Friday Catch-up: Facebook Cracking Down Click-Bait and What’s New in the Online Marketing World this Week

5151425de635aef076e179e54104565dWelcome to another edition of Friday Catch-up, and boy, do we have some news and developments in store for you!  Facebook and Twitter have announced some major updates and new features that will surely become a topic of debate sooner or later.

This past week has been full of news and what’s hot in the online marketing industry. This is the time of the year when major developments and deals are announced, and here is a recap of what transpired over the week!


Facebook Prioritizes Link Posts over Photos and Click-Bait Gets No Love

update-announcement-megaphoneThe social media giants have made two major updates this week regarding the spam posts, better known as like-bait and click-bait. The first update will make links in link format more prominent than links in photo format. The recent trend has suggested that users click more on links in link format, despite the fact that photo links were more prominent. The second update is regarding posts that encourage users to click on a link to see more with irresistible headlines. Facebook has updated its News Feed to devalue high clickthrough rate content. From now on, content posted on Facebook should use link post formats and the headline should actually talk about the content. Read More at HubSpot

Twitter to Introduce Stripe for Buying Within a Tweet

Speculation about Twitter working on a payment startup grows and Stripe is the latest buzzword around the web. Twitter is in the developments of adding a Buy button to purchase things ‘in-tweets’. Businesses that want to sell within tweets will have to register with Stripe. Twitter has been considering integrating purchases in their services for quite a while now, and Stripe definitely seems like a realistic proposition. Read More at Tech Crunch

Twitter Advertising Made Available In 12 EMEA Markets

ea20aed6df7caa746052d227d194a395-twitter-expands-ads-platform-to-emea-marketsTwitter announced its expansion plan through their blog about entering 12 new markets in Central and Eastern Europe along with Portugal. Twitter Ads, as of now, will be available in 35 EMEA markets. The expansion of Twitter Ads will introduce promoted videos, objective oriented campaigns and pricing, Tweet Activity Dashboard, Mobile App Promotion, and TV Conversion Targeting. Read More at Twitter Blog


Smart Content Writing on Gloomy Days

Content writing tipsEver feel like grabbing your desk and just throwing everything off it? That’s a daily stigma in the life of a content writer when nothing is coming to mind. It’s not easy captivating the short attention span of an internet user, let alone getting your write-up shared. But that’s something Pro Blogger has found a solution for with this cheeky attempt at how to create content on days when you’re bored. Read More at Pro Blogger

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B2B Brands Gaining Ground as Thought Leaders in Content Marketing

B2B brand marketers are realizing the potential of content marketing after all. Startups, digital marketers, and content based firms were leveraging on what content marketing holds to attract traffic and boost conversions. B2B brands, on the other hand, were not as geared towards content marketing, well not until now. B2B marketers are now looking to capitalize on dominating search engines with content that goes beyond the conventional realms of their products and services. With their scalability and resources, they have the potential to become thought leaders in an industry where staying on the top is not easy to come by. Read More at Steam Feed

What Google Expects from You and Your Low CTR Strategies

Paid search has definitely found its feet in the online marketing business and is now deemed as the most effective way to attract potential customers. PPC marketing has evolved over the years and this piece is a great example of how you can use it to improve ROI. Low CTR strategies such as broad keyword usage and lower ad positioning are some of the many things that Google doesn’t want you to use anymore. With AdWords and analytics becoming more crucial than ever, low CTR strategies may not be as productive to your online marketing success. Read More at Word Stream

Negative SEO and How to Prepare for It

Negative SEO has been one of the most hotly debated topics in the industry for quite a while. While some people claim that it’s an attempt by someone to lower your search engine rankings, others believe that it’s just another buzzword to generate traffic on forums. Whatever the definition is, negative SEO is real and something that your business must keep into consideration. We all know how websites can fall behind in the SERPs if they feature manipulative links, and this piece is all about what is and what is not negative SEO and how to make sure that it doesn’t affect your search engine ranking. Read More at Moz

