Friday Catch Up: Buffer Makes Amends and Facebook Lets You Save For Later

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This Friday is just so exciting we can barely contain ourselves. So sit back, kick your feet up and eat some pumpkin pie as we bring you the latest and greatest from around the web. This week shows us how mobile is now taking over advertisements in social media along with Facebook’s new feature.


Buffer Makes Amends

After the previous attack by hackers on the software, Buffer has upped their security measures by adding a two step login process. The hack allowed hackers to post to the twitter and Facebook walls of their users. The two step process ensures that hackers will have a more difficult time in getting to the social accounts of users. The process has an additional security code along with the password. Other changes include encrypted access tokens and resetting the accounts that have been previously breached. Read more at Venture Beat.

Save for Later on Facebook

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook Newsfeed is meant to emulate the feel of an actual newspaper. With articles and blogs being shared to and fro, plunging deep into the abyss of Facebook posts as new ones are made, it’s easy to lose track of an article that you were interested in but didn’t have the time to read. With Facebook’s new ‘Save for later’ feature, users can bookmark articles that they might want to read at a later time. This move is not only advantageous for users but also for Facebook where they get to monitor the reading habits of users. Read more at Mashable.

Native Mobile Advertising for Social Networks

Social networking has seen a shift from the desktop to mobile. In fact the shift has been so rapid that there has been a tipping of the proverbial scales where users are now spending more time on mobile as ever. As a result, advertisers have also changed their strategy bringing natives in stream advertisements into the mix. This trend was started by Twitter when it introduced Promoted Tweets and has trickled into other social networks such as LinkedIn, Snap chat and Pinterest. Read more at Business Insider.


Ecommerce is now Offline

As the web has become a natural part of our daily shopping routines, Pratik Dholakiya suggests that the future of ecommerce has shifted towards offline. This thought is triggered by the fact that POS systems have now been integrated with online shopping systems and Amazons new ‘same day delivery’ feature. The only way for ecommerce businesses to succeed in the future is to bring them back into the real world. Read more at Crazy Egg.

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Impulse Buying goes Online

Have you ever been standing at the checkout counter waiting for your items to be scanned and chucked in a candy bar sitting so prettily near the POS? Marketers found that while online shopping was seeing a rise, people were still not spending more as compared to in-store visits. Perishable items have been the last ones to be sold online due to their limited shelf life and delivery problems. Similar issues have been seen with confectionary items. While many retailers have tried to flag special products at the time of checkout, the efforts have not been very successful. Martine Geller provides some advice on how to improve the situation at Reuters.

Responsive Design in Emails

We’ve been touting the merits of responsive design for a very long time now and for good reason. The shift towards mobile has opened various doors and responsive design is what has made most of it possible. Responsive design in emails however has been a little overlooked. David Moth has collected some of the best looking examples of responsive email templates from around the web and made an extremely helpful list that you just can’t miss. Head over to Econsultancy for more.

Culture and Conversion Rates

Cultural differences often pose a problem when it comes to ecommerce sites catering to an international market. While some may create different versions of their sites – each version optimized for particular areas – there are still certain similar elements that need to overlap for feasibility. Ben Davis provides insight into which factors most affect conversion rats when it comes to cultural differences. He included colors, payments, faces, web layouts, copy, context and technology as some of those factors. Read more at Econsultancy.

Best Practices for Increasing Conversion Rates at Checkout Pages

Checkout pages are the most important part of any ecommerce site. It’s what makes sure that visitors are converted into buyers. A poorly made checkout page however can be detrimental to the website resulting in abandoned carts. Joost de Valk came up with a formula that would allow you to follow some guidelines that make sure you don’t fail. He combined them to form the acronym FAST. These factors included “Focus, Assurance, Clarity, Time and Social Proof.” Read more over at Moz.

Custom Timelines on Twitter

The introduction of custom timelines on twitter can be of an advantage to retailers looking to showcase certain brands or aspects. Similar to Twitter lists they can help retailers showcase new products, announce sales and promotions and even show customer reviews. Another good way of using custom timelines is to feature frequently asked questions so users can view solutions immediately rather than having to wait for a reply. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

HootSuite Gains Some Foresight

The menagerie over at Hootsuite has churned out some predictions for social media in 2014. They claim that the social media manager as we know it will die out and be resurrected in a new form. This is because social media management will now become a requirement for employees so it can be tackled in-house rather than outsourced. A shift of interest of the education system recognizing social media as an asset rather than liability will be seen. They also claimed some drastic changes in social media advertising along with a rise of video advertising. Read more over at the Hootsuite blog.

Decorating your Ecommerce Site for the Holidays

The holiday season has always been a great time for Ecommerce sites. Users are extremely generous with spending as they look for gifts for their friends and relatives. This is why it’s important for ecommerce sites to make the most of the situation. Studies have shown that online holiday spending has increased by 15% since last year. Promotions and special offers for the holidays are a great way of attracting customers. Some examples include lower prices, free shipping, shopping ease and variety of selection. Head over to Kissmetrics and read more.

Using Images for Quotes

Using images for quotes has become very common on social media sites. What makes quote images so popular is that there is a lesser risk of duplicate content with a higher chance of going viral. Not everyone however has the skill set to start creating image quotes. Luckily there are tools available on the internet which allows you to create them in no time. SEOSmarty brings a list of some of the most versatile and user friendly tools on the internet.

Pinterest for Small Businesses

As Pinterest has started introducing promoted pins, many brands have gone over to advertise to a niche audience. What most small business owners don’t realize is the amount of potential that Pinterest has for their business. The visually driven medium is addictive and can help immensely in viral marketing. Christopher Ratcliff of Econsultancy compiled a list of brands that have been succeeding at Pinterest marketing. Take a look at them here.


Effective Methods of Generating B2B Sales Leads

With the amount of conflicting information available, it can become difficult to ascertain methods which would generate leads for B2B companies. The experts over at MarketingProfs have published an infographic which identifies the most effective methods for B2B sales lead generation. The most successful method was identified as Outbound marketing at 39% followed by Events at 27% and Online marketing at 17%. Although social media was not very effective overall, LinkedIn fared comparatively better than its counterparts.

The Most Successful Retailers on Social Media

The research firm BlueOcean released the results of a study for the year 2013 which revealed the retailers who had been most effective at using social media for marketing. The retailers were assessed based on 5 KPI’s which included “Touch Rate, Engagement Rate, Share of Voice, Net Sentiment and Identification of Influencer and Advocates.” The top spot was taken by AutoZone, followed by BJ’s wholesale club and Wal-Mart. Other notable mentions included IKEA, Costco, Walgreens and Amazon. View the entire infographic at Website Magazine.

Use the Disavow Tool Even When Not Penalized

Matt Cutts’ latest video answers a question which has been on site owners’ minds ever since the disavow tool was released. As Google cracks down on sites harder than ever, the disavow tool is meant to sever any such weak links which may lead you towards a penalty. Matt Cutts’ suggested that whether or not Google had taken action against a site, it would be good to use the disavow tool on low quality links as a precautionary measure. Other times to use the disavow tool would be in cases of negative SEO or bots creating unwanted links. Head over to Search Engine Watch for more.

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Friday Catch Up: Buffer Makes Amends and Facebook Lets You Save For Later

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