11 fatal mistakes in social media marketing

Most of the campaigns in social media will never succeed. Why is that? Read on to find out. 

Mistake #1 “Impatient”

If you want from your social media promotion immediate results, don’t start it at all. There are some cases, when social media campaigns show their efficiency right at the very beginning, but it is rather an exception than a rule. As usual, you should wait for a while to receive return on your social media efforts.

There is no certain time lag, as everything depends on your business type; it could be 3 weeks or 3 months, and remember that in half of the cases social media marketing doesn’t have a direct impact on sales at all. The reason is that social media is different from advertisement on Google or banners, it is less straight and more complicated.

When you shouldn’t expect big sales from social media marketing:

Case A: When your product or service is complex and costs above $1000. In this case you won’t be able to see immediate increase in sales. In such case the aim of your efforts could be to support other advertisement campaigns. We would advise to launch in social media customer support service, where users could always find answers to their questions.

Let’s imagine you are selling luxury cars. Naturally, social media audience will not rush to buy cars after visiting your social network page, because the primary aim of social networks is communication. So it is more likely, that your potential buyer will come to social networks to receiver a proper answer to their question.

In order to foster loyalty to your brand, work with your audience in social networks, talk to them, and you will get the desired results.

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Case B: You shouldn’t hope for high sales if your customers have lots of questions and complaints. You will have to deal with them first in your social media campaign. In fact, dealing with customer complaints is really important in this case, because one or two negative comments can seriously damage your reputation in social media.

To win your customers loyalty, do your best to solve their problems and show your sincere aspiration to help. Make your customer feel that you care about them and their needs.

However, you can expect boost in sales if your product or service is something people are craving for. Just recently one company launched social media campaign for a highly advertised videogame which cost around $50. Once social media users have learnt about this game being sold online, the store received huge amount of orders and the product had been sold out in a few days.

Mistake#2 “It’s a piece of cake!”

Assumption that social networks are easy to tackle is rather misconception. Many think this way until they try themselves.

“Ok, I have a secretary, she idles away for half of the day anyway.. I will have her create a group in Facebook and Twitter account…”

A lot of companies do so if they don’t have a good marketing department. It is risky, because once your employee changes the job, they lead away the group audience as well. Especially, if you part with such employee not on the best terms.

If later such accounts pass on to professionals, it doesn’t make the task for SMM experts easier. Very often social networks accounts created earlier are deleted and new are opened. In case the social media pages have the essential and loyal audience the rights to such pages can be transferred legally.

Moreover, social media marketing is not an easy task even for a company with a professional marketing department. Sometimes company’s board hires SMM specialists to train their marketers. But in 95% of the cases it doesn’t work out – marketers give the idea of social accounts management, or marketing department and company’s board are not able to find consensus, or spending most of the time on social media marketers understand that specialist would do it better.

Mistake#3 “Goodbye, I don’t know you!”

Some people mistakenly think that if they didn’t make it in social media, they can just abandon their accounts and don’t bother anymore. Think about the users which take part in your groups, they will not forget about you. Next time, when they want to learn about your new products or services they will be disappointed to find out that the community is dead, which in turn will negatively affect your brand reputation. Generally, the user will think that if you are not able to manage the group in social media, something is wrong with your company.

Mistake #4 «Making haste»

Another misconception is that social network community could be created in the twinkling of an eye. It’s like in SEO – if someone tells they will get your site to the top in two weeks, they are lying to you.  There are no tools which could form a loyal to your brand audience immediately. Of course it is possible to form a fake community quickly, but will it useful to you?

In any case, you will have to work hard for a long time in order to build the quality community around your brand. A little tip: do something above your audience expectations and you will see how the number of followers and participants grows day by day. Let’s take an example: people are expecting from you just a piece of information, but you give them prizes. Or instead of contests, give away the presents for free. Amaze and surprise the audience and you will see the results.

Mistake #5 «Behind the wall»

Companies are misled if they think that having an account in social networks with one-way communication is enough. Such variant of course can exist, but let’s not forget that the primary aim of social networks is interaction with the audience.

Your group participants will try to start a conversation with you, ask questions, leave feedback, and so on. You shouldn’t ignore their attempts – try to respond in a quickly manner, answering in several minutes would be the best. A reply in an hour would be also ok. If it takes you a day to give an answer, it’s time to seriously think about your customer service. Hire more people who will deal with this task.

Mistake #6 «I can do everything myself! »

If you think that you can do everything yourself, you are probably mistaken. It could be useful at the beginning though, because then you will be able to understand your target audience, its interests and needs. But for this matter two weeks will be pretty enough.

For a further campaign you should find specialists. In future your task should be overseeing the work of professional SMM managers.

Mistake #7 «Do we have the aim, after all? »

Now we have come close to the metrics – your marketing strategy targets. A common mistake of many companies is running social media accounts because it is trendy, and everybody does so. If it is the main reason of your presence in social media, it is a losing game.  Why? Because communities built in such manner very often turn out to be passive and “empty”, which damages company’s reputation. The more famous the brand is, the greater negative effect is caused.

That is why, if you have decided to tackle social media, you should understand what results you expect and how much you are ready to spend. If you have clear understanding of these aspects you will receive better outcome. So the possible goals of SMM:

1)    Establish communication with the customer

2)    Build new sales channel

3)     Organize on-line call center

4)    Test new product or service

5)    New channel of sales for existing clients

6)    Increase the average purchase amount

7)     Ease up the negative towards the brand or product

8)    Prevent potential negative, which you expect to appear

9)    Help users overcome worries or doubts if they are thinking about buying your product or service

10) Increase your brand, product, or service awareness among the users.

Mistake #8 «Overspending»

You shouldn’t spend the entire Social Media budget at once, without any prior testing. Your tactics should be similar to choosing niche for new business – at first you should understand which niche is in demand and successful.

As a wise marketer you should test the communication channels selected for achieving your goals.

Surely, chances are you will be lucky enough to find success at once. But in 90% of cases such tactics will lead to the misspent budget. Generally, it is always better to test. It begins at the stage of concept building, when proceeding from the goals, theories are made and tested. Mathematics is of great help there, make calculations, use of statistics and you will succeed.

Mistake #9 «Copycat»

Blindly copying other companies experience is not the best option. If it worked for one company it doesn’t mean at all it will work in your case too. Without proper analysis and your own social media promotion ideas it is better not to apply someone else’s experience.

Make up your own tricks and develop them, become an expert on them. For example, invent the tools to process orders faster and better, making more profit. Create a blog in one or several social networks and share useful information with your audience. Why to strive to outperform competitors on their terms if you can invent your own?

Mistake #10 «No analysis»

However, competitors’ experience could be used for your benefit – either positive or negative. Start with the most developed markets – USA, Japan, Central Europe. They are headliners of most of the inventions so you can pick some winning idea there. It is true not only for social media, but for video, television and advertisement as well.

Technology is simple: single out several the most successful niche players and investigate their activity. Note what social networks they use the most and work on the same networks for your business.

Mistake #11 «The final one»

One of the most widespread mistakes which companies make, it is avoiding work with negative. Of course it is not the most pleasant thing on the Earth and it requires a lot of efforts. But it threatens your business, so you can ignore it.

Even bigger mistake is to delete negative comments. 49 people will not notice it, but 50th having found out that their complaint has been removed, will make such a fuss over this that in the end it will cost a lot to your business.

We hope this article will help you avoid some pity mistakes in your social media campaigns. Good luck to everyone! Remember: don’t make others’ mistakes, there are yours awaiting for you just around the corner.



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11 fatal mistakes in social media marketing

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