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ChatGPT: Someone’s Whim or Future Trend Driver? Shared Experience by Promodo Experts

Digital Marketing
Content marketing
February 6, 2023
13 min

Artificial neural networks (ANN) are among top digital trends in 2023 and beyond.

While the US and Australian schools restrict and even ban access to AI-based systems, GPT Open AI solutions are getting unprecedentedly popular in digital marketing.

Neural networks like Midjourney generate quality visual content, while artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT open the world of opportunity by delivering multiple texts and HTML codes among other perks.

Max Kopylchenko, Head of Performance at Promodo, claims that 2023 will mark the AI breakthrough. Beyond search SEO algorithms, we are getting into harsh rivalry with AI.

The article highlights ChatGPT, a super OpenAI chat that has made breaking news in tech and marketing domains since December 2022.

The big question high on today’s agenda is about GPT 3 chats SEO role.

Is it someone’s whim or a future trend driver?

We have received expert answers from Promodo’s SEO Department, Xenia Vasylieva, Serhiy Belyy, and Georgy Hlushko.


ChatGPT is an AI conversation generator with tips stored in the database to answer user questions. The platform functions in a dialogue mode to support incoming user queries by natural languages*.

*Natural language is a non-name artificially generated language designated for conversation.

Chat Interactive

How to use the Chatbot?

Unlike most chatbots, ChatGPT monitors and memorizes questions and answers during a single dialogue session. Based on this data, the platform generates content.

To avoid abusing queries and responses, all questions and answers are API-moderated. As an online AI chatbot, ChatGPT refutes potentially racist and sexist tips.‍

What Can CHATGPT Do For SEO?

‍We have put this question to ChatGPT. Here is the answer:

Chat GPT for SEO

We asked the same question in Ukrainian. Apparently, it is much better to send queries in English.

Eventually, the GPT chatbot did not generate the list by the end. We assume there is a character limit. Further, non-English queries may have typos and semantic errors like the ones above.

ChatGPT serves as a language model that needs additional SEO expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes.

CHATGPT As a Routine Deterrent

At Promodo, we mostly apply ChatGPT to solve routine SEO tasks like metatag, FAQ, and keyword generation.

The outcomes depend on the quality of the query. Serhiy Belyy claims that ChatGPTТ may provide a counter effect once a user merely drops the URL and asks for the textual description of the visual. Say, you may want to ask for a detailed description of a deer on a sweater by providing an image URL. Most likely, ChatGPT will describe the sweater with the deer on it.

Keyword analysis and generation of titles, descriptions, metadata, and popular queries is a baseline starter pack through which the GPT3 chatbot benefits our SEO performers.

CHATGPT Generates User Questions

To obtain an answer, you should generate and provide a ChatGPT prompt*.

*Prompt (Promt Engineering) — selection of text modifications.

Prompt is most efficient as follows:

Generate (Write/Suggest) X Topics (Questions/Keyword) About (Related To) X

Popular Use Questions to ChatGPT

‍Once you are not satisfied with the offered options, you are always welcome to ask ChatGPT for more. The platform memorizes previous questions and continues to generate content during a single dialogue session.

Actual questions to Chat GPT

CHATGPT Outlines Articles

To outline articles, send relevant prompts to ChatGPT: make the article outline various types of strollers.

Article Outline

Alternatively, you may add the following prompt: «Make the article outline about: “How to choose the stroller?”

Article outline for baby stroller

In the same manner, you may dive deeper into text generation. With that, make sure to correct the outline.

Text generation for ChatGPT

Georgy Hlushko suggests processing all content and adding keywords, LSI, and emojis on your own. The expert recommends outlining the text and then generating it by blocks. The authors of the content will best cope with this task.

CHATGPT Translates Keywords and Saves Results in Tables

Sometimes ChatGPT misleads us by saying it cannot do what it really can. The following is a GPT-generated table. ChatGPT told us that it could not make tables.

TypicaL Translations

English vs. Ukrainian versions

ChatGPT understands Ukrainian and can generate relevant content. Still, be sure to get more precise answers when you make queries in English.

