The Friday Catch-Up: Facebook and Yelp Make Some Big Changes

Friday Catch Up PromodoWe love it when Fridays are a little nicer to us than usual. We hope that the weather is just as kind to you wherever you are as it is to us here. As the unforgiving sun releases the pressure on the pedal for a little while, let’s make the most of this sneaky moment to enjoy the smaller pleasures of life; a cup of steaming hot coffee, a great book, and some gossip about the internet giants that hold up our virtual world.

This week we have Yelp making some bold moves as Facebook rolls out some surprising changes.


Yelp Unleashes Data onto the World

Yelp unveals dataThe local business review site and directory just announced the new API which increased the call limit from the previous 100 call limit to 25000 calls. This open API and the increased limit are very appealing to third party developers. This move was made in order to retaliate to Google Places which still surpasses Yelp by offering a 100,000 call limit. Read more at Venture Beat.

Facebook Unveils New Save Feature

Facebook introduces save for later featureFacebook seems to be working relentlessly towards expanding its repertoire as Google keeps producing aces out of its pockets. This time, we have Facebook announcing the new save feature which allows you to save posts to view or share at a later date. Much like Pinterest, Facebook will now let users archive posts including Music, movies, TV, places, or links. In fact, you can even ask Facebook to remind you about archived posts at a later date. Read more at the Facebook Newsroom.

Facebook Testing Out New Buy Button

Facebook tests buy buttonFacebook has been up to more than just one trick lately. Other than the Save feature, yet another button has made its way into the facebook interface. As product and company pages on Facebook continue to gain traction, Facebook just enabled its users to access a checkout area straight through the site and buy it from there. This feature is yet to see a full rollout but has been seen around on a smaller scale for small businesses. The announcement, however, isn’t without controversy as users and critics wonder about the security of the feature in the midst of social community. Read more at Clickz.


Driving Traffic and Sales with Pinterest

Driving traffic from PinterestPinterest is the place to be if you’re a retailer looking to increase social sales. With an interesting and generous demographic, Pinterest is steadily overtaking facebook in terms of visits to the site. This is perhaps because of the shelf life of posts. Any pin can make rounds across Pinterest for about 3.5 months, whereas the shelf life on a post on Facebook is only until it is buried down into the abyss within a few hours. The best way to increase engagement on this social medium is by creating rich pins including price and stock availability. Another factor to consider is that pins should be kept anonymous. The community isn’t open to blatant selling but rather appreciates good craftsmanship. Read more at Shopify.

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How a Non-Visual Brand can step on the Visual Bandwagon

How non-visual brand can use visual contentThe marketing world has been taken over by a whirlpool of visual marketing methods. As images attract more and more viewers, some industries find themselves sulking in the corner. If you want to join the visual game, you need to pull some magic rabbits out of your proverbial marketing hat. Luckily, you can do this by understanding the elements associated with your product such as laundry that can be used in your visual campaign. This should be preceded by a thorough analysis of the target market and browsing behaviors. The most important thing; however, is to have a compelling story to tell. Read more at Tailwind App Blog.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

how to increase traffic to the blogBlogging is perhaps the very first step that marketers take in the online world and it’s only natural to stumble for a few steps until you get used to the stride. Not all posts, however, are ‘like’ and ‘share’ magnets. You may have written an article of Shakespearean proportions but your stage just doesn’t have that many filled seats. If you’re new to the blogging sphere, then you need to get your name out there. Share your blog more than once and keep at it. Expand your reach towards multiple social sites and keep the hummingbird and the pandas in mind when creating your content. Read more at Verve Search.

Marketing Your Pop-Up Shop

how to market your pop-up shopPop up shops are interesting temporary additions to the market but selecting something transient and marketing it enough to get people to arrive can be quite the challenge. One of the best ways to build hype around your pop up shops arrival is to get some prominent bloggers to write about it. Make sure to use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to their full potential by setting up events and sharing posts. Read more at Klaviyo.

Becoming a Faster Reader

how ot become a faster readerWhether you’re a blogger, researcher, marketer, or even a bird watcher, reading is a crucial part of your life. Keeping yourself up to date with all the happenings in your industry is important for our own personal growth, and in that endeavor, one cannot be active enough. The problem with reading is that without external checks, it can be difficult to remain committed to the hobby. Add to that the million other things on our itineraries; reading can easily take second level priority. Reading faster is a virtue that may help solve half the problem. This is why Ryan Battles tells us of some speed reading strategies that can help us consume increased volumes of information without the delays. He suggests becoming more aware of the content and reading material that resonates with you. Read more at Ryan Battles.

