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7 Ways How to Ask Dental Patients for Reviews

Digital Marketing
April 21, 2024

Much of your dental business success depends on a sound reputation and a good name in the eyes of established and future patients. One way to gain credibility and loyalty is to emphasize patient reviews. That’s so much important because dental care is a rather sensitive business. 

Today, Promodo marketers share effective ways on how to ask dental patients for reviews.

Importance of Dental Patient Reviews

Along with all digital marketing endeavors you may put into your dental practice, the importance of gaining patient reviews is never futile. 

People are prone to trust referrals who’ve undergone hands-on experience with your dentistry clinic. In the same way, patients like to comment on their first-hand experiences with a dentist.

60% of patients rely on online reviews when opting for a medical treatment facility.

A few words from a satisfied patient may come as a game changer and make all the difference. Online reviews hold the power of persuasion and the potential to bring you more loyal patients than your dental website. 

52% of patients trust online healthcare reviews just as they would trust their friends or family.


Underestimated by many market players, patient 4-5-star reviews will put your dentistry above the crowd. Therefore, your strategic task here is to encourage your loyal patients to leave review for dental clinic about the quality of your treatment and the innovation of your dental practice. 

Initially, asking for reviews can feel self-serving or awkward, but the truth is that patients generally love to share their experiences; they just may need to know how and where.

How to Get Patients to Leave Dental Reviews

Above 90% of customers make rational buying decisions based on reviews, while the same concerns patients. 

Patients Reviews Online

The whole philosophy of patient-centered care is about word-of-mouth communication of the quality of your healthcare services. The approach is about building your reputation as a trusted dental care provider. 

Positive and negative reviews are critically important while the latter will make you improve and innovate the quality of your dental services. 

Patient Feedback on Social Media

Showcasing positive reviews from your happy patients online is just as important as addressing negative reviews duly. 

Every patient review builds up a vital block to your positive online reputation, which means that even if you receive negative reviews, there’ll be a sufficient amount of positive patient feedback proving the decency of your dental treatment. 

Getting to Know Your Patients 

The quality of your dental service and overall impression of your practice will best motivate patients to leave positive reviews. 

To achieve comfort in your patient’s eyes, dive deeper into their dental care expectations by making your dental office review:

👍 Is your dental practice patient-friendly?

👍 Do you educate your patients about teeth hygiene and their daily dental care?

👍 Do you communicate the dental needs of your patients?

👍 Do you remind your patients about the necessity of regular dental check-ups?

👍 Do your treatment procedures make patients to stay comfortable?

👍 Is your front desk team skilled and equipped enough to ensure convenient scheduling and billing?

👍 Do you provide individual payment plans for patients?

👍 Does your practice include individual dental services for various patient groups?

Still, the core question remains open:How to ask dental patients for reviews?”

1. Asking for Feedback from the Most Loyal Patients

There are existing patients with hands-on experience with your dental practice. This loyal category is the most likely to provide you with positive review for dental clinic. That is to say that the longer a patient stays with your dentistry, the more likely they will recommend it to others. 

Objective reviews are also crucial for getting new patients to your dentistry. 

Dentist review sample 👍

While there are many dental reviews examples online, send thank-you letters to your patients. Dental review responses like this will make patients return to your dental practice and turn into loyal customers over time:

Here is one of the 5-star dentist reviews examples:

Positive dental review response examples encourage prospective patients to visit your dental clinic.  

2. Getting Reviews at the Point of Care

Once you ask for a favor, 7 out of 10 patients will readily leave a review for dental clinic. That’s about how to give a good review for a dentist.

The best-fit approach is to ask them for feedback at the point of care. After a complex treatment, every dentist’s patient is happy to have it over, even if that’s teeth whitening. 

Patients Leave Reviews Online

Naturally, upbeat patients will be more likely to leave reviews. Never press patients for reviews; make a follow-up call in a week or so.

As a follow-up to scheduled appointments, call the patients still in doubt to ask how things are going. Then, ask them for a review right after the treatment. Herewith, you should feel your patients’ mood and condition while most dentistry experiences are rather sensitive. 

And this is only one of the ways of how to get patients to write reviews.

Boosting Patient Reviews with Discounts

While relying on discounts is not the best marketing strategy, you may still offer 5-10% off deals to the patients who’ve left reviews after leaving your dental practice. That’s a genuinely win-win scenario that will make more patients post first-hand reviews. 

41% of patients trust social media while seeking a specific doctor.

Innately, discount deals will make patients leave positive reviews and mention all the benefits of your treatment. You will then use this feedback on social media to showcase the quality of your dental service to future patients.

40% of patients trust healthcare data they find on social media.

3. Crafting Personalized Dental Care Emails

Personalization is an essential part of digital healthcare marketing and the core of how to get patients to leave reviews. Everyone likes to be addressed properly instead of receiving spammy messages. 

 Your strategic email marketing task is maintaining your existing customers by showing that you care about their condition. 

Addressing each patient personally through e-mail newsletters will considerably increase feedback and loyalty to your dental clinic. Oksana Babenko, SEO Specialist at Promodo. 

Use emails to share core dental practice updates as weekly newsletters. Personalized emails are also feasible reminders about quarterly and six-month check-ups with a dentist.

Customization of your emails adds to your reputation as a solid player in the local dentistry market. Further, highly personalized dental care emails will help you expand your patient outreach beyond the local presence.

