Content Marketing: Most Important Aspects and Top Marketing Tips

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Let’s imagine the following situation: you came up with idea and decided on starting your own small business. What’s next? You read some articles you considered to be useful and figured out content marketing is of great importance, but you are not aware of the tools you should use to perform well because you still know few things about the given subject. So, the questions are as follows:

What are the content marketing tools one must necessarily use to become successful?

1. Blog and Blogger SEO Plugins

Blog is a top content marketing tool. It is important to use special SEO plugins, which allow optimizing your posts for findability.  First, users need to find your blog by means of search engine, then read it, subscribe to it, and then become your addicted customers.

2. Search Term Suggestion Tools

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AdWords search term suggestion tools must be certainly mentioned. You need to check what the interests your target audience most to write engaging content that will be interesting for your readership. The strategy is quite simple: you need to find out what your potential clients want and to give them what they need. The good news is that you are able to figure this out with the help of search queries statistics and the tools suggested above.

3. Email Blast

MailChimp email sender software is a great option to consider. Collect all the leads and emails of those who subscribed to email newsletter. It’s not users who should place effort s to get in touch with a company, but vice versa.

What are the basic content marketing tips to follow in order to get better at  subject understanding?

1. Plan your blog posting thoroughly

Content marketing has a clearly defined business goal and so one will not be able to run successful content marketing campaign and use this business tool without having planned the campaign in details. Everything that relates to business content and arouses interest creates certain obligations. If a person subscribes to a newspaper that is supposed to lie on his or her table at 7 am that person doesn’t care if editorship had any problems or difficulties, and a newspaper must lie on the table at a particular time and huge amount of people works to ensure that. And editorship works to ensure the best product and provide the content that readership expects to get. The schedule matters, as well as the material that is expected to be received. So you need to have an idea of what kind of readership your audience is. The same is about content marketing for business. There is no point in creating a blog in case you will not be able to run this blog and provide valuable and engaging content for your readership on a regular base.  You need to plan everything in details and act on that plan.

2. Determine your business goals

Content marketing is not something abstract. There is supposed to be a plan of actions in case you have determined a business goal. Goals can be as follows:

–         Getting subscribers on your blog to expand email base for the further email blast campaign;

–         Distribute information over the Internet to stimulate readers to share links;

–         Attract prospects and customers for the product that is promoted.

3. Ensure consumer utility

You need to be able to answer the two main questions:

–         “Who is our audience?” It is important to understand your blog audience and who you write for;

–         “What is the consumer utility that you ensure?” You need to understand this as well, because awkward texts overstuffed with keywords is a relic of the past. Nowadays everybody knows that it is necessary to write for users not for search engines. Value of the content you provide matters, so just simple rewriting of something that has been already published by somebody else will not work. Publish only original and unique content. Only such kind of content will be shared. Only this kind of content will deliver organic search traffic to your blog (new visitors), and so only this kind of content will generate leads and sales in prospect.

4. Support your product and service that is promoted

Publishing valuable content on a regular base without referencing a product or a service is just news making but not content marketing. Every post must be used to refer the product and each post is supposed to give the answers to the following questions: “What do we promote and How do we do that?” This doesn’t mean the content must be overstuffed with links and calls to actions screaming at users “Buy!”, “Do that!”, “Order!”, “Call!”, etc. But there still should be reference to the products and services that a company provides.

5. Find out what is the most convenient way for your target audience to receive the content

To be effective, you need to provide the content in the most convenient for your audience format. If your target audience consists of regular readers and you create PDF files that most of them are not even able to open, or if you make a call to subscribing to your iTunes podcast, then you have chosen a wrong content format. Most often content should be provided in format of text or video.

Content marketing for search engine optimization (a few words about SEO).

What are the statistics data regarding the revenue that content marketing provides and under what conditions this revenue is driven?

Content marketing ensures the immediate results in case you follow a certain strategy model. From the technical point of view blog is the best option for SEO promotion, because a blog consists of RSS feeds and all data are available in XML format, and so search engines easily index the content you publish.

