Friday Catch-up: Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week! (15)

We’re back once again this Friday with another round of updates for this week. We have all the significant developments for you here that give you a recap for the entire week. Go ahead and enjoy the updates about ecommerce, SEO, smart phones, mobile devices as well as other related information.


 ‘Quick Results’ is No Longer a Part of Google’s Mobile Results

Mobile users woke up to a surprise recently when they found out that the Quick View option was missing from their Google search results. Google made no announcement about this, but they had mentioned in April that this feature would be experimental. However, it’s a tad surprising that they would remove it so quickly. Has the experiment failed? Whether this is a permanent change or not, we’ll have to wait and see. You can read a little more about this at Search Engine Roundtable.

 Get Your Google Adsense Score Card


Google now allows you to compare your Adsense score with other publishers that use this feature. The idea behind this is to provide you information that can help you improve your Adsense performance. This is why Google provides you with a summary of how well (or not) certain aspects of your Adsense campaign are geared. You can read more about this at Search Engine Roundtable.

 Facebook Now Gives Page Owners More data Under PTAT

Page owners on Facebook will now have more insight that can help them with their campaigns. Facebook has decided to give page owners more data under the usual PTAT (People Talking About This) feature.

Page owners are delighted because previously, they only had the PTAT solitary figure which wasn’t really of much help. The data released under this is expected to help page owners organize their campaigns better. You can read more about this at VentureBeat.


Pondering the Ecommerce Evolution

Ecommerce is in a perpetual state of change, as it is compelled by its nature to evolve with the changes observed in the business arena. The methods that businesses adopt are governed by the changes in methods introduced on the Internet.

There are certain trends that are being witnessed, and it is not easy to determine the direction that ecommerce might precisely take. All these trends are worth considering as they help understand the underpinning factors that are influencing the ecommerce evolution. Aspects such as user-centered responses, constant monitoring of customer shopping experience and flexible customer services are all important considerations. You can read more about this at Econsultancy

 Major Mobile SEO Errors You Should Avoid

With changes taking place in SEO on a regular basis due to Google’s updates, website owners need to be careful about how they tread. Many things that they got away with in the past are now creating the stumbling blocks for them.

There is now an increasing amount of focus on SEO for mobiles, and owners of mobile websites are being told to exercise more caution. At the technical front, it is always the mobile app developer who should remain aware of the pitfalls these days. To learn more about averting mobile site catastrophe, you can visit Econsultancy.

Pricing is a Science with a Well-documented Approach Researched Principles

Pricing is a highly important factor when you’re selling any product or service. You always need to get the price right, and deciding this is often based on the market that you cater to. However, setting prices is far more complicated than that.

While it is the market that you base your pricing on, there is a lot more detail within this that is used in order to determine a price range. Nowadays, there is a well-documented approach with researched principles applied. Read more about this at SpeckyBoy.

 How to Get Your Content Up the Content Marketing Pyramid

Content is always king, and the king must be treated well. Your content should never go stale and be neglected. You must always replenish it so that you can drive your business to the top of the rankings.

There are many elements that go into producing fresh, creative and purposeful content. However, you can’t just create content and expect to do it randomly. You must have a plan.

Today, because of the developing trend to focus on content, especially due to new search engine operations, there is a particular framework established. This allows you to organize your content and approach it more strategically and conveniently. To understand more about this, go to MarketingProfs.

Free Tools for Effective Reputation Management

It is immensely important to monitor your business reputation online. You can do this in a number of ways that have been conventionally practiced. However, with search engine marketing and related areas becoming increasingly complex, it’s difficult to manage it all. Therefore, there are some pretty handy alternatives that you can utilize for Deep Reputation Management. Find out more about these free tools at Search Engine Land.

 The Definition of Minimal Design Remains Unchanged

While there have been so many changes introduced online over the years, few things have never changed. One of these things includes the definition of minimal design. This is the very basis for a web page layout, and it must be followed. You don’t really have a choice when it comes to changing the basic operations or layout of such things, and that’s why you are left with the original concepts. Newer designs and developments are based on these, and while the basics do not change, all that is established on them can be innovated and radically transformed. Read more about minimal design at SpeckyBoy.

The Inverted Pyramid Doesn’t Hold Much Relevance

With new media coming to life in recent years, there was bound to be a shift in readership focus. Readers continue to read from previously leading sources (print media in particular), but there is an increasing trend towards reading online.

Readers are not only reading a couple of sentences or just the headlines posted in electronic formats, but they are actually reading through entire stories or at least skim reading till they finish the whole story. Based on this trend, the Inverted Pyramid doesn’t seem to hold much relevance. Read more about this at Hubspot.

 Easing Ecommerce Checkout Steps

Customers don’t fancy most ecommerce store checkouts because they are slowed down painfully. There have been some attempts at changing this, but not much has really changed, and customers feel they are put through the same miserable steps or even more painful condensed steps. The trend of developing practical and convenient checkout steps must increase for larger sales. It’s simple! If you ease a customer’s pain, you are bound to make more sales. Read more about this at Kiss Metrics.

Make Great Facebook Posts within the Confines of Social Media Rules

With all the hype and activity seen on social media, people are highly enthusiastic. They want to participate in every discussion and make themselves be heard. Among them, those who want to be heard will go on to make and manage Facebook pages. This is where they need to be creative and responsible, as a lot of people tend to forget the rules and often forget their dignity too. For a better understanding of how you can create a great Facebook post within the confines of social media rules, here’s some advice at Jeffbullas.

Capitalize on Online Sales While Owning a Mortar Store

There are many businesses that never take a start from anywhere else but the internet. However, there are others that have been in business long before the rise of the internet. Some people have managed to shift their focus completely towards online business, while others have managed to maintain a balance. To understand more about how you can capitalize on online sales while owning a mortar store, you can read about it at Practical Ecommerce.


Smart phones are Destined to Advance Communication and Your Social Experience

Smart phones were first recognized as the means of communication. They gave clear indications that they were going to have a huge impact.

Today, we understand why this was said, and virtually everything you do on a computer can be done on your smart phone as well. Where this progress will take you eventually is anyone’s guess at this point. However, all you can say at this point is that smart phones will get more advanced and include more and more functions that allow you to communicate and socialize with greater convenience. Read more about this at Search Engine Journal.

 Mobile Device Optimization Will Be An Ongoing Effort For Some Time To Come

While mobile device use has certainly been on the rise in recent times and their utilities are undeniable, there is indeed some way to go with improving their operations and the convenience they are intended to bring.

There are several issues that users face, and concerned companies are working on them in order to ameliorate operations. Mobile Device Optimization will be an ongoing effort for some time to come, but that day is not far when you will have a user-experience that you are truly satisfied with. Read more about this at Econsultancy.

 Processing Fluency Will Promote Better Business for You

Thinking about how operations on the web are experienced by users is a key element in improving your services. You must be considerate towards your consumers if you want to ensure business prosperity. This clearly means that improving processes and making them more convenient will inevitably boost your business. Read more about this at The Moz Blog.



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Friday Catch-up: Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week! (15)

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