5 Free Tools to Implement your Content Marketing Strategy on Budget

Imagine the situation: you are a recognized marketer who has been invited to the company stuck in the past.

This company has a website, but no attempts have been done to promote it.  Company’s CEO is quite an outdated man and doesn’t see any sense in investing money in content marketing strategies. Actually, it is quite a typical situation for small and middle-sized companies. What are marketers to do then? How can they do their work with virtually no financial resources?  

You will be amazed to find out that instruments to run content marketing campaigns with zero budgets exist. Of course, they won’t give you immediate efficiency, but you can still expect positive results from them in the long run. In order to succeed in zero-budget content marketing, you should also be a good copywriter. 

Below you will find 5 tools which will be a great asset in your content marketing campaign even with no investments. Probably, with the help of this instruments marketers will prove to all CEOs who are stuck in the past, that content marketing works and worthwhile to put money in it.

Free tools for marketing platforms search

If your challenge is to run marketing campaign on budget, you need to find a good number of solid online resources for guest blogging opportunities to regularly contribute your own articles there with the link to your website. This will help you reach larger audience, increase brand awareness and traffic to the website. However, don’t forget about offering quality content on your own website.

Here are some tools which will help you make the list of guest blogging platforms.

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1. BuzzStream: find the right blogs

BuzzStream is a set of tools for marketing campaigns management. It allows to receive external links, boost the traffic, find websites-partners, and analyze the audience. BuzzStream offers both paid and free tools.

One of the most useful free tools available is Link Building Query Generator. All you need to do is fill in several fields to receive a list of effective queries to search for guest post opportunities. One note, the service suggests results only for English websites, it doesn’t work for other brands.

BuzzStream uses Google and Bing search engines to find blogs accepting guest posts on given topics. So if your target audience are English-speaking users, this tool is a great option.

2. SEOmoz Toolbar and Majesticseo.com: evaluat  e the web sources

SEOmoz is well known among many webmasters as effective and convenient tools provider. One of guest blogging tips is to use SEOmoz free tools set SEOmoz Toolbar to analyze domain authority and web pages authority –  DA and PA respectively.

What are SEOmoz DA and SEOmoz PA in a nutshell? These are algorithms similar to  Google PageRank and Google TrustRank algorithms. Majesticseo.com offers the same kind of website authority checker. Citation Flow index works like Google PR, while TrustFlow is Google TrustRank alternative.

Make the use of these tools every time you need to evaluate the website and blogs where you are going to contribute your guest posts.

However, don’t be misguided by these tools, you shouldn’t publish exclusively on the blogs with the high DA, PR, and other metrics. If you have a chance to shout about your business on some popular thematic resource, don’t mind the ratings.

3. Google Docs

So why does internet-marketer working on content marketing strategy need Google Docs?

Firstly, this will enable you to use more advanced options of BuzzStream, SEOmoz Toolbar and Majesticseo. For example, you can set Google to display 100 search results, generate search queries with BuzzStream as well as export data into CSV files with the help of SEOmoz Toolbar.

If you open Google Docs file, you will receive a convenient table with links to resources for evaluation by DA index. Advanced Google Docs users can use the special service extracting domains from URLs list. Export the data into CSV file to be able to process it further in Google Docs. This way you will delete all duplicate domain names.

Google Docs have also functions and the formulas to help you calculate statistical data. But first of all they will be useful to keep all the data in one place – you can track the blogs and websites you have contacted or which have published your content.

Try to search for “SEO tools Google Docs” or “Google Docs SEO tools»” to learn about more ways to use Google service in content marketing campaigns. 

4. Social Crawlytics: study blog social potential

Guest posts publishing is not just about getting external links to the website.  In fact, the major target here is reaching broader audience and traffic increase. To make sure your guest post will generate traffic, study prospective sources that accept guest posts for social potential.

You can do it manually by checking the number of followers in social networks. But mind you, there could be fake audience with a large number of bots. So you may want to have a glance at audience engagement – number of “likes”, “shares” and comments. Furthermore, even the most active audience may ignore the post if they consider it boring or irrelevant. That is why it is important to pick the right topic for each particular blog community.

Once you have found a prospective source guest post submission, you can check it in Social Crawlytics. It will help you understand the real potential of the blog and identify its most popular posts. This way you will be able to easily determine the audience taste and

create the post which will be bound to receive large number of social sharings and likes. 

5. Followerwonk

Followerwonk, recently acquired by SEOmoz, is a great instrument to search for the most influential authors in your niche. Savvy marketers will also use Followeronk to find the blogs which accept guest posts. So basically this service will suggest you the most influential blogs within you niche where you can contribute the article.       

So how to use Followerwonk? If you want to find on Twitter bloggers running blog on your niche topics and with large following, type the search query here. After you click “Do it”, you will receive a list of users containing information about their accounts and social authority. So you can easily evaluate the blogs of prospective accounts owners. Without leaving the page you can also follow any users which interested you from the list.  

Remember that you shouldn’t exclusively rely on number of followers and tweets when measuring the Twitter account authority. Take into account the audience engagement  – number of retweets and answers.

With Followerwonk you can also analyze Twitter accounts by certain metrics, track selected users activity or group the users into categories.

The next step

Let’s imagine you have built the list of prospective content marketing platform with the tools we mentioned above so now you are ready to dive in. Contact bloggers you have selected and establish partnership. As we have already mentioned, to succeed at content marketing strategy on budget you will have to be able to write really useful and engaging posts. Times when marketers couldn’t write a copy have gone. With continuously increasing role of content marketing, modern internet-marketers should be able to create interesting material showing author’s expertise.  

If your guest posts will really useful to the users, you will definitely receive more traffic to the website. People will follow the links to find out more about the author who have written such interesting   materials. Moreover, natural external links from popular web sources will increase your website ratings by the search engines, which ultimately will lead to organic traffic boost.

Reap the benefits

You have contacted the bloggers and contributed quality guest blog posts which helped increase your website audience and brand awareness. Targeted traffic has also grown – both direct and organic (the last one has been caused by website ratings improvement). 

Now you only need to login into Google Analytics to receive the evidences that your content marketing campaign is efficient. To make your results more impressive can create the presentation full of colorful graphs showing the traffic and conversion boost. Since no CEO will be able to resist such proves you may demand content marketing budget.     


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5 Free Tools to Implement your Content Marketing Strategy on Budget

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