10 Tips To Encourage Product Reviews

The best way to reduce dissonance after a purchase of an expensive or a luxury item is to first find out and learn what the users of the product have to say about it. For this, you don’t have to ask each user about his/her product experience, you can simply read through product reviews and learn about their opinion.

Several marketing studies show that product reviews have a dramatic impact on users about to make their product purchase decision. They are found to greatly influence conversion rate and increase product sales up to 18%.

However, not many users post their user reviews and feedback; to make sure that they do, businesses must encourage their users to share their product experience with others. Now it all comes down to how?

10 Tips to Drive up Product Reviews

Here are 10 tips to encourage customers to post their product reviews.

1. Request for Feedback

Requesting for feedback does not mean that you have put up call for action banners and buttons all over your website and social media pages. Simply place a request feedback form for customers to write and share their product experience. It should be placed where necessary. This is an obvious and most common way to ask for customer reviews and this is carried out by plenty of popular brands too.

2. Keep it Short and Simple

Lengthy customer feedback forms are a complete turn off. People don’t have time to answer all the questions and post it. Studies also show that people often close the feedback window when they see a long questionnaire like form. To make sure that the user leaves his/her feedback, you can have a star rating review. This is easy, simple and makes a huge impact.

A 5 star rating shows that the customer is satisfied and happy with the product while a 2 star rating or less just depicts that the user is unhappy and didn’t like it.

Also, along with the star rating you can have a write a review box. If the customer wants to share his opinion besides the rating, he can do so easily.

3. Ask For Product Reviews via Email

Another way to encourage customers for sharing their product usage experience is to send them emails. You do not have to flood the customer’s Inbox with emails for feedback. All you need to do is email the customer for product reviews after 10 days. Your email should start off saying that you hope the customer is happy with the product and then you can simply ask him/her for the feedback. The email should be short and precise.

4. Choose Customer Review Placement Location Wisely

As mentioned above, product reviews influence customer buying behavior significantly. You need make sure that customer reviews are placed at a location where they cannot be missed by the potential buyer.


The best example is of Orient watches. Next to each product, they have not just listed down features of the product, but also a star rating, link to customer reviews and also a feedback form.

This is a smart marketing strategy which other businesses can also benefit from to boost their product sales drastically.

5. Incentives To the Customers

Giving out discounts and rewards to all who write reviews about your product is not possible and even if it were, it sounds unfair and unreal. Therefore, you don’t need to lure your customers this way. However, who doesn’t like free stuff? Everybody does. So what you can do is, to give out incentives to your customers through a fair process. Every customer who writes a review for about your product should have equal chances of winning and losing through a monthly prize draw.

To ensure your customers write a review and participate in the draw enthusiastically, you can shoot a post sales email or put a flyer related to the draw inside the product packaging.

6. A Mix of Both Good and Bad Reviews

Another way to encourage people to write reviews about their product purchase is to post a mix of both good and bad reviews. If you only publish good reviews and filter out the bad ones, people will know that its not worth sharing their opinion because its not going to be displayed.

Also, potential customers also want to see a combination of both kinds of reviews. This tells them that the reviews are geninue and not made up. So if both good and bad reviews are visible on your website, the new users would also like to voice out their experience. They would be confident that their review will be displayed.

7. Ask Your Social Media Fans For Reviews

Ask your social media fans to post their product reviews. This is a good and quick way to get customer reviews. It is also convenient for the users, they can simply post their reviews (good and bad) with ease. It’s also time saving and fast as you don’t have to wait for days to get a review against the feedback email that you dropped in the customer’s inbox a long time ago.

To make the most of social media pages, simply post your review link and write a catchy comment so that the customer opens it right away.

8. Turn Feedback Into Product Review

Every positive or negative comment and feedback is like a review regardless if it is posted on your offical website or not. If you have plenty of comments and feedback on different social media channels and other forums, you can post it on your website for your potential buyers to view.

9. Deliver Value Added Services To Customers

Another great way to encourage users to write product reviews is to give them value added  services. You can give customers the incentive that once they post their reviews, you will keep them updated with the slashing discount deals, so that they don’t miss out on new offers. This is a good way to increase customer loyalty.

10. Never Miss Out on the Opportunity to Get Customer Reviews

You don’t have to stick to one method for getting customer reviews. You can try using as many ways as you want to get customers to write reviews for you.



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10 Tips To Encourage Product Reviews

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