Friday Catch-Up: A Brand New Year with Some Brand New Features!

Friday Catch-UpHello Everybody! Welcome back to another edition of our weekly Friday catch-up where we bring you all the hottest updates of the internet marketing industry. This weekly tradition has become our fuel and we make sure there isn’t any internet news you have missed. Just like the giants will keep battling and the World Wide Web will keep getting denser, we will keep bringing you every update worth knowing.

This week is all about the brand new features that Google, YouTube and Facebook have been waiting to launch in 2015. Let’s start shall we?


Facebook Attains Speech Recognition

Facebook buys voice recognitiion companyDuring a surprise announcement, Facebook has acquired the speech recognition startup for an unrevealed sum. is used by developers to accumulate structured information from speech; it works simply by sending the speech to services and making it an available structured JSON so that it can be used by your app. it is still unclear what purpose Facebook has planned out for on the social network, it could be anything from product rival to voice search, which can be released in the future. Read more here: The Next Web

YouTube’s Craziest New Feature

You Tube adds 360 degree videosOnline video options have become increasingly versatile, which is probably why YouTube is planning to launch 360-degree videos in the upcoming weeks. YouTube is the premier, Google-owned, video website that has not had a noteworthy update in quite some time now, and they seem to be getting ready for a shift. The video site has not divulged any secrets regarding how the new function will work, but most sites cover 360-degree videos similarly to the way panoramic images are used. The user is allowed to click and drag all across an image to alter and shift between camera angles as the video playbacks. Finally, YouTube has given us something to look forward to! Read more here: Time

Google Cast Storms the News

Google has a knack of releasing similar products under variable names like Google Play Music, YouTube Music Key and YouTube. This new feature is of the same sort; Google has created the audio version of Chromecast, and given it a fresh name. The biggest competitor Google Cast will have to face is Apple AirPlay, which works only on Apple devices. But Google Cast is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Apple and Chromebook, it will work on any devices or computers that use the Chrome Browser. Excited about this new launch? Read more here: Digital Music News


Productivity Hacks for Problem-Free Efficiency

Productivity hacks for internet marketersHave you been feeling unproductive lately? Like you could do so much more and that you’re not working up to your potential? Well rest easy! There are simple and amazingly effective hacks that you can use or implement to increase your productivity with minimal effort. These techniques can be used to get into your most productive Zen Zone, where you can concentrate and focus freely. Follow this link to find out some great techniques that can help you in becoming more fruitful this year. Take a look: Inc.

2015 – The Best Year for Internet Marketing

If you work in the digital marketing space, you should be very excited for this year! As we bid adieu to 2014, predictions for the next year are bound to arise, and up till now, 2015 is shaping up to be the best year for growth and development in the internet marketing field. As long as you keep investing in internet marketing strategically, you can expect huge profits and returns in the coming few months. Follow this link to see why 2015 will be the most productive for the internet marketing industry: Kiss Metrics

Taking the Email Marketing “Leap”

Taking the email marketing leapOptimizing your site’s blog and generating leads for landing page conversions can get you self-identified buyers that are interested in purchasing the products and services you offer. Sometimes, your audience needs an extra nudge to take the final leap. Email marketing campaigns can prove to be very helpful at such times when you need to convince all your prospects that they are indeed making the right choice. Let’s look at some frequently tried and tested techniques of using emails to market your products or services: Unbounce

Twitter Ads Have Been Quite Mischievous

In the recent weeks, a few celebrities noticed how they were following certain brands on Twitter that they did not opt for. News spread like fire till all of us directed our attention towards how Twitter has been dealing with ad campaigns since 2013. The social network allows advertisers to purchase followers by endorsing their accounts in timelines and other places, and a ‘Followers’ campaign ads can be positioned in many places. Any follower campaign that is relevant to you will be visible on your timeline, who to follow page, and random search results. Learn more about Twitter’s ad campaigns here: Marketing Land

Ecommerce – Understanding Your Prospects

How to understand prospects in ecommerceWhen shoppers buy, online or in person, they process the purchasing in different and distinct phases of operation. First and foremost, they research about what they want, then, they look for suitable places that offer that specific product and finally, they make the purchase. If you run to or are driven to the wrong area of a website, chances are, you will not be moved by the user experience. Follow this link to find out about how you can create distinct experiences for all of the three phases of purchasing: Nick Wallen

Staying Optimistic!

Top reasons to stay optimisticEvery day is another great opportunity to put a smile on your face! Stop for a minute, taking your surroundings in and revel in the joy of the new doorways you have in from of you. The activity and conditions of the business world has become much more stable and progressive after the downturn we all have been clawing out of. Leading with an optimistic approach can become very powerful and transform the motivational energy. Small business owners that have been crawling through the tough times, have much to look forward to this year. Take a look: Small Business Trends

B2B Companies That Excel in Social Media

B2B companies primarily sell to other businesses and they can effectively use social media to expand or enlarge any brand, convey visualization, engage an entire community, promote any kind of products and even provide timely and efficient customer support. Follow this link to see the nine B2B businesses that have been working their magic through social media campaigns and ads: Practical ECommerce

The Early Days of Google – Matt Cutts

Early days of Google, Matt CuttsThe head of web spam at Google, Matt Cutts – has always remained low-key ever since he took his leave of absence. But this week, he is back in the news regarding a public appearance on the 8th of January, 2015. Cutts spoke at the University of North Carolina on Thursday, focusing on lessons learned in the earlier days of Google. He was also asked many questions that you can read about simply by following this link: Search Engine Journal

The Best Ads of 2014

Best ads of 2014The biggest and most effective ads become part of the culture; they promote dialogues and debates and convey significant messages that aim to create an instinctive reaction. They ignite some sort of emotion in the audience, whether making them laugh out loud or tear up. Take a look at the most brilliant ads of 2014 that practically made us question our own conventional wisdom: Hub Spot

Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy

There is simply no way to overstate the importance of a cleverly designed content marketing strategy. As the online world grows and develops, adapting to the latest technologies, content is probably the only thing that still carries equal significance. Information will always be searched for, entertainment is always crucial and content has the ability of providing both. Content can be as expansive and versatile as the internet itself, if we look back at the innovations of the previous year, we can’t help but be stunned by the amount of progress content has made and how far it can really go. Follow this link to find out more: Tweak Your Biz

Presentations & Infographics

How Google Ranks Your Website’s Worth

We all know how fruitful it can be to land on the first page of Google Search for a group of keywords, you get receive more traffic, generate more leads and effectively, boost your sales! This can be a great opportunity for any business, but Google has a complex line of factors, upon which depends the placement and worth of your website. This infographic explains how Google assesses your site before actually putting you in the search list: Red Website Design

Tech Trends 2015 – Marketers Beware

In the beginning of every year, we all try to make predictions for what is to come. What kinds of trends will the industry witness or what new technologies will be embraced? We have a vast collection of search data that can be efficiently used to observe consumer behaviors and predict what trends could be fast approaching. Google dug up some search history to research on the trends that have been catching on. Take a look: Think Storage Google Apis

Start Planning – Retail Email Calendars

The Retail Email Calendar for 2014 was extremely well received, and continuing the tradition, this year’s edition is even better! Use this calendar to plan all your email marketing campaigns as the year starts and look through the lists of holidays mentioned each month that no marketer should ever miss. Check out this great infographic to learn more: Get Response

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!


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Friday Catch-Up: A Brand New Year with Some Brand New Features!

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