Experience of Implementing Workplace by Facebook in the Corporate Environment

On October 10th, Facebook introduced a corporate service called Workplace, a new social network for businesses. Its main objective is to help companies become stronger and more effective by simplifying communication between employees. All messages, reactions, news feeds, and updates are available exclusively for colleagues and the network itself is suitable for any kind of enterprise.

Publication of new messages, communication in chat rooms (private and group), sharing files, and creating different groups are available at the Workplace, similar to the way it is realized on Facebook. Besides, all of the aforementioned functions are perfectly complemented by innovations such as the distinction between the rights of participants, built-in analytics, and tools to work on projects. With the help of video conferencing, you can hold meetings and presentations. Also, Facebook has recently announced the possibility of creating multi-groups within the Workplace. This will allow different organizations to securely communicate and work together.

Workplace 2

Image 1. Dialog window for creating a group in iOS application.

On mobile, the social network is represented by two applications, namely Workplace and Work Chat for iOS and Android platforms. It ensures much easier access to the internal network at any convenient place anytime.

Workplace 3

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Image 2. Workplace and Work Chat apps on iOS and Android.

It is worth mentioning that the service is paid and the cost depends on the number of active users per month. To check all the functionality and understand the need for implementing Workplace in your company, you may request a free access for three months.

We were able to try Workplace before it was officially released because our company accepted the invitation from Facebook to take part in the beta testing of their product.

Since 2004, our team has helped to develop businesses of clients via the Internet. To achieve these goals, it is not enough to have a good team of professionals; you need to ensure effective communication of employees with each other. The latter became the main reason for the implementing of Workplace in our company. Due to its similarity with Facebook, we were able to reduce the rejection threshold and the learning curve of our team members.

Prior to the launch of the service plenty of work was carried out in Promodo. We clearly stated the results to achieve and displayed everything in a step-by-step plan.

Here is a list of the main tasks that we wanted to solve using Workplace:

1. Raise awareness and consolidate the work of the team.

This platform allowed to see information about the employee and evaluate his or her role in the company at any time. Publishing posts, pictures, and events from the personal life helped employees to get closer and form stronger bonds.

2. Break down the “walls” between different departments.

The teams often work within the department and may rarely cooperate with the other colleagues. Workplace helped team members at all levels to participate together in discussions and adopt the company’s solutions.

3. Motivate colleagues to get better.

Every employee increases his or her popularity by leaving comments and posts with suggestions and tips. We wrote about the colleagues who were the most active users of Workplace in the monthly reports published within the network.

The first and possibly the most decisive factor of success was the identification and involvement of the opinion leaders. They are the personnel who have an impact on the public opinion regarding some issues. In our case, we worked with the top and line managers. With their assistance, we managed to gain the trust and deal with the negative feedback from other users.

For the convenient work of every team member, including those colleagues who worked remotely, it was important to ensure that everyone had access to the required information. To make everything happen, we filled the groups with content and added the departments’ names, positions, and managers.

Now, we have cross-functional groups open to everyone in the company. For example, a group called “Tips” is a place where the employees share different nuances of their work and help others by answering questions and providing opinions regarding work-related issues.

Workplace 4

Image 3. Group “Promodo News.”

The groups we created on Workplace are divided into four types:

 • Informational – broadcasting messages about the company (events in Promodo, blog of the CEO, legal issues, etc.);

 • Working – discussions about the projects or issues within the departments (development department, HR, SMM, SEO, marketing, etc.);

 • Social –groups of interest (movies and TV shows, football, basketball, music, sell-and-buy, etc.);

 • Open discussions – industry news, customer reviews, training, and tips.

Workplace developers constantly upgrade and update their product. The last useful innovation by Facebook was the ability to integrate Workplace with external applications.

Workplace 5

Image 4. Examples of applications able to integrate with Workplace.

Now, we are planning to automate the processes, particularly to:

1. Make mailings devoted to employee birthdays.

2. Send notifications about new employees.

3. Repost the news from the corporate Facebook page on the Workplace.

4. Send notifications about new books in the Promodo library and more.

Based on the Promodo experience, we recommend taking the time and effort to, at least, test Workplace in your company. With a proper and thoughtful approach to the implementation of this corporate social media, your company will be able to:

 • Be open and cohesive, reach new goals, and get the desired results;

 • Reduce or get rid of internal collaboration tools, such as the Intranet, phone, and sending emails;

 • Conduct transparent and simplified communication on desktop and mobile devices staying connected 24/7 regardless of staff location.

In the near future, we are planning to build Workplace in the corporate culture of our company and its business processes by attracting the most active opinion leaders and early adopters of the new service in Promodo. This will allow us to carry out the new changes in most natural and effortless way.

The Promodo team is learning, training, and communicating to deliver just right solutions to you. Contact our rep for more options!

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Experience of Implementing Workplace by Facebook in the Corporate Environment

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