Ecommerce business strategies: Pinterest for Business Marketing

pinterestAnother good tool to create a successful e-business strategy is Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media platform launched in 2010 and became public in 2012, created to share and save visual content, combining it to specified collections called boards.



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On a picture below you can see some statistics on what Pinterest is for your Business.


In order to benefit from connecting your e-commerce business with this social network first you need to do is to create a special Business page.

Like the majority of other social media platforms Pinterest have several options to use it for your business strategy: both free and paid.

Let us take a glance on those.

Free Pinterest E-business tools

There is a huge number of features to create a profitable marketing campaign Pinterest offers you for free.

  1. Pin in Button for your website

Helps you to connect your website to your Pinterest account and to make it possible to Pin all the visual data from your website.

  1. Pinterest Analytics

Helps you to monitor the “pinning activity” of your website, to see which content works better for your Business, to see the demographics of your users and to plan your future content.

  1. Place Pins

A feature to pin images adding a location, so that it can be displayed on a map. A great thing to get better engagement and to drive people to the pages on your website reliable to their search.

  1. Rich Pins

This tool helps you to provide more information on a service or product you visualize, including price, availability, description. You can choose one of six categories to use as a rich pin: movie, app, product, recipe, article and place depending on your needs to reach the specific audience.

  1. Price Alerts

This tool is for users not owners, but you should be aware of it as well. Price Alerts is an automatic service informing users if the product they pinned to their board and left unpurchased became cheaper. To use this in your marketing strategy use Rich Pins and do not forget to update information on your Pinterest profile.

  1. Standard marketing tips

You should also not forget about the standard marketing tips to use when working with Pinterest:

–          Stay involved: communicate with your potential customers, like their content, comment it, repin something relevant to your business.

–          Be creative: think on not only how to promote your product or service, but how to be useful for your consumers. For instance, a restaurant owner can post some recipes or interesting facts about food products. In such a way, you will create a better reputation for your brand ang angage more followers.

–          Separate your business from yourself: There is no need to pin items you are personally interested in on your business account if they are not related to your business. For instance, you own a bakery and post information about swimming pools just because you are interested in swimming pools as well. This is a bad idea. Such attitude can confuse your consumers and ruin the brands’ reputation.

–          Organize your content: Make categories to help people find what they need. Make your Business profile convenient to use.

–          Use keywords, hashtags, mentions: just all the same you do in other social media for your business.

Pinterest 2

 Paid Pinterest E-business tools

At this point there are only two features worth mentioning in this category, those are:

            1. Promoted pins

Relatively to other paid social networks ads the CPC is much cheaper and it works better, because of continuing to perform after the end of your campaign.

Pinterest 3


To take a look on how it works: You have promoted an image, displayed 52,000 times. It was clicked on 228 times, repinned 300 times and liked 30 times. You will pay for clicks only, and there is no need to pay for repins or clicks to repins. I works automatically, growing as a snowball.

            2. Cinematic Pins

Cinematic pin is to make your content look more interactive. When the user scrolls the board – the object moves and it stops moving, when the user stops scrolling.

What’s new?

Together with Facebook and Twitter Pinterest announced the launch of Buy It Button. It is displayed with a blue color in price section and also in a separate “Shop” section.

Pinterest 1

It is working already. At this point only several major brands and two e-commerce platforms can use it. If you use Shopify or Demandware for your business – you are one of them. For you the Buyable Pin will be available in several clicks.

If you are not using any of mentioned above platforms – get to the waitlist and you will be informed on availability of service for your business as soon as it will be possible.

The service has quite a convenient mobile interface that helps you to categorize goods by product name and price and also to buy it in one click paying with either Apple pay or credit card.

Considering the growing amount of active Pinterest users we would recommend you to use this social media for your e-commerce strategy. The technologies develop fast and you need to stay involved and flexible to change your business accordingly. Keep an eye on the newest features and try to use them as soon as possible, and we will try to help you with that.

And what are your creative ways of using Pinterest for your business? Please, use the comment section to share and discuss your ideas.

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Ecommerce business strategies: Pinterest for Business Marketing

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