The Friday Catch-Up: Data Galore for Google Analytics Users

Friday Catch UpWhether you’ve just woken up ready for your morning dose of internet gossip or have already ended your day to just kick back and relax, we are right here waiting for you, making sure that we leave no stone unturned in our quest for the latest and greatest on the internet.

This week, we have Google introducing a nifty new feature that is sure to become a regular staple on the search engine while Bing finally started stirring up controversy.



Additional search box in the search resultsGoogle will be rolling out a new feature which will contain a search box within the search results. This means that when you search for a particular website, another custom search box will be displayed immediately below so users can search within the site. In fact, Google made sure that it also came with all the bells and whistles like Autocomplete, and will be placed directly above sitelinks. Read more at Google Webmaster.

Bing Search Filters Deliver a Mighty Blow

New filter from BingA recent URL Keyword stuffing filter introduced by Bing stirred up controversy this week as it affected more than 3 percent of queries. This new filter was meant to address those websites that were relying on stuffing keywords to artificially boost their rankings on the search engine. The kind of URLs that fell under the knife were those with multiple hosts, those that had repeating keywords in the URLs, and those that were URL squatting. Read more at Search Engine Land.

New Benchmark Reports for Google Analytics Users

Google analytics benchmark reportsLooks like Christmas came early for Analytics users as Google announced the release of new benchmark data. The report that will be issued is said to contain heat map features which will identify those areas on your sites which could yield better results. This report can easily be accessed by visiting the ‘Audience’ section of your Analytics age and is currently available to those that have opted in to share anonymous data. Read more at Search Engine Land.


SEO Rank Correlations and Rank Study

SEO rank correlation studyIf you’re an SEO expert then you really should sit down before we tell you the news. Search metrics recently unveiled its 2014 Rank Correlation analysis study for the US. This year’s report features an in-depth analysis of the top 30 Google rankings for more than 10000 keywords and 300000 URLs. The results of the study revealed that quality control and rankings are positively correlated whereas content length is on the increase (looks like people are reading long-form again). On-page SEO continues to be an important ranking factor right alongside site speed. Read more at Search Metrics.

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Smashing Magazine under the Microscope

Smashing magazine promotion storyAs Smashing Magazine turns eight, they thought, it was high time to take a look at all the factors that brought them towards this point. In this endeavor, they scrutinized the various factors that needed to improve and those that needed to be eliminated. They found that some quick fixes would have been better off if they had opted for long term solutions instead. Another factor they considered was that of exclusive focus on mobile which would often get lost in the midst of other priorities. Read more at Smashing Magazine.

Understanding Image Sitemap Indexation

We’ve all spend countless hours trying to investigate the reasons behind poor image indexation rates. The presumed reason behind these rates is the lack of attention given to Image Search as compared to Web Search. Actually, the real contributor to this phenomenon is the discrepancy between the location URL and the Image URL. The poor ratings could be attributed to the incorrect placement of the image on a cookieless sub domain which isn’t updated for optimization. Read more at Blind Five Year Old.

Ecommerce Text Messages

Texting has always been in and out of fashion when it comes to marketing for Ecommerce users. One thing however is for sure. The user cannot always ignore a text message. About 98% of adults have access to text messages which means that the outreach of ecommerce sites is immediately inflated. Methods in which text messages can be used for Ecommerce marketing include transactional messages, notification of delivery pick up, and obtaining feedback. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Twitter Turns into a Shopping Mall

Twitter adds buy now buttonA new ‘Buy’ button which stealthily found its way on to the Social Media site might just have turned it effectively into a shopping mall. This button however, is still only available to a small percentage of users in the US and is seen as just the first step in what will be a much more in-depth functionality for Twitter buyers. As Facebook also moves into the same direction, this move by Twitter is not surprising as social buying is on the rise. Read more at Wired.