CHATGPT Generates Longtailed Keywords and Splits Them by Search Queries

To generate long tail keywords, use the following prompt: “Find long tail keywords for Х topic,” OR “Give me long tail keywords on X.”

Keywords for St. Valentine

ChatGPT perfectly recognizes user intent and keyword type. Here are a few examples of clustering keywords by user intent.

Prompt: Classify the following keywords based on their search intent: Х

Classify the following keywords based on their search intent

Classify the following keywords based on their search intent

Classify the following keywords based on their search intent: Commercial

Also, use online AI chats like ChatGPT as a proper alternative to Google if you want to ask for more.

Especially, the platform will come in handy when you do not know much about the subject. “Say, I knew nothing about tires, particularly the ones available in Canada,” — says Georgy Hlushko, — “I needed to select the most relevant ones in a search query on the promotion page. I tasked ChatGPT with the prompt and it helped me a ton to find best-fit types of tires.”

Classify the following keywords based on their search intent: Tires

Is CHATGPT the Next Time-Saver?

Promodo SEO Team takes ChatGPT as a perfect means to cope with routine tasks. Productive work is about inspiration, though there is always a supportive technical task that embraces 100 metadata intended to leverage CTR.

“For a while, ChatGPT comes as someone’s whim to get rid of routines. I do not take ChatGPT as an effective time saver. At least, its free version restricts answers with a limited number of characters,” claims Serhiy Belyy. “You may omit these restrictions by making short queries or using Google Tables or other tools to cope with your tasks.”

What Does ChatGPT Say?

ChatGPT for SEO

Summing Up

Where ChatGPT as an Open AI text generator falls behind is its vulnerability to search engines.

Now it is merely a matter of time before Google and other search engines will downsize AI-generated articles. Therefore, always be sure to check AI-generated content for originality and quality.

Xenia Vasylieva warns against using AI-generated content on your website without additional proofreading by a human: “My experience shows that Google is fast to recognize AI content. You will get your rating slumped and lose traffic.”

You may expect the same effect from social media networks. Anyway, be sure to proofread all your content to avoid Google bans. Edit up to 80% of your final versions, and even more if you want your text to look professional.

Furthermore, you should deliver all prompts to the AI chatbot online in English to secure the most precise interpretations, as well as to avoid typos and semantic flaws.

Will CHATGPT Substitute SEO Copywriting?

No, at least for now!

As a trending AI text generator, ChatGPT  does not intend to substitute SEO experts. Instead, the Open AI chatbot aims to optimize their job. The future for ChatGPT in SEO is in speeding up and automating tasks, though not without human touch.

Serhiy Belyy refers to AI-related articles at the dawn of the 2000s. The then experts projected that in the forthcoming decade or two certain professions would vanish: “I did not see something had changed in 2021. Over time, though, AI may substitute the workforce on baseline positions. For now, a heyday of AI is anyone’s guess.

While some professions are disappearing, others are emerging or updating – that is what we call inevitable progress. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, we will witness new professions like AI manager”. The same will be true for emerging skills like: “providing ChatGPT with correct input data.”

Today, SEO and programming niches are using GPT to mitigate routines and baseline tasks done by junior performers, – says Georgy Hlushko, — With that, the SEO profession entry barrier will get higher.

For now, GPT-3 chatbot is free online, though pretty soon it may come as a paid version only. Nonetheless, we will still rely on it in Promodo.

Max Kopylchenko, Head of Performance at Promodo, stresses the tremendous potential of ChatGPT to generate metadata, FAQ, and referral texts. Even more, ChatGPT will help us dive deeper into certain niches or specific issues during SEO performance.

Given all the benefits of this AI platform, save as ChatGPT’s vulnerability to Google and translation flaws, there is one essential drawback of this GPT Open AI.

Today, ChatGPT relies on the data retrieved by the end of 2021. This means the platform cannot generate data about current events. Assumingly, ChatGPT upgrades will change this hitch pretty soon.


Written by
Maria Kashina

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

February 6, 2023
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