50 Online Marketers That Are Changing the Game

1408973326-50-favorite-online-marketing-influencers-2014-matt-cutts-2Reliability in the online marketing world is something that is often compromised, and there’s more than one reason why. Any news or update is spread around the web like a wildfire, so making a top 50 list would always be called into question. However, after considering the reliability of sources, the audience, and the level of engagement, Entrepreneur has come up with their own list of the best online marketers in 2014. The list features some popular names such as Neil Patel, Tim Ferris, and Larry Kim among others who are reshaping the online marketing world for the coming years. Read More at Entrepreneur

16 Content Promotion Strategies You Can Leverage On

Ever get the feeling that your content is not providing ROI as it should? That’s something prevalent in the content marketing industry as it oversees more changes and updates than any other online marketing element. Writing killer content is one thing, promoting it the way it should be is quite another. But it seems like Robbie Richards has found the winning formula for content promotion with their 16 strategies. They’re unconventional, a little provocative too, but they are just what your content needs to reach its true potential. Read More at Robbie Richards

11 Backlink Sources for a Pro Marketer

Since Google introduced Penguin into the search engine algorithm game, building backlinks has become more difficult than ever. Common SEO tactics of the past just don’t work anymore. Real marketers are now focusing on all alternate sources of backlinks to gain rankings on search engines. From user generated content to industry newsletters and reverse engineering, Digital Philippines definitely has found a winning formula for backlink sources with this piece. Read More at Digital Philippines

Saving Time on Social Media

Startups to SMEs and even corporations waste a lot of time on social media marketing (no surprise there). There are so many things to do on social media like finding quality content, analytics, tracing PPC marketing strategies, building up likes and followers, and much more. However, it seems that Buffer App has finally found a way around this time consuming mystery that can help your business save precious time on social media which could be spent elsewhere improving other processes. Read More at Buffer App

10 Fastest Growing New York Based Companies

revi-media_28229The world is moving fast, but these 10 companies are moving faster in New York. New York has become the hub of startups and aspiring SMEs that are sending shockwaves to the watching digital marketing world. With local boys like SeatGeek, Integral Ad Science, Crowdtap, and Centric Digital making a name for themselves, it’s time we realize that New York really is the city of dreams. Read More at Inc

Becoming a Power Twitter Advanced Search User

If you’re a digital marketer, then you realize how difficult it is to use Twitter Advanced Search. Leveraging on it will allow your business to reach unprecedented heights on social media, and this piece is all about using the Advanced Search like a pro. Get to learn how to monitor brand mentions, filter competitor tweets, monitor competitor sentiments, and keep yourself ahead of the curve. Read More at Zapier

Videos and Infographics of the Week

Getting out of the ‘Ama-zone’

amazoned_bannerBeing an online store business is not easy when there are big guns like Amazon out there. Cutting down prices will only reduce your profit margins and won’t do Amazon any here. All of us that are in the ecommerce business feel ‘Amazoned’, but there’s always a way to get out of it. Big Commerce presents an interesting take at how your ecommerce website can build its own identity without going head to head against Amazon. View the infographic at Big Commerce

Hangout On Air Is Your Webmasters Paradise

The Google Webmaster Central office hours hangout streamed live on YouTube on 25th August and also on Google+ as Hangout On Air. Members of the Google Webmaster Central team meet and greet one to three times a week for about an hour. This is a must attend live seminar where you can discuss Sitemaps, duplicate content, Google Webmaster Tools, and much more with the big guns at the search engine giant’s office. Watch the most recent Hangout On Air

All SEO Software Has Everything Your Website Needs

Ever wondered if there’s a tool out there on the web that has every SEO technique you’ll ever need for your website? Don’t wait any more because All SEO Software has a comprehensive SEO package in store for you. From keyword research tools to on-page analysis, and link building to regional SEO, this is your guide to stay ahead of the curve and on top of search engine results! Read more at All SEO Software


Until next Friday!

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Friday Catch-up: Facebook Cracking Down Click-Bait and What’s New in the Online Marketing World this Week

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