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Six Life Hacks to Make Remarketing Effective

Digital Marketing
April 20, 2024
10 mins

We interviewed Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo about what to focus on while setting up remarketing campaigns to increase the likelihood of higher conversions and increased revenue. We are sharing six life hacks for effective remarketing.

Why does a Business Need Remarketing?

Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo, outlines four reasons for remarketing advertising: 

1. To work with an audience that has not taken the targeted action: the target action here means purchasing a product or service or filling in a form on a client’s website. Your task is to catch up with the user and anticipate their taking the desired targeted action with the next touch. 

Once a customer has added a product to the cart, though failed to place an order, remarketing campaigns use this information to show such customers ads on social media and other sites to encourage them to buy the product eventually. Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo.

2) For cross-sale purposes: cross-selling encourages customers to buy additional or related products to the ones they’ve purchased already.

Show ads for accessories or add-ons related to the customer’s last purchase. If a customer bought a camera, show them an ad for a camera bag. Recommend other products, which customers usually buy together: advertising sound systems to customers who’ve recently purchased a TV set. Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo.

 3) For up-sale purposes: upselling encourages consumers to purchase a more expensive or premium version of the product they originally considered. The most common upsell tactics in remarketing are as follows:

Advertising premium versions of product models to customers who have opted for the cheaper versions. For example, advertising premium apartments to clients who’ve opted for standard estate. Highlighting advanced features to encourage purchases, i.e.: retargeting with ads that emphasize extra equipment for a car after the configuration of the baseline model. Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo.

4) For re-engagement purposes: re-engagement means spotting valuable though dormant customers based on their previous engagement and providing them with personalized retargeted ads to enliven their purchasing intent. 

Re-engagement is about communicating with an audience that has recently bought something to remind them of the product. This should be done gradually like in the pet product niche where purchase frequency is constantly high. Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo.

Even though many businesses understand the value of remarketing, there are still doubts about the effectiveness of the remarketing campaign settings. That's why we’ve highlighted six core areas. 

Segmentation: the Key to Personalization

You'll set up highly personalized remarketing campaigns that resonate with specific customer needs by segmenting your audience based on their online behavior, purchase history, and demographics.

Effective audience segmentation is crucial for retargeting campaigns. Consumers may take longer to decide on certain product categories. 

Let’s compare a fridge vs. a lip balm - an average customer will consider purchasing a refrigerator much longer than impulsively buying a lip balm. Therefore, it makes no sense to advertise the same lip balm for fourteen days in a row. That's why smart marketers create segmented audiences with shorter retargeting periods for products that don't make customers think twice. In the same vein, retargeting allows the launch of longer campaigns for highly demanded products featured by a longer decision-making cycle, Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo.

Personalization and Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing, also known as dynamic display advertising, allows you to display personalized ads that contain exact products, services, or categories previously viewed by your potential customers.

Dynamic remarketing ads are displayed on various platforms like Google and Meta. To set up dynamic remarketing, you should place a code snippet - a "remarketing tag" and configure dynamic variables on your website.

Frequency Capping and Selecting the Right Budget

Given all the effectiveness of remarketing campaigns, do not overuse it. Set up frequency limits so your ads will appear at the optimal frequency. This way, you won't bore consumers with ads and keep them loyal to your brand.

Frequency is a key factor that requires thorough control. Oversaturation leads to irritation. Allowing a high frequency of ad impressions is harmful and will end up in your marketing budget waste, Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo.

Advanced Audience Targeting: the Highest Accuracy

Combine demographics, interests, and market segments to spot your target customers precisely. Having created audiences in Google Analytics, the system will collect visitors and send them automatically to your Google Ads account for further remarketing campaigns.

For example, you may select those users who’ve abandoned the shopping cart.

Abandoned cart remarketing is one of the most popular tactics deployed in customer retention, email marketing, and pay-per-click campaigns. By using remarketing channels, you can direct these customers to special landing pages, incentivizing them with promotional codes and additional discounts. That’s how you increase the likelihood of extra conversions, Sergiy Lomanenko, PPC Team Lead at Promodo.

You can also select those users who have viewed your product or added it to the cart but failed to purchase it.

Setting up Lookalike Audiences

Be sure to utilize all the potential of lookalike audiences. Use a system capacity of Meta and Google to automatically identify and target audiences similar to the one you’ve specified. 

Part of Google remarketing, the system algorithms will analyze core characteristics to identify similar users. While defining a lookalike audience may seem complicated, Google simplifies the process by providing suggested options to accept or adapt to individual requirements of your ad campaigns.

Compelling Creatives

Eye-catching visuals and compelling copy are beneath successful remarketing ads. Invest in high-quality creatives that will attract and encourage your audience to take action.

  • Tailor specific creatives to individual users 
  • Offer a unique experience to users familiar with your previous campaigns 
  • Encourage new audiences to take action 
  • Incentivize consumers with discounts and exceptional offers. 

Use Optimized Images for Dynamic Remarketing Ads

You must have seen these types of ads before. If you were buying a pair of shoes and saw the same pair advertised on another site, this is a dynamic remarketing.

Remarketing case
Dynamic Remarketing Launched for Our Client 

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

RLSA allows you to customize search ads for users who have previously interacted with your brand on the website. This increases the likelihood of more conversions and improves user search experience.

Unlike other ad campaigns, the comparative advantage of RLSA is that you may target people using different ads and keywords. 

Read more: Google's RLSA Guidelines


Beyond a cost-effective approach to customer acquisition, remarketing is your splendid opportunity to re-engage with users who’ve already shown interest in your products or services. By strategically targeting these warm leads, companies often achieve higher conversions at a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) than targeting cold leads.

By adhering to frequency restrictions and optimizing ads for mobile devices, companies promote positive brand perception by seamlessly reaching audiences across multiple touchpoints.

Need to Set Up a Remarketing Campaign?
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Written by
Maria Kashina

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

April 20, 2024
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