The Friday Catch-Up: Google Encrypts while Apple Puts Search Front and Center

Friday Catch Up PromodoThe first Friday of the month of June is here and there really ought to be a better way to celebrate it. Summer is in full swing and while many people are looking forward to vacationing on some sandy beachers, we’re still here with your Friday gossip to help you catch up on what the big guys are doing.

While Google and Apple seem to be trying to one up each other, the little boys in the sand box, namely Instagram have been adding more fun toys for their favorite people to use. So without any further ado, let’s sink our teeth in the first few tidbits of the day.


New Chrome Extension Allows Encryption of Emails

Google alows to send encrypted emailsSay what you will about Google being a heartless organization but they really do care about their users.

Looking to provide their users with a secure platform, Google has introduced a new extension that allows one to send emails more securely.

The extension is called End-to-End and is meant to simplify heavy duty encryption for the average user. However, before it goes live, the source code has been released to the Google community and is being review before the rest can pick it up from the Chrome web store. Read more regarding the extension from Mashable.

Apple Upgrades Search Options in the Latest Mac OS

Apple puts search in frontIn a move that is considered as a direct hit at Google, Apple has introduced new search options in its latest version of OS for its Macs. In a demo of the new OS, a new search box showcased online and offline search results integrate seamlessly with Safari, your own computer files and iCloud. The end result is that you’re not going be to turning towards Google.

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For Google, which is renowned for its search options, this doesn’t look very promising. Add that to the fact that Apple already has its own mapping system and doesn’t rely on Google and it’s clear to see how Apple is trying to learn how to stand on its own two feet. Read more about the new Apple OS search options from TechCrunch.

Instagram Enhances It’s Photo-Editing Tools

Instagram adds new filtersAlmost everyone with a smart phone and a good camera is in love with Instagram.

With dozens of filters and effects to select from, people have become addicted to the wide variety that Instagram offers.

On the other hand, if you’re among the few who’re bored of the current offerings, Instagram has launched 10 new photo editing tools for its users.

Among the chosen 10 that you’ll be able to use are: Adjust, Brightness, Saturation and seven more. To read more and get a glimpse of how those effects look like, check out the AllFacebook.


Are Press Release Websites Going Extinct?

PR releases are going to become extinctPress release websites were a big thing if you remember. You might even have released a few press releases through them.

However, even searching for the term ‘Press releases’ is surprising since the latest search results are completely devoid of any links to the PR website champions namely PR web, PRNewswire PRcom and many other similar PR websites.

So what seems to be causing this problem and what’s the future of press releases on the internet? Here’s a hint, negative utilization of SEO. How is that possible? Take a look at all the statistics and more which are showcased in further detail on IrishWonder.

Being No 1 doesn’t Matter Any More

Being ranked number 1 is not important any moreWell, we’ll be honest, in most cases it does matter but when it comes to your ranking on search results, it is actually better to give up the No. 1 position to someone else.

Why though? You must be asking yourself, that’s because there are other ways to rank which are far considered to be far more relevant.

If you’re reluctant to give up the No. 1 spot, just keep in mind the fact that you could get other more meaningful advantages from those different ranking position.

Take a look at all the other ways you could utilize your SEO and find out why being No.1 doesn’t matter anymore at Brafton.

Improve Your Vocabulary by Removing 6 Words

what words should be removed from vocabularyEverybody keeps saying it and we’ll reinforce it again, you have to be careful of your words whether they’re being written down or you’re saying them out loud.

Certain words in your vocabulary can also motivate or de-motivate you but if you know how to utilize them in the correct manner, they can never let you down.

While it’s hard to eliminate or revamp your whole vocabulary, we can let you know of 6 words that can improve your vocabulary considerably if you simply remove them.

To find out what those words are, read more at Inc.

Helpful Social Media Links

social media helpful links and sourcesWe all know that social media can tend to stump even the best of us at certain points. Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube or Facebook, each social media platform is unique its own way which often means that the problems we’re facing are also unique. Nonetheless, if you know where to look, you can find the proper information to remedy that problem or find a solution to it.

