The Friday Catch-Up: Amazon Prepares To Take Over the World

f677706e78a2d348259583ff55b5a71fThe FIFA world cup is in full swing and we cannot contain our excitement. We were quite ready with our vuvuzelas and shades to chill in the Brazilian sand but who else was going to bring the news of everything going on with the internet? We just couldn’t fathom the thought of not seeing you beautiful people this week.

This week has brought with itself signs of impending doom as Amazon prepares itself to take over the world. (We wonder what Google has to say about that one). Facebook, on the other hand, had a minor derp moment, and Instagram is slowly catching up in the big game.


Amazon Plans Service Marketplaces

Amazon is going to reach out to local services to become part of the marketplace. This means that not only will they be focusing on item sales and shipments, but will also embrace a more Craigslist-y personality by including services such as grocery delivery and car rentals. This new service will be known as Amazon Fresh. No comment was provided by Amazon after the announcement. This ominous behavior has us worried about the prospects of our world. Looks like we’ll get to see an epic battle break out between Amazon and Google for global domination. Read more at Reuters.

Facebook Accidentally Reveals Slingshot

Facebook SlingshotIn the most ironic twist of this week, the app aptly named Slingshot was introduced and then pulled out of the marketplace. This new app by Facebook was suspiciously like Snapchat and turned out to be an accidental release. We don’t know how something like that could be accidentally released but we like to think there was a big red button involved. Read more at Mashable.

Instagram reaching out to Canada, UK and Australia

Instagram in Canada and UKBrace yourselves; Instagram is coming. While the app was already there, the favorite app of hipsters around the world will now be bringing advertising opportunities to people in Canada, UK, and Australia. This update comes about 7 months after its debut in the US and will be implemented in phases to see how well it works in the initial stages. So far, the results of implementation have been positive and are expected to continue along that path. Read more at All Facebook.


Building Trust Online

How to build trust onlineOnline shopping has been around for quite a while now and the primary challenge ever since its inception has been that of building trust. Since there is no physical address for buyers to check the item on, the question of trust lingers in the air. There are, however, some steps that you can take to increase the credibility of your store. The first suggestion is to make your website user friendly and professional. The very first thing that your site is going to be judged on is your look. If you fail to deliver on that count, they will make their way to another one. Other factors to implement when building trust are adding testimonials and providing 24/7 support. Read more at Mageworx.

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The Power of Google Authorship

The power of Google+ authorshipWhen Google authorship was first introduced, we looked at it with the same wonder as cavemen seeing fire for the first time. Awestruck by its presence, we have picked and prodded at it to see what it does. While we know how it works, the effectiveness of Authorship is still under debate. Luckily, Brian Jensen decided to test out this theory for us and found that there was a certain increase in impressions per post after the implementation. The results, however, weren’t particularly dramatic and were for the larger part inconclusive. Read more at Seer Interactive.

Writing a Blog Post in Under an Hour

What sorcery is this? Considering the amount of research and work that goes into writing a blog post, we were on the edge of our seats when Kapil Jekishan informed us that it can be done within an hour. According to him, the importance of doing the right kind of research is always overlooked as most of us stray off to read unrelated topics (guilty as charged). He also suggests looking into creative commons where you can find quality images without infringing copyrights. Read more of his suggestions at Web Quacker.

Using Cool Colors in Design

Color theory is something that all designers must keep in mind when creating a site. We’ve already talked about how colors affect different people and the moods they trigger. This time, the effectiveness of using cool colors has been brought to light by Carrie Cousins. According to her, these cool colors include shades of blue, green, and purple. The association with the cool aspect comes from their natural counterparts namely water, sky, nature, and space. The best use of these colors is when you are aiming for readability or professionalism. Read this fascinating post at Design Shack.