You may also use customized email letters to ask your patients to leave reviews on popular healthcare listings. 

Ask your patients for more reviews as part of review request email campaigns. Tried and tested email templates will help you follow up with your patients by emailing them a week or two after you have sent them an initial review request. 

Follow-up persistence will make many patients consider your dental practice during their next dentistry visit.

4. Sending Customized SMS Messages to Patients 

SMS messages have served many businesses as a prompt way to get reviews about the quality of their goods and services. Statistically, mobile users are reading your text messages within three minutes. That’s about the high potential of text messages to interact with your patients.

Patient personalization is crucial here. Just like customers in other business niches, dental patients like being addressed properly and politely. 

Your review-gathering process may include personal videos to the patient with gratitude for choosing your dental practice. Right away, ask them about sending you short feedback on social media platforms or third-party review sites.

Want to grow your dental practice?
Get more patient reviews with our best healthcare marketing experts!

5. Review-Gathering in Google Business Profile

To make your dental clinic visible to local patients who need your services here and now, set up a Google Business Profile (GBP) for your dental practice. 

This is one of the proven ways to list your local dental practice online and enjoy wider exposure beyond your physical outreach. This is also how you’ll rank higher in Google Search and Google Maps.

We suggest taking time to post real patient reviews as in most cases your prospects will identify AI-generated or copywriter-written reviews, which will add to the negative perception of your dental practice. Oksana Babenko, SEO Specialist at Promodo.

Once your target patients are searching for the nearest dentist, they will primarily refer to Google Maps showcasing:  

👍 Location

👍 Contact details

👍 Opening hours

👍 Core dental services

👍 Dental office photos 

👍 Dentist profiles

👍 Seasonal offers

👍 Live events

👍 Patient reviews

A solid presence on Google Maps will enhance your:

Visibility: patients opt for Google Maps to spot the nearest dental offices, especially when they need your services most. An optimized GBP will secure your dental practice with a competitive amount of local searches.

Trust: local patients will trust you more once they spot patient reviews. Be open as far as possible to attract new patients and increase Google ratings for your dentistry.

At Promodo, we analyze patient feedback to ensure a spotless first, second, and third impression of your dental practice. We use GBP’s in-built analytics that helps us understand how new patients find your practice.

With online reputation analysis, our acknowledged search engine reputation management (SERM) experts will:

👍 Develop the best-fit SERM strategy for your dentistry

👍 Match your content to popular local searches for dental services like yours

👍 Ensure that patients spot your dental website on Google Maps 

👍 Improve your rating on Google Business Profile 

👍 Localize PR content and reviews to reach more local patients

👍 Promote positive content associated with your dentistry brand 

👍 Suppress negative content related to your dentistry brand

👍 Increase patient ratings to make your dental practice look trustworthy

👍 Monitor your reviews with set-up alerts 

👍 Respond to patient reviews promptly.

Make sure to request your current patients to “Write A Review” as an effective call to action (CTA) whenever you communicate with them:

6. Solidifying your Dentistry’s Presence on Review Sites

Your activity on healthcare third-party review sites and listings about how to ask patients for reviews. This is also a great way to win more new patients over competitors. Considering how many patients visit and browse reviews before scheduling an appointment, do your best to benefit from this option. 

Update your listings with: 

  • New photos featuring your dental practice
  • Fresh comments
  • Relevant data in the “About Us” section to sound professional. 

Unlike your corporate GMB profile, posting reviews on external review sites will have a lower response from potential patients to your dental clinic. Nonetheless, do not underestimate the impact of healthcare review listings as a supplementary channel to improve your rating and attract new patients. Oksana Babenko, SEO Specialist at Promodo.

Use links to popular healthcare listings on your social media handles or while composing customized emails asking patients for their reviews.

Beyond review-gathering, monitor the latest digital marketing trends to keep up with the competition.

7. Contracting Dental Marketing Experts

Above all the abovementioned options, our top advice how to get patients to leave reviews is to contract digital marketing experts to help you integrate review-gathering as part of 360-degree performance marketing

With planned communication on third-party review sites, social media platforms, listings, your website, and through personalized emails and SMS, you’ll timely reach your patients for reviews.

With dozens of 4-and-5-star reviews, you signal search engines like Google about a positive online reputation of your dental practice. That’s also how your dental website will rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

4-star reviews

As part of content creation, at Promodo we craft value-driven articles about your dental business to improve your authority on the first page of Google search.

Google's First Page

We will craft PR articles about your dentistry business to enhance your reputation on the first page of Google.

Get More Dental Patient Reviews with Promodo

There is a wider opportunity to get patient reviews and use them as strategic triggers to attract new patients to your dental practice. 

A plethora of digital marketing solutions will boost your review-gathering success online. Experienced digital Promodo marketers will help you expand patient outreach for your dentistry business. 

Beyond staying local, with 360-degree marketing, you’ll expand your dental practice onto the state and nationwide scale. 

We will explore what your dental patients need most and bring you 5-star ratings and reviews. That’s how we will solidify your brand loyalty and win new patients.

Let every review boost your dental practice with hands-on review management reputation services

Let's reach your business goals in dental practice marketing together!
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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Oksana Babenko

SEO Specialist at Promodo

More than 7 years in SEO. I have processed SEO projects in healthcare, apparel and footwear, cosmetics, and legal services.

April 21, 2024
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