Boost Your Online Sales Through Effective E-commerce Copywriting Skills

With the rise in global competition, businesses are trying to make the most of online marketing tools to attract web traffic, increase click through rates and improve online sales. One of the most effective ways to do this is e-commerce copywriting. Quality and unique product descriptions are known to increase e-commerce conversion rates dramatically. Most online retailers don’t pay heed  to this and only focus on selling their products through images or even if they do, they don’t have an engaging and convincing copy to persuade their target audience. Thus, no matter how good their product is, they fail to fetch sales and ultimately have to bear a loss.

If you have an online business, then you must take advantage of online marketing tools to boost your business sales. This calls for effective e-commerce copywriting. By writing crisp and unique copies, you can stand out of the crowd and gain a competitive edge.

For this, your copy must accomplish two goals, establish trust and convince visitors to buy your product and not from the competitor.  Effective copy for your products is important because that is the only way to convince an online shopper. The potential buyer cannot touch or test try your product physically to see how good it is, however, a well-written copy can persuade the buyer and reflect that you are a trusted company that offers fabulous and reliable products.

Establishing trust and persuading customers is not easy, your copy needs to have the right tone, be engaging and informative and showcase the usability of the product.  If the copy is appealing and makes sense to the potential buyer, you will have a sale for sure. Here are important creative copywriting tips to help you write great copies.


To ensure your potential visitor reads your copy, you must include important points like features in bullet form and small paragraphs. This helps because about 79% of the people scan write-ups instead of reading  them word by word. And besides this, bullets effectively communicate key product benefits and details.

Michael Kors uses bullets in front of the product image to describe the features the watch includes. This gives the viewer a sneak peak of what to expect from the watch. If the viewer is interested and finds the features appealing, he/she will place the order right away.

Avoid Long Sentences

For creative copywriting, you need to avoid long sentences. This is important because when you write long sentences, the meaning gets lost. Besides, long sentences are difficult to understand. Therefore, to write short sentences, you must avoid pointless modifiers and also, split independent clauses into 2 separate sentences.  In addition to this, you can avoid verbose phrases and refrain from meshing your copy with too many adverbs and adjectives.

Use Easy To Understand Language

This is one of the most essential copywriting skills of all. Your copy should be easy to read and understand. You should avoid using complex words in your product descriptions because it will make it difficult for the potential buyer to understand. The complexity of the language will deviate your potential buyer and he/she will probably close the window and go to your competitor’s page. It’s important to understand that you are writing copy to sell to your customers, not to impress them through difficult vocabulary.

Avoid Clichés and Jargons

To achieve your desired goal, you need to focus on clarity. Avoid being cheesy and unoriginal. This means no jargons or clichés. Clichés are done to death and visitors don’t want to read them over and over again. Therefore, keep your copy clear, crisp and original.

Active Voice

Don’t use passive voice. Try to write your copy in active voice. It is clear and makes it quite easier to persuade your potential visitor to buy your products.

Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes that online retailers often make:

1.    No Copy With Their Product Image

Without a copy, you can’t convince your potential buyer and eventually the customer goes to your competitor who has a persuading copy along with the image. Copy adds weight to what you are selling online.

2.    Unfriendly And Inconsistent Tone

Another mistake that online retailers/businesses make is use an inconsistent and unfriendly tone. Your copy mirrors your company. If it’s unfriendly, you may lose your potential sale.

3.    Exaggeration

Don’t exaggerate about your product benefits and features because that just sounds made up. Avoid it. Exaggeration can be misleading and put a negative impact on the customer. Even if it brings sales through misrepresentation, the customer may ask for his/her money back.

Establish Trust

To establish trust, you need immaculate copywriting skills. Establishing trust and good faith is important because buying online, especially expensive items, is risky. What if the company is a fraud and you get charged in advance through your credit card and never get the item you’ve ordered? So to ensure that the customer has trust in your company and your products, you must write flawless and convincing copy depicting that your company is reliable and has been serving clients for years.

State the Obvious

This really helps establish trust. Be clear and accurate when explaining payment process, shipping and return process. This is essential because if the process is not clear to your customers, they won’t buy it. Don’t leave it on the customers to figure out your payment methods, you need to give proper details.  Mention the shipping cost and also payment conditions in proper fonts so that it is visible.

For example, Windsorsmith has clearly mentioned free shipping. This means that the customers don’t have to wonder when they have to pay the shipping cost or not.

SEO Copywriting tips to outrank the Competition

To achieve the best sales results, your e-commerce copy should be combined meticulously with SEO methods too. You can do this by using the most searched and popular keywords in your copy. This will improve your search engine results. If your products and copy is visible on the first two pages of top search engines, potential customers are likely to purchase from your online retail shop. However, make sure you don’t use the same copy every time. Try to use unique and original copy. Also, try to combine primary and ancillary keywords for better SEO results.


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Boost Your Online Sales Through Effective E-commerce Copywriting Skills

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