15 Content Marketing Strategies To Get More Shares For Your Content

You can do nothing about feeling a bit jealous when seeing just-average content getting thousands of likes, tweets, and shares. What is so special about that post that yours doesn’t have? You’ve created a first-class piece of content, and your infographics are perfectly designed. So where are your shares?

The point is it’s not enough to just create high quality content, but what is even more important – it is necessary to develop relationships with subscribers. That is how you are supposed to gain more shares for your posts.

As a proof, below are 15 content marketing ideas, tips and tricks to improve the online performance. Follow them to get your content spread all over the Internet.

1.Interview Influencers

In every industry there are those whose opinion matters more. But how one is supposed to come in their view?

Email interview will take your influencer’s just a couple of minutes and will give you a chance to ask interesting and engaging questions, which will show that you have studies the influencer before even starting the interview (and in fact you have done that, haven’t you)?

The material you receive will make people associate your brand with that given influencer. Moreover, there is a good chance that an interviewed person will share that material as well.

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2. Ask Your Visitors for Ideas

If you consider creating new content you need to think of importance of customer feedback, opinions of authoritative experts, and actually each and every subscriber’s opinion, even those who are about to subscribe. This is a Mack Fogelson’s of Mack Web Solutions advice that he gave Rob Ousbey at Distilled.

“When you include them in the conversation… those people who provided feedback feel like they had buy-in because they’ve been part of the process,” says Fogelson.” This motivates them to share with their audience.”

3. Reference People

Nobody likes those over-the-top names mentions in articles. However, it is hard not to feel pleased and not to share the news when you see your name is being dropped.

“It creates a bond and positive feelings when they see you quote them or name-drop them,” says Aaron Friedman, who was deservedly picked up as one ofSearchEngineLand’s best-read columnists of 2012.

“Many articles I have written, the first people to share them and comment on them are the people who I have name dropped,” Friedman shared his observation.

 4. Share Wisely

Sharing someone else’s content makes up a large part of the behavior strategy in social media, so you need to treat it responsibly.

“Eighty percent of the time, share stuff that other people have created that you think is really remarkable and would help your community,” Fogelson says. “The creators of the value that you’re sharing appreciate you sharing their stuff and are motivated to return the favor.”


5. Show the community that you have shared the news

“If you want to get on the radar of someone with a significant amount of followers, clicking the ‘Tweet’ button on their articles or posts isn’t going to get you noticed,” says Wayne Barker of Boom Online.

“Add value to see reciprocation. Use a quote from the post rather than the title. Better still, add your own insight – it takes 30 seconds.”

Wayne advised to refer the tweets of Anthony Pensabene or Gisele Mendez as an example of this strategy.

 6. Make a list

All the people you know – your friends, colleagues, even your estate agent are your potential representatives.

Pay particular attention to those whose goals or interests coincide with your field of activity, but do not cherish much illusion.

 “A solid relationship built over time will mean that they may come looking to your streams for new and interesting content,” says Barker.

 7. Form Alliances

Once you have formed a vast circle of like-minded persons, begin establishing relationship with them by asking whether there is something you could share with them. Ask them whenever you need their help. It does not have to be 100 % esprit de corps, like an eye for an eye. You are just helping each other to succeed, when it makes sense.

“We try to surround ourselves with like-minded, talented people. And our talented friends should be the first we think of,” Friedman says. “If they see you thinking this way, they will too.”

 8. Join Communities

There are lots of already formed communities you are able to use in order to expand the sphere of your contacts and friends. Lots and lots of marketing groups in Facebook and Twitter will be of great help when you begin getting into the community, and that’s not mentioning forums, Google+ communities, and many others.

 9. Ask Politely

Social networks are very buzzy places, and even the most addicted fan of yours may easily miss your latest news.

If you have published some content that may interest your friends or subscribers and you are absolutely sure about that, it is quite normal to notify them. At the same time, blanketing those users you barely know with asks to share your post is not a good idea.

 10. Write Guest Posts

Expand your potential audience. This can be achieved by posting at numerous blogs. Guest blogging is a great way to provide your content to new users, and the connection that is established as a result of cooperation with the editor in the post could lead to further mutually beneficial cooperation.

 11. Encourage Those Who Shared the News

So, you finally see that users started sharing your content. Thoughtfully respond to the comments, and remember that saying “Thank you” personally provides a chance to establish long-term relationships with new fans. Better yet, go to their blogs and see whether you can somehow return a favor.

 12. Apply Personal Approach

The people who can help to spread your content have certain interests outside of the workplace, so it is quite acceptable to be a bit informal in the social media.

“Why not use it to help you make connections?” says Barker. “I have been cc’ing others on non-work-related content for some time, be it music, books, Back to the Future timelines and strange pictures. Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into all that you do.”

 13. Get to the High-quality Material

If you want people to repost your message do not leave all the work only on the title. Bring to the forefront of the most interesting things about your message.

Tease a link on Twitter by adding some funny statistics. Publish an article on Facebook having emphasized the intriguing quote. Make sure that the stunning results of this research will develop into an ideal diagram for Pinterest.

 14. Visualize

It’s not a secret that people are attracted by visual content. So give it to them!

Use more and more pictures and photos. Accomplish messages with the images that may be easily copied. Add text to images (just likeMarketingLanddoes) to be sure people will like and share the news.

 15. Use Psychology

Repost is more about a person, rather than about a piece of content he o she shares. Users share due to many reasons: to strike up a relationship with someone, or to start a conversation, to share a joke, etc. Think of all new material from the point of view of a potential user.

And what techniques do you refer to attract more users to your content? Bring a list of them in the comments.



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15 Content Marketing Strategies To Get More Shares For Your Content

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