Even if you haven’t faced such challenges, it’s always handy to have the proper information nearby. So whether you’re looking for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest, take a look at the collection available at AndreaVahl.

70 Rising Stars of Social Media

rising stars of social mediaIt’s not often that one gets recognized  for their efforts so this list of the 70 rising social media stars is particularly heart warming.

Considered as the crème de la crème of the lot, these talented individuals are the unsung heroes who have single handedly revolutionised marketing on social media platforms.

Each a champion in their own right, take a look at the list and see if you’re among the top 70. If you are, here’s our hearty congratulations for you! Read the list at Business Grow.

How Does Vine Help Online Retailers?

how to use Vine in online retailFor the trend of explainer videos, Vine is the best social media platform available. But how does it trump YouTube and reach its target market? Furthermore, how does Vine even compare to its competitors?

Before you start ditching poor little Vine, you should know that Vine has proven to be extremely fruitful for small to medium businesses.

Now how does Vine accomplish everything and more? Twitter’s Stacy Minero takes the time to explain all that and more. Read more about Vine at Internet Retailer.

Spending 70% of Your Time Being Spectacular At Your Core Focus

It’s easy to be good at something that comes naturally to you. That’s why it’s necessary to spend your time being 70% spectacular in your core focus area. Everyone has different talents and is good at different things.

If you’re wondering how you can capitalize on this, find out what Avinash Kaushik, Google’s digital evangelist and the bestselling author of two books had to say about that. To find out what he had to say, read more suggestions at Forbes.

How I Became the Person Most Mentioned By Digital Marketers

How I became the most mentioned person by digital marketersMr. Jay Baer was just your average everyday marketing consultant and the author of a best selling book on New York Times.

While famous in his own right, his Twitter account soon exploded with the fact that he happened to be the most mentioned person by digital marketers on Twitter.

Besting even Jimmy Fallon and Barack Obama. While definitely beneficial in the social media circle, Mr. Baer explains how he managed to do all that and more. To find out for yourself, read it for yourself at Convince and Convert.

The Top 10 Most Shared Ads on YouTube in May

top most shared you tube ads in mayYouTube is the perfect platform for video sharing but there are certain videos that get shared more than the rest. Every month, there are certain videos which will rank among the top 10 most shared.

For this month, the number one spot goes to Activa’s video featuring Shakira. Promoting the ‘Dare to Feel Good’ promotion run by Activa, Shakira truly steals the show and the limelight when she dances in that enchanted forest. To read more and view all the winners, take a look at Mashable.

Plugging the Holes in Your Content

Content is not always king. Yeah, we’re in the mood to shock our readers but before you hunt us down and make us eat our words, know that we’re not saying this needlessly, there is a certain truth to it.

When you write, you’re catering to your customer and in the end; your content has to match their specifications and expectations. A lot of the readers also have pre-set conceptions about the kind of information they want to read about. Read more about how you can craft your content better at Copy Blogger.


Cold War Statistics between Google and Facebook

Facebook vs Google infographicGoogle seems to want to pick a fight with everyone and one of their oldest rivals happens to be Facebook.

We all know that Google+ was launched in order to allow Google to get a hand in that particular pie.

Check out the infograph and find out how many pies Google and Facebook have a hand in. Take a look at Social Media Today.

How Can Content Be Ranked if There Aren’t Enough Links?

Has this question ever crossed through your mind? Furthermore, how does Google gauge the quality of the content if there aren’t a lot of links to it? A true puzzle for SEO and online marketing experts, this YouTube video by Google Webmasters takes the time to explain everything to you. Take a look at the video at Google Webmasters.

Google Algorithm Timeline

Google has a very interesting history and has developed loads of applications that have been useful for us. While they might be made in a bid to one up their competitors, the end result has been something highly beneficial for everyone. This really interesting timeline details Google’s progress from 2010 and you might be surprised with what you discover. Read more at Tide Interactive.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google Encrypts while Apple Puts Search Front and Center

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