search and need your adviceMessage apps
Direct mail
Property listings
Raving fanUsed your service, and would like to recommend you to my friendsEmail marketing
Anniversary emails

Going Local With Real Estate Keywords 

Your strategic purpose as a local real estate agent/agency is to strive for your website's appearance on the top three results in a local search engine listing. 

Link building

This is how user intent (i.e. most popular search queries) matches your real estate offers. Therewith, you’ll attain a decent level of realtor search engine optimization.

Our expert says: To get your website on SERPs, create high-quality content. Fill the pages on your site with valuable data about real estate and information on the proximate infrastructure. Also, make sure there are no pages with thin content on the site. Rimma Vasylieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.


Our expert says: In terms of technical SEO, make sure your website is free of technical errors and has a sound load speed and core web vitals. Also, your site should not have problems with indexing. Arrange your website structure so that it is easily navigated and embraces all user requests. Rimma Vasylieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.

What People Are Looking For? 

Your target audience starts searching for homes with a broader search. This means you should rank high for broader and local keywords. Then, while narrowing their search intent, most property seekers explore local-bound information:

  • Home prices
  • Local infrastructure (schools, medicare, entertainment, etc)
  • Service proximity
  • Employment opportunities
  • Public transportation
  • Commuting
  • Distance to other cities
  • Crime rates

Obviously, the more clicks your real estate website gets, the more buzzword will be getting around your real estate brand name. Most importantly, you’ll get more traffic. Sticking to SEO metrics on your website will help you convert more people into clients.   

Reaching higher visibility of your real estate venture in search engine rankings is much about using locally-bond keywords with the highest relevance to local search intent for real estate services.

Maintaining SEO on a decent level is equally important for your target audience and search engines. SEO quality predetermines how  Google will rank your website for keywords and relevant terms associated with the real estate business.

Therefore, most search engine optimization efforts start with optimizing your website for local-based keywords like “real estate in Oklahoma,” or “realtor services in Oklahoma.” This is how you drive traffic to your website in an organic (non-paid) way. 

That’s an example of a hands-on organic site boost for realtors:

Keyword Analysis with Ubersuggest

Prior to a wider geographical expansion of your real estate business, stick your marketing effort to local reach. SEO metrics will help you optimize all the essential domains of sound local presence, from crafting a Google Business Profile to getting listed in local Yellow Pages with proven services like Yell.

Locally, be sure to target your clients by researching:

  • Real estate market trends
  • Location
  • Local property density
  • Home types
  • Property condition
  • Square meters
  • Price

Our expert says: Fill your Google Business Profile with useful information, add real estate photos, mention your services and news, and encourage customers to leave reviews. Rimma Vasylieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.

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In addition to the external market factors, be sure to explore your target audience:

  • Social status
  • Income rate
  • Purchasing capacity
  • Generational shifts
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Individual customer preferences
  • Seasonal demand 

With a compound customer portrait in mind and knowing who you are targeting, you’ll stand a better chance of engaging qualified leads to your website. These are the most likely ones to contact you and ask more about your real estate offers. That’s a strategic purpose of the real estate agent’s SEO.

The Importance of Following E-E-A-T for Real Estate Agents

Beyond various tech issues and gaps, you should maintain quality on-site content in compliance with Google’s E-E-A-T framework. These criteria explain why people should address you as a reputable real estate agent. 


On Dec. 14, 2022, Google added the additional ‘Experience’ parameter to emphasize that the quality of content should now be assessed with the consideration of the personal experience of a content creator.

Our expert says: The E-E-A-T compliance has been currently monitored by 16K of Google’s Assessors. They analyze websites (individual pages + total domains) and search results pages in line with the set guidelines. The applied algorithms are adjusted based on the processed data. Interestingly, though, the assessment of assessors does not directly affect the ranking of a particular site. Vladislav Trishkin, Team Lead SEO at Promodo.

