25 years of World Wide Web: Do you recall how it all began?

There are very few things in the world that changed humans life so sharply as Internet did.  Yesterday the tech world celebrated the 25th anniversary of Internet invention.  Many refer to the history and go back to the times when Internet was something vague and unheard of before.  Today’s kids take access to the Internet as granted, but though we are not that old, we were lucky enough to witness its appearance ourselves. In today’s post guys from Promodo International Team share their memories about those days when Internet came into their life.)

“I remember that mysterious Internet only dwelled in special internet-cafes where I would go to look up some information for school essays. And it all seemed pretty boring, as everyone had all the pictures disabled in browsers, as they would waste precious bytes and in those internet-cafes we had to pay per kilobyte. J”

Ann Korolekh, International marketing manager at Promodo    

“To me the Internet was weak modem signal, disabled pictures and loads of information on any topic.  However, everything sped up so quickly – forums, site development, dating sites, online games, and so on and so on. Today the Internet role is really huge, it is business, source of knowledge, fresh news, an opportunity to find unbiased opinion and be in any place of the world.”

Paul Ryazanov, Business development director at Promodo

“My memories are parents’ limitations, strictly disabled images, fixed number of megabytes per day) The first email creation, which  still works by the way, back then there was plenty of available names to choose from.   I also recall local networks, chats with folks from my neighborhood… Old modems made it difficult to get through, and when you dialed, modem produced awful sounds.J”

 Olga Mykhoparkina, Project manager at Promodo

“In my life Internet appeared at the time of first course work and diploma.  It turned out to be a source of miscellaneous and wonderful information, which couldn’t be found in the libraries (especially, if you diploma is about Harry Potter J). When I was looking for the first job, I wrote in my CV without hesitation “confident Internet user” – now this phrase makes me shiver, but back then I thought it is a very solid statement).

I can’t imagine my life without Internet today.  Modern people are so absorbed in virtual world, that sometimes it is difficult to make yourself turn off the computer and go for a meeting with a real person. However, I still believe that Internet is a place with endless opportunities and enormous amount of information. To me Internet is my lovely job, communication with people who are millions kilometers away from me right now; it is entertainment of any kind and any time. It is really cool!”

Catherine Golovinova, Project manager at Promodo

“I remember the Internet was something expensive and limited. Even if somebody from your family had any kind of access to the Internet, you already felt privileged, because you could get information from there instantly, without having to buy books and CDs… I also remember search engines were not so skillful back then,  I asked my father to find on the Internet dance school in my city, but he could not  cause search engines were returning results with the any words containing the “dance” part). When we got Internet at home, my biggest joy was that we now can download music, it took ages to download one song, but such track was really precious.”

Elena Ruchko, Marketing assistant at Promodo

“I remember my first dial-up experience at my classmate’s place, when we spent quite a lot of time (and money) uploading our music for the contest and chatting with some stranger girls. I imagined our planet permeated with wires that day J”

Vladimir Ponikarovsky,  Analyst of Search Marketing Department

“I remember my first time online it was with an Olivetti computer, which my parents had purchased for my Birthday running Windows 95 and a spec that could only amaze my friends, Intel P75 and I believe 2Mb of ram (Power House) and a hard drive that could only really support Windows and Microsoft Office back in the day but, there was always space for a few games, can anyone remember Cannon Fodder running in DOS?

Dial-up connections were the only option and the choice of ISP’s were limited in the UK so after research I had to make the choice from CompuServe or AOL as a provider and what killer external 56K U.S Robotics modem to buy.

Yahoo was the king of search engines and due to dial-up connections every page was full of text hyperlinks and in some cases you were lucky to have an image or two to break up the norm, I’m glad to say that the next couple of years this changed and page design started to play an important role in browsing the Net and worth waiting for longer page load times (yawn)

While at School Microsoft Encarta was a great tool for research where if the content on the CD was out of date you could dial-up and check any updates for that given subject or chapter. Thinking back writing this I have now started to question how games actually worked online as multiplayer via a 56K modem, and the titles that played well and made you smile. I’m glad to say we are a million miles away from my first experiences of the World Wide Web now with great website designs, search algorithms and fantastic content.”

Miles Scudamore, Director at Promodo (UK) Ltd 

In the end, we offer you to check on official Google blog guest post from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Internet inventor, where he talks about past, present and future plans, at the end of the post he encourages us to support him in his attempts to keep the Internet free and open.

You can also find more interesting facts having watched the video where he tells the audience about Internet appearance and how everything became possible.

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25 years of World Wide Web: Do you recall how it all began?

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