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13 Best SEO Tools for Real Estate Websites

November 27, 2023
15 mins

A robust online presence holds paramount importance for real estate agents. While 90% of homebuyers and sellers initiate their search on the internet, it is a must-have for real estate agents to operate a visually captivating and highly-ranking website.

Our niche-featured article reveals the nuts and bolts of optimal search engine optimization (SEO) tools as part of an effective SEO strategy that will help you elevate website performance on search engine results pages (SERPs). And, whenever potential clients search for real estate in your locale with relevant keywords, your website will match search intent and attract organic traffic. Most importantly, smart use of real estate SEO tools is about enhancing user experience on your site.

Top SEO Tools for Real Estate Agents 

SEO tools for real estate entail a systematic enhancement of your website to elevate its position in SERPs. SEO tools for real estate will help you match relevant keywords with user intent with the most popular search queries for local properties online

While there is no question of what is the best SEO tool for real estate, an array of applicable SEO tools will advance your website's ranking and visibility

1. Keyword research tools will help you Identify the optimal keywords people will use to target your real estate website. Below we’ve prepared a bunch of the finest SEO real estate keywords tools.  

2. On-page optimization tools will help you fine-tune your website's content and structure to align with the search engine preferences of your target audience. Precisely, technical SEO will rectify any technical issues that hinder your website from achieving optimal rankings.

3. SEO analytics tools will help you monitor website performance.

4. Local SEO tools will advance geographic outreach to precisely target potential clients in specific geographic areas, and increase the chances of attracting qualified local leads. Your great task here is to opt for the finest real estate local SEO tool that will best suit your business purposes.

5. Link-building tools will cultivate backlinks from reputable websites to enhance your website's authority.

6. SEO reporting tools will help you track core, metrics progress and ROI owing to valuable insights and data. 

Today, we’ve gathered a bunch of the most effective SEO real estate keywords tools that will boost your digital marketing performance and turn your real estate agent’s name into a local buzzword.

1. Keyword Research Tools for Real Estate Agents

A thorough keyword research is pivotal for your SEO endeavor. As a real estate agent, you should fine-tune your website content to allure organic traffic. While there is no optimal SEO real estate keywords tool, you should take time and effort to try them all on yourself.

Google Keyword Planner

A complimentary SEO real estate keywords tool from Google facilitates real estate agents in:

🔴 Unearthing keyword ideas

🔴 Gauging search volumes

🔴 Assessing competition levels. 

Google Keyword Planner provides real estate agents with valuable insights into popular real estate-related keywords, aiding agents in selecting the most fitting terms to target.

For starters, we suggest using Google Keyword Planner as a free-of-charge tool you can set up in your Google Ads account.


As a comprehensive SEO real estate keywords tool, Semrush offers real estate agents an array of features like robust keyword research capabilities. Harness Semrush to:

🔴 Pinpoint profitable keywords

🔴 Scrutinize competitors' keyword strategies

🔴 Monitor the evolution of keyword rankings.

While pricing plans start from $129.95 a month, at the starters we suggest a Guru pricing of $249.95 for the majority of small and mid-sized local real estate agencies.


Another SEO real estate keywords tool is called Ahrefs with extended keyword research functionalities. Real estate agents leverage Ahrefs to: 

🔴 Explore diverse keyword ideas

🔴 Evaluate keyword difficulty

🔴 Unveil new opportunities for previously overlooked keywords.

You are free to start exploring Ahrefs with the Standard monthly pricing of $199 and shift to the Advanced package of $399 over time. 

Our expert says: While there’s no question about what is the best SEO tool for real estate, by utilizing these adept keyword research tools, you will discern the specific keywords employed by potential clients in their quest for local properties. Armed with this knowledge, you will optimize their website content strategically, and attract more qualified leads. Rimma Vasilieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.

2. On-Page Optimization and Technical SEO Tools In Real Estate

On-page optimization is the meticulous process of refining a website's content and structure to align with the preferences of search engines. Through the strategic optimization of on-page elements, real estate agents enhance their website's visibility in search engine results and concurrently deliver enhanced user experience. 