Scheduling Facebook Posts for Businesses

How to schedule posts on Facebook for businessSocial media marketers thank god everyday for scheduled posts on Facebook. All you have to do is plan ahead and click the schedule button and you’re done for the day. What is great about Facebook scheduling is that you have a lot of power and flexibility in your hands. Even if you’ve made an error or anything new comes up, you can just retrace your steps and edit the content. The extremely dynamic and inconsistent nature of the internet demands that marketers take the situation under their control and scheduling posts is just one of the smaller ways to do it. Read more at Social Media Today.

Is Twitter Automation Threatening Your Presence?

Automating tweets and syncing updates on multiple social media platforms is just the very first step when you’re managing a social media account. A blanket strategy doesn’t really work in all cases though. While you may feel at ease having the time to tackle other thing once this planning phase is over, Twitter might just be yearning for some further attention during this time. Not all content is share worthy on Twitter and you need to focus your efforts to deliver custom content for them. In fact, since scheduling posts comes with a set formula regarding post times and frequency, marketers feel compelled to fill those slots regardless of the quality of content that is being shared. In addition, if there are external links within the content, there is no telling when that information may become too stale for posting. Read more at Social Media Examiner.

Creating Stunning Visual using Apps

amazing apps to create visualThe visual movement continues to move with gusto and marketers are always looking for ways to create unique visual content without dedicating all that time to the creation of stunning content. The compromise on quality however, is something that they cannot agree to. This is why some apps such as Copy Right, Pow Toon, Kuler and Canva, have become so popular. All you have to do is make use of some of the amazing presets to create a unique custom image for your content and you’re done! Read more at Social Media Examiner.

Building an Online Business without Google

how to promote online without GoogleIt may seem like an impossible task but it might just be the time to stop using Google as a crutch. Businesses today rely so heavily on Google that a fall in rankings may actually lead to bankruptcy for some. This dependency on Google bodes ill for those that don’t have a fall back strategy.

The very first thing you need to do is find other sources of traffic other than Google and focus on creating quality content and data. Creating and expanding your email list is also another great way of reducing dependency on the search engine. Read more at Entrepreneur.

How Keyword Research Can Boost Revenue by 300%

How keyword research can boost salesHairCareXtra, a client of Big Commerce, just made big news as they managed to increase their revenue by about 300% simply through effective keyword research. They suggest that the very first step towards success like this is to have a measuring system in place and to keep a close eye on Google Analytics. Planning is also crucial with the need for the definition of starting point and end goals. In addition, you also need to step into the customers shoes and determine what they are looking for. Read the rest of the strategy on Big Commerce.


 Secrets to Creating Quality Content

Secrets of creating quality content slide share presentationContent has long been the bane of many a marketer on the internet. This is why they’re always looking for ways on how to improve their content strategy. A recent presentation by SEM Rush defines just what steps need to be taken in order to improve content quality. The main idea is to troubleshoot existing content that is thin and has no added value. To start spring-cleaning on your site, you will need to create an archive of all the content that you have on your site first. Spreadsheets are your best friend. Factors to consider will be the bounce rate, the page views, time spent on site and conversions. Read more on Slide Share.

Auditing and Fixing Content that Provides no Value

Adding and fixing content that has no valueWebsite document audits are crucial if you want to keep it running like a well-oiled machine. If you have decided to audit your site, then be assured that this task is going to take up a chunk of your time. Dedicate about 3 or more hours to your initial analysis and bring along heaps of patience. Use a spreadsheet and have analytics at hand when calculating data. Even if you don’t have the skills to start auditing, remember that it’s only archiving. Create columns pertaining to the URL, the date of audit, the title, description, content, keyword, tags and links. Read more at Slide Share.

Setting a Campaign Budget

How to set Adwords campaign budgetWhen setting a budget for your AdWords campaign, make sure you have an estimate of how much you are willing to spend on the site and then divide it by 30.4. The result will then yield how much you should spend on the site per day. When choosing a budget, think of it as an investment and don’t worry about starting off big. It might be a good idea to start off small and then increase it as you go based on newer requirements. View the video on YouTube.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Data Galore for Google Analytics Users

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