Buying Patterns in the Holiday Season

how to prepare for holiday season salesThe numbers for the holiday season are in, telling how Americans respond to specialized holiday marketing. Overall, the statistics didn’t deliver anything jaw-drop-worthy but were still enough to warrant a slight double take. Trends showed that the holiday season listed 26% more clicks than usual as Smartphones continued to prevail over online shopping. Tablets, on the other hand, were leading the race in this regard. Weekends were also especially good to markets as holiday buyers were 12% more likely to make a purchase during those days. Read more at Outbrain.

Selling a way of thinking

Not all products are destined to reach the pinnacle of success. There’s only so much room at the top, and you need to pull out all the stops if you want to carve out a permanent space in that coveted area. The problem lies in the belief that features and statistics would be enough to sell a product. Buyer behavior, however, is much more complex than that. Today, marketers need to understand how a certain way of thinking works to influence a buyer to make a purchase. There is a current need to shift towards understanding the inner working of the buyer’s brain and delivering what they need. Read more at Harvard Business Review.

Remarketing on Stumbleupon

how to market with stumbleuponThis is a name we haven’t heard for a long time. A remnant of the bygone days of web 1.0, Stumbleupon continues to deliver traffic today. While there are many alternatives to Stumbleupon today, the site continues to offer value through features such as Paid discovery, forced brand exposure, low engagement tactics, and remarketing. A combination of this amazing tool with Google Remarketing can hand you just the tools you need to carve your way out of the sales funnel. Read more at Blind Five Year Old.

Optimizing Internal Site Search

Internal site search is a feature which simply cannot be ignored. This is especially true for sites with a specialized focus on blogging. Jonathan Stephens suggests breaking down the task into two different pieces. This includes checking personally whether there is an internal search problem and then addressing the areas that show signs of issues. When testing, create a list of terms that are to be the primary focus of the search. Understand which ages you would want delivered as a result of the search. Once the testing phase is done, optimize the pages to arrive when that particular search term is delivered. This can be most effectively done using Google tags. Read more at Luna Metrics.

Understanding Facebook’s New Algorithm

Facebook algorithm explainedFacebook rolled out its algorithm quite a while ago and marketers were quick to put on their thinking hats and began tinkering with it to see how they need to modify their strategies. This effective behavior was delivered courtesy of the major heartbreaks delivered as a result of the Panda and Hummingbird. The new Facebook update has currently reduced the appearance of business pages in organic search. Marketers need to understand the 5 factors that influence the appearance of an advertisement on Facebook. This includes Interest, Post, creator, type, and recency. Read more at Single grain.


Google is the Jack of All Trades

interesting things google can do and we don't know about themWe rely on Google much more than we realize but this codependent behavior is far from unhealthy. In fact, Google is replacing most of the little issues that we face in our daily lives. Google is much more than just a search engine. If you want, it can turn itself into a timer, be a tip calculator, deliver important release dates and historical events, be a TV guide, a nutritionist and keep an eye on your flight. Other fun things that Google can do include a barrel roll, a cheeky recursion prank, and a tilt when you search for the term.

Improving ROI potential of Content Campaigns

how to improve ROI of content marketingContent promotion can be an expensive task and in order to do it effectively and reduce expenses is by making use of Stumbleupon paid discovery, which provides you with exposure at only 10 cents a click. Another tool named User Report is another great tool, which allows you to run custom surveys on your pages. Another point raised in this week’s Whiteboard Friday included using LinkedIn for B2B marketing. Competitive analysis is another factor which can help. Social Crawlytics is a tool that allows users to crawl sites and identify what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to check under the hood of competitor sites. View the video over at Moz.

Google Hangout Addresses User Queries

Video chat with Google Webmaster teamAn amazing new Google webmaster hangout for office hours was run this week to answer questions in a live session. The sessions which spanned over the course of one hour included some great questions including whether keywords in the URL were important to stay within the rankings. Another question addressed how a change of address can be notified of.

The Google official also revealed that algorithm updates and removal for code that was no longer needed was more frequent than it seemed. This is done in order to keep thing leaner and cleaner and reduce redundancies. View the Hangout at YouTube.


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The Friday Catch-Up: Facebook and Yelp Make Some Big Changes

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