Here are pivotal on-page optimization tools tailored for real estate websites:

Yoast SEO

A widely embraced WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO serves as an indispensable tool for real estate agents serious about optimizing on-page elements. The comprehensive tool furnishes real-time feedback and recommendations to enhance:

🔴 Content readability

🔴 Keyword utilization

🔴 Meta tags.

Yoast SEO Premium with advanced AI features and 24/7 support is now well-affordable at about $120 a year.

Moz On-Page Grader

Tailored for an in-depth analysis, Moz On-Page Grader scrutinizes webpages and furnishes detailed reports on their on-page optimization. Real estate agents will leverage this tool to: 

🔴 Assess Page Effectiveness

🔴 Overview the factors contributing to and hindering your page performance

🔴 Master Page Issue Resolution

An affordable price of $209 a month is suitable for local real estate agents and property agencies serious about benefiting from keyword research and on-page optimization.

Screaming Frog

Functioning as a comprehensive website crawler, Screaming Frog aids real estate agents in identifying technical issues that might impede on-page optimization. By traversing the website, this SEO tool generates a detailed report highlighting issues like: 

🔴 Broken links

🔴 Duplicate content

🔴 Missing meta tags.

The tool with extended options is currently available at $199 a year.

3. SEO Analytics Tools to Track Website Performance in Real Estate

Through the analysis of pivotal metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and engagement rates, real estate agents pinpoint areas for enhancement and base their decisions on data-driven insights. 

Google Analytics

A free and comprehensive tool that furnishes in-depth insights into website performance. Google Analytics provides valuable demographic and geographic data, aiding agents to: 

🔴 Understand their target audience

🔴 Exploreuser behavior

🔴 Track organic traffic 

🔴 Track conversion rates. 

Google Search Console

Another free-of-charge tool, known as Google Search Console, assists real estate agents in monitoring and optimizing their website's presence in Google search results. It supplies information on: 

🔴 Keyword rankings

🔴 Website errors

🔴 Indexing status.

As paid options with extended analytics features, you are welcome to use Ahrefs & Semrush SEO tools to: 

🔴 Monitor keyword rankings

🔴 Scrutinize competitors' websites

🔴 Track changes in search engine visibility

🔴 Discern real estate trends

🔴 Assess the impact of their SEO strategies 

🔴 Make informed, data-driven decisions.

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4. Local SEO Tools for Precise Geographic Targeting in Real Estate

Precise targeting of specific geographic areas is of paramount value for real estate agents. Local SEO tools are rather effective in assisting property businesses and agents in optimizing their websites for local searches and drawing potential clients within their target markets.

Google My Business

As a free real estate local SEO tool, Google My Business empowers real estate agents to establish and manage their business listings on Google. Through the optimization of their Google My Business profile, agents 

🔴 Heighten their visibility in local search results

🔴 Showcase listings

🔴 Engage with potential clients.

Moz Local

This real estate local SEO tool is designed to aid real estate agents in overseeing their online presence across diverse directories and platforms. To enhance local search rankings of local property agencies, as a real estate local SEO tool, Moz Local ensures the accuracy and consistency of business information, i.e. name, address, and phone number across the web.

Elite monthly plan of $20 will help you manage location and reputation efficiently with additional directories like Nextdoor and Yellow Pages.


A comprehensive real estate local SEO tool that encompasses various features like local citation management, online review monitoring, and local rank tracking. Real estate agents leverage BrightLocal to refine their online presence and augment their website's visibility in local search results.

While there are advanced packages, with only $39 a month BrightLocal will help you 

🔴 Track local rankings

🔴 Audit GBP and on-site SEO citations

🔴 Monitor website performance

🔴 Leverage competitor insights

5. Tools for Analyzing Backlinks and Enhancing Website Authority in Real Estate

Developing high-quality backlinks is a fundamental component of effective SEO. Backlinks, serve as a vote of confidence in the eyes of search engines. Competitive real estate players elevate their website's authority and boost search engine rankings by scrutinizing and enhancing their backlink profiles. 

While there is no single answer to what is the best SEO tool for real estate, we’ve gathered the most effective means to boost your backlink strategy and enhance website authority.