Prove your Expertise, Experience, and Authority to win people’s Trust. The best way you can do it is to make your expertise public through blogging, podcasting, or vlogging. In addition to an expert real estate blog with tons of useful real estate and property management tips, get to people on a one-to-one level. 

To know your leads better, we suggest talking to them through your own YouTube channel. This practice alone will provide you with a huge competitive advantage over the bunch of local rivals, while people will associate your brand with their personal real estate service. Over time, you’ll get customer feedback and reviews on your expert real estate content. That is about the vital importance of SEO to drive quality traffic organically.

You will also boost your stance with authoritative content linking to websites whose content resonates with the search intent of prospective property buyers and sellers. Naturally, your authority and traffic will grow once other websites refer to your content. With more user comments and shares, Google will rank your website even higher.

While search engines rank your website on various SEO metrics ranging from keywords to site speed, it is vital to adhere to these requirements. The better you do it, the longer users will stay on your pages and more people will turn to your real estate services. 

Among the best SEO companies for realtors, we regard SEO as a sticking point to: 

  • Retaining customers with multiple visits
  • Following your agency on social media platforms
  • Sharing your content 
  • Resonating with your email offers. 

Essential SEO indicators that will help rank your website higher:

  • Domain authority
  • Keywords
  • Mentions of your business on local listings and profiles
  • Local search personalization 
  • Online reviews 
  • Social media visibility
  • Consumer responses with click-throughs.

The success of your digital marketing performance will depend on how far these factors comply with search engine algorithms. 

To boost your local real estate SEO strategy, we’ve explored 2023 stats proving the highest resonance signals with your real estate marketing performance online:

  • Google Business Profile 25.1%
  • Backlinks 16.5%
  • Reviews 15.4%
  • On-page signals 13.8% 
  • Citations 10.8%
  • Behavioral signals 9.6%
  • Personalization 5.9%
  • Social signals 2.8%

 Search engines assess these ranking signals to rank your website in search results.

The initial strategic bet on local SEO practices will help you expand your business performance beyond local reach (say, in Oklahoma) to the statewide and even nationwide or international scale.

In terms of driving higher return on investment (ROI) from conversions, Promodo experts suggest SEO as the most feasible click-through rate (CTR) approach. High ROI potential for real estate agencies has been proven by an increased intent for new homes. You are free to check the ongoing property market tendencies in your area and beyond with Google Trends.  

SEO for Realtors: Core Benefits

On average, it takes up to 11 inquiries for home buyers prior to getting in touch with a real estate professional or taking any requested action. 90% of people explore the real estate market online. Even more precisely, 99 percent of Millennial and GenZ home buyers actively search for properties online. These numbers alone prove the vital importance of applying effective SEO strategies in real estate. 

Statistically, real estate agents who invest in SEO earn 2-3 times more than those who downplay this option. 

Owing to evidence-proven SEO practices, you’ll:

  1. Increase your online exposure
  2. Make your website mobile-friendly  
  3. Optimize industry-related keywords for search results. 
  4. Engage more users to resonate with your real estate content 
  5. Generate more qualified leads through inbound links
  6. Transform leads into consumers
  7. Induce more people to order your services
  8. Boost brand awareness
  9. Drive sales
  10. Surge revenue

Considering these vital benefits, SEO marketing investment sounds like a strategic must-have for a competitive real estate agent. 

A realtor SEO strategy is a core requirement to get your real estate business into online listings, like Google Business Profile. With the optimized website for local keywords, potential homebuyers and sellers will spot you in search results.

Once you need SEO services for real estate realtors, you are welcome to benefit from our top expertise!

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Vladislav Trishkin

SEO Team Lead at Promodo

Vladyslav has been working as SEO Specialist for over 5 years.His portfolio of projects includes:, Sinoptik,, etc.

He is a fan of Ahrefs, enjoys reading Google's Assessor's Guide, and is always ready to have a discussion about SEO.His main specialization is promoting content and media projects, and he has numerous successful case studies.

Beneficial link on Vladyslav's expertise:




Written by
Rimma Vasylieva

SEO Expert at Promodo

September 29, 2023
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