Search engines treat blogs very positively. The aim of search engines is to provide the most relevant search results, which consist of the two factors. The first factor is relevancy of search engine results to a query, and the second factor is the recency.  When there are lots of search results available it is quite logical that the most recent ones are provided to users. And if you provide interesting content that is shared in social media then search engines will treat you even better and so rank you higher (according to Moz researches). And that is why Blog is the best content marketing tool because such content is indexed immediately. If you published an article and it was correctly indexed, and everything is ok with blog settings then this content will be available on the web the same day.

Content Marketing Is Not About Kitten

How to avoid the situation when users just read interesting content you provide but do not buy the product you offer?

If users like the content you publish but do not make purchases it means that something is wrong and your content marketing campaign has no connection with a product. This is a common mistake made by SMM experts. They cannot admit that it is necessary to write about a product but not just about kitten. Writing just entertainment content that does not take into account the interests of target audience is meaningless in terms of content marketing. “Likes” and “Shares” are false metrics which provide you with wrong figures. Very often marketing specialists believe they perform well when analyze those false metrics and likes. This is actually not content marketing, because it doesn’t have connection with a product. For example, if you run Mercedes-Benz content marketing campaign and post the video which gains lots of shares, then it’s about efficient content marketing and not just entertainment content.

It’s not the best idea to become a newsportal

Is it necessary to create original newsworthy events to provide unique and relevant content or is it enough to repost funny pictures / news / posts? Is it a problem that lots of companies perform the same?

Words “funny” and “content marketing” are hardly compatible. Many people ask “What if I post news on my blog?” when it comes to newsworthy events. Content marketing is not about news; it is not obligingly to cover something that has occurred recently.

For example, you may divide your content marketing Youtube channel into two directions: the first one is to cover news and this may either work for you or not, and the second direction is to provide users with valuable content on how to do certain things in relation to the products or services you provide, and this is what will be most likely an efficient strategy.

Trying to be a newsportal and thinking that news will perform the functions of content marketing may be really wrong. For example, there are newsportals in automobile sector, which have lots of editors working on them. Performing the same way when you run automobile dealership business is pointless. Content marketing is not just about news. A common situation in content marketing is when everyone thinks that posting car market news on their blog or social media group will help them to become successful, and as a result become just one more unclaimed group.

Will content marketing ever be ahead of mass media and educational projects?

Won’t the development of content marketing and boundary-spanning between marketing, PR, and sales lead to the situation when a user will treat informational business like free and additional service that accompanies a product, while information is a product itself?

Naturally, media will transform and that is why attracting users by means of content is a great virtue for everybody. Five years ago we couldn’t imagine we would be able to learn Internet marketing from the best such as HubSpot Academy, Coursera, TeamTreeHouse, Code School, Google Analytics Academy, etc. without even leaving our house. There are companies which get their revenue from multiple sources: books, webinars, seminars, and conferences, because people want to get knowledge remotely and hang out at the same time. My favorite example of right content marketing is blog which promotes analytical CRM-email communicator for web projects Intercom.

Pure social media will hardly disappear. There is lots of blogs and you do not know all those people who post on them, so it is hard to trust them because you haven’t dealt with them personally. Each and every post on the web expresses somebody’s personal point of view and subjective opinion. There is always an author’s view, and it’s valuable enough speaking of certain authoritative people. The news effect will always be won by media, no doubt. Despite of numerous articles, I am subscribed to only a few online journals which I read on my iPad (WebSite MagazineInc.Fast Company ). No doubt that competition will grow, as numerous paid online marketing courses give less than Moz or Hubspot blogs about SEO. That is why we believe that development of content marketing and removal of borders between journalism, PR, sales, and marketing will cause increase of quality and competition, and will make anyone reorganize efforts.



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Content Marketing: Most Important Aspects and Top Marketing Tips

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