Mobile Search Visibility and the Keyword planner

As Google redesigned its Keyword planner to work more effectively with mobile users, marketers need to learn how to wield this powerful weapon that has been provided to them. Before you start on your quest however, there are some points that need to be considered. This includes identifying how mobile friendly your target market is and the amount of mobile search volume that you are facing. Read more at Marketing Land.

B2B’s and Instagram: An Unlikely Match

B2B promotion on InstagramInstagram has been taken over mostly by B2C’s ever since they announced advertising on the social network. CBRE, however, has changed the rules of the game and began marketing to other businesses. Being a commercial real estate and investment company, they have managed to harness the power of Instagram to increase engagement by double. What allowed them to take over the network and increase engagement was the lack of other B2Bs on the network. Read more at Simply Measured.

Innovative ways of Using Geographic Personalization

Geo-targeting has been used by most brands in their traditional sense by delivering the correct language, providing discount and currency options and providing localized catalogs. Some brands, however, are pushing the boundaries to deliver some great customer service. One great example is that of Budweiser which keeps an eye on the weather. The hotter the day is, the cheaper the beverage becomes. Read more examples at Get Elastic.

Apple’s New Marketing Strategy

Apple martketing strategyNo longer under the wing of the talented Steve jobs, Apple Inc. observed a downward trend as loyalty for the brand was fading. To make a comeback from this downward trend, the marketing strategies have become drastically different since their heydays. The new advertisement featuring a ‘genius’ however backfired. The lack of innovation in their marketing approach has not only led to a lack of appeal on the customer side but also for those who were once looking for creative employment opportunities preferring to work for corporations such as Coke or Pepsi. Read more at Adage.

Understanding Meta Elements

Meta has been the bane of many a webpage since Google started implementing stricter measures in its algorithms. The volatile nature of SEO, however, has made it difficult to ascertain jut how much of a role these tags play in the web page’s success. Divi Fernando takes us through the history of Meta Tags as they once were and what they have become today. The primary purpose of Meta Tags is to serve as identifiers for the Google bots, which crawl through your site. These may refer to titles, content type, or robots. Read more at Woorank.

Chrome for Marketers: What Extensions Can Do For You

most useful chrome extensions for marketersYou can create thousands of apps and websites but the one thing that all of them will have in common is the browser. Marketers need to realize the potential of browser extensions especially when it comes to the most popular browser; Google Chrome. As a marketer, make sure you’re logged in to your browser so personalized results are delivered to you. Signing in also allows you to integrate data between multiple devices. Assigning different profiles for private and professional use is also recommended. Password manager extensions are other apps you should be looking into to maximize efficiency. Read more at Zapier.



How to Not Offend International Clients

how not to offend international clients infographics

Doing business with international clients can be a slippery slope if you aren’t aware of their cultures. What may seem polite in one may be offensive in another. This Infographic reveals that while it is okay to greet people with a kiss in France, even in a professional setting, it must be avoided completely in China or Japan. Australians on the other hand expect punctuality while the Brazilians accept a little tardiness. Business and dinner is a deadly combo in China whereas in the US it’s acceptable to talk business at any meal of the day. Read more of these interesting cultural quirks at Entrepreneur.

Billionaires That Can Buy Entire Cities

billionaries that can buy the entire citiesIt is astounding to think that certain billionaires can purchase every home in 10 US cities. Bill Gates whose total wealth accumulates to 76.6bn can purchase Boston, whereas the Walton Family of Wal-Mart can buy all of Seattle with $111.5bn. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook can purchase St. Paul for $26.8 bn. We on the other hand can afford all of next month’s supply of ramen. Read more at Geek Wire.

UX Crash Course

UX is a word that has been thrown around in most articles for the past 2 years. The problem is understanding how to begin implementing the aspect. This is why Joel Marsh feels like a Godsend with his online UX Crash Course available for free. This 31 chapter book provides some great insight into how user psychology can be understood and implemented to increase engagement. Read more at the Hipper Element.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Amazon Prepares To Take Over the World

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