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6 Tips for Crafting SEO-Optimized Destination Pages for Google

January 19, 2024
7 mins

As a tourism business owner, you likely understand the importance of destination pages in attracting clients. When potential clients research their vacation destinations, they seek the best experiences available. This presents an opportunity for you to provide valuable information and showcase your services.

In this article, we will discuss how to enhance the visibility of your travel destination pages in search engine results. Our goal is to ensure that your pages are among the first results when people search for exciting travel destinations. Stay with us, and we'll assist you in elevating your business's online presence with some Google destination insights.

Why are Travel Destination Pages Important

Travel destination pages are specific sections on a travel website or blog that provide detailed information about a particular place that people might want to visit. These pages often include descriptions of the location's attractions, culture, history, and available activities. They might also provide practical information for travelers, such as the best times to visit, how to get there, where to stay, and tips for getting around.

The purpose of these pages is to inspire and inform potential tourists, offering them a one-stop-shop for all they need to know about a destination. For travel businesses, these pages are critical for attracting visitors to their services, be it booking a hotel, a tour, or even flights. Optimizing these pages for search engines is essential, as it helps the pages rank higher in search results, making it more likely that someone planning a trip will find the website.

SEO statistic

In addition to bringing in web traffic, a well-designed destination page can do much more. If you're in the tourism business, you're selling more than just trips – you're selling experiences and emotions. Good destination pages use storytelling, pictures, and genuine advice to help readers picture themselves having amazing adventures, making family memories, or relaxing after a busy year. These pages don't just sell or share information; they create a desire to travel. As a travel company, it's important to make sure people find you and know what you offer. The more people see your page, the more people will enrich their lives with the experiences you provide.

How to Optimize Travel Destination Pages for SEO

Here, we've gathered tips to enhance destination SEO. Whether you're unsure where to begin, seeking methods to refine your approach, or simply exploring Google destination insights, we hope you find the information you're searching for.

🔑 Keyword Research for Destination SEO

Keyword research is a critical first step in optimizing destination pages for search engines. It involves identifying the specific words and phrases that potential travelers are using when searching for destinations like yours. By understanding these keywords, you can tailor your page's content to match these search queries. 

Effective keyword research for destination pages should focus on a mix of broad terms related to travel and more specific phrases that describe the unique aspects of your destination, such as location-specific attractions, types of accommodations, or local experiences. Use keyword research tools (in this article we explain how to choose one). And don’t forget to optimize for the increasingly popular voice search - this means choosing long-tail keywords that reflect natural speech.

🏷️ Optimize Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Once you know the right keywords for your destination, make sure to use them in your page titles, headings, and meta descriptions. The meta description and the title in the URL are usually the first things tourists see. So, while you want them to be search engine friendly, also make sure they're written in a way that encourages people to click on them. 

Another tip is to include questions in your title tags. This will give you a chance to appear in featured snippets or in the “People also ask” section, thus showcasing your website at the very top of the search result page.

Stonehenge search result
As you see from the example, using schema markup in your content will also benefit you.

📱Mobile Optimization and Loading Speed

Ensure your page is mobile-friendly. With more users searching on mobile devices, a responsive design is essential for user experience and SEO. 

Loading speed is also important, both for users and for SERP’s. According to stats, half of the people who will google destination insights will abandon a website, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. When it comes to SERPs, Google assesses loading speed of the websites and prioritizes those that load the fastest. 

📍 Optimize for Local SEO

This step will be useful to attract both people who just plan their journeys, as well as those who are already nearby, and look for things like “wine tours near me”. Since we’re talking about destination SEO, most of the keywords you will use will already be location-specific. You will only need to add keywords like “near me” and “in my area”. 

Also, consider adding a Google Maps widget on your page and alway keep your Google Business profile up-to-date and full of client feedback (don’t shy away from asking your satisfied clients to rate your business and leave a nice review). 

Google Maps Vidget

🔗 Add Links

  • Use the power of internal linking to lead people to other pages of your website, and interest them in your other services. 
  • Add outbound links to direct people to your partners for the services you don’t provide. For example, as a hotel, you could add a link to your partner airport transfer service.
  • Create backlinks. If your content is interesting and valuable, you won’t have to do much for this. Don’t forget to add social sharing buttons to increase your chances to get quality backlinks.

 📄 Invest in Content

All the previous tips are aimed at bringing you organic traffic. Content will do that too, but it is also responsible for conversions. Once people come to your destination page, it will be the contents's responsibility to persuade them to choose your business. 

Destination page benchmark
Click for more travel industry marketing benchmarks.

The following content types that will significantly impact your conversions:

  • Videos
  • High-quality photos*
  • Strong CTA’s
  • Short contact forms
  • Client testimonials
  • Personal stories
  • Exclusive facts about the destination
  • Life-hacks and tips from locals

*While using images, don’t forget to add alternative text and clear image file names. This will help Google understand their content and they can bring additional traffic from Google Images.

For a deeper dive into destination marketing, check out this article.

Start Effective Optimization with Promodo

Tourism marketing case studies
We love promoting travel destinations. Click to see our case studies

Practice these destination SEO tips and watch your traffic grow. Depending on the popularity of your destination, it can take from 5 months to see the visible results. However, if we talk about an overcrowded location, you might require additional efforts.

Our team specializes in tailoring SEO strategies specifically for the travel industry, ensuring your destination pages not only rank high but also resonate with your target audience. Let us handle the SEO work, so you can focus on providing great travel experiences. 

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Written by
Anastasia Marchyshak

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Immersing myself fully in any topic I explore and my appreciation for simplicity are the driving forces behind my work.

January 19, 2024
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