Moz Link Explorer

The tool furnishes valuable insights into a website's backlink profile. Real estate agents utilize this tool to: 

🔴 Scrutinize the quality and quantity of their backlinks

🔴 Pinpoint potential toxic links

🔴 Monitor their progress in link-building.

An affordable package of $209 a month is suitable for local real estate agents and property agencies serious about aggregating a sufficient number of backlinks.


Alternatively, you may benefit from the already mentioned Ahrefs with a comprehensive backlink analysis feature to enable real estate agents to: 

🔴 Assess their backlink profiles

🔴 Track competitors' backlinks

🔴 Unearth new link-building opportunities.

You are free to start exploring Ahrefs with the Standard monthly pricing of $199 


The tool presents a backlink analysis feature to aid real estate agents in evaluating their backlink profiles and spotting opportunities for link-building. The tool delivers detailed information on referring domains and anchor texts to:

🔴 Seek potential collaborations

🔴 Identify outreach opportunities

🔴 Elevate website authority.

We recommend Guru pricing of $249.95 for the majority of small and mid-sized local real estate agencies.

6. SEO Reporting Tools to Track Progress and ROI in Real Estate

Many ask us: What is the best SEO tool for real estate? We always reply that the whole secret of digital marketing is sheer experimentation.

The selected tools by Promodo real estate SEO experts offer valuable insights and data to aid real estate agents in tracking key metrics, generating comprehensive reports, and illustrating the impact of their SEO endeavors. 

Google Data Studio

As a freely available SEO tool, Google Data Studio empowers real estate agents to craft interactive and customizable reports. The tool is integrated with various data sources like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to facilitate the seamless tracking and visualization of essential metrics.


The reporting component enables real estate agents to generate professional-looking SEO reports. The reports encompass a vast array of metrics ranging from keyword rankings to organic traffic and backlink profiles.


The tool includes a reporting feature allowing real estate agents to create detailed reports on their website's SEO performance. Customizable reports include metrics like domain authority, page authority, keyword rankings, and more.

SEO Tools for Real Estate Websites: Promodo is Here to Help

So, what is the best SEO tool for real estate? SEO-focused tools are essential in enhancing your digital marketing performance. As a real estate venture or local property agent, you will expand your local outreach and engage more qualified leads to your website. 

Tool NamePricingUsed for
FreeSeeking the most popular real estate-related keywords.
Semrush$129.95/m.Opting for profitable keywords
Monitoring keyword ranking‍‍‍
Evaluating backlink profiles‍‍‍
Generating professional SEO reports.
Ahrefs$199/m.Evaluating keyword difficulty
Unveiling previously overlooked keywords
Monitoring keyword ranking
Assessing backlink profiles
Exploring new link-building opportunities.
Yoast SEO Premium$120/year"Optimizing on-page elements
Moz On-Page Grader$209/m.Furnishing detailed on-page optimization reports.
Screaming Frog$199/yearIdentifying technical issues.
Google AnalyticsFreeGrabbing in-depth insights into website performance.
Google Search ConsoleFreeMonitoring and optimizing your website presence in Google search results.
Google My BusinessFreeEstablishing and managing business listings on Google.
Moz Local$20/m.Overseeing your online presence across diverse directories and platforms.
BrightLocal$39/m.Augmenting your website visibility in local search results.
Moz Link Explorer$209/m.Optimizing website backlink profiles.
Google Data StudioFreeCrafting interactive and customizable reports.

Beyond the universality of these applicable SEO tools, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This means that reaping fruit from these options, you should develop and implement the best-fit promotional strategy for your real estate business.

Promodo real estate digital marketing experts are right at hand to facilitate you with tailoring a customized SEO strategy. Our experienced SEO is here to:  

🔴 Audit your on-page and off-page performance

🔴 Advance content on your site

🔴 Match your keywords with the most popular user searches for local properties.

🔴 Make your brand more visible on Google My Business and local listings

🔴 Help your site rank higher on SERPs.   

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Rimma Vasylieva

SEO Expert at Promodo

November 